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Monday, 19 September 2011

Indige music plus

Quite a bit of indigenous music on the show this evening. But plenty of other countries got a look in too.

Music played: 
Poisson Rouge..Evelynes / La Cochinelle..Cinq
Cole Stacey..A Long Road To Find..A Long Road To Find
Megan Henwood ..Making Waves..Making Waves
Mick Hutchinson ..The Value Of Chaos Plus Rock 1 Download
Sondorgo..Cigancica..Tandurizing: The Lost Music Of The Balkans
Sezen Aksu..Balli..Optum
Moor Reason..Crazy..demo
Pain d'Epices ..L'Ecolier Assassin..Équilibruiste
Ankala & World Orchestra..Whistling Wind..Didge Blows The Games
Fernhill..Glyn Tawe..Canu Rhydd
Squarepusher..Track 08..13/12/2010
Nicola Conte ..Missione A Bombay..World Lounge
Mamani Keita..Gagner L'Argent Francais..Gagner L'Argent Francais
Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate..Fantasy..Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate
Salif Keita..Madan..Moffou
Ruarri Joseph..There We'll Be..Live From The Shed
Cole Stacey..Annabelle..download
Jackie Oates..Young Johnson..Saturnine
Tend'm..Parfum de Gitane..Une Musique Trad-Urbaine En Centre France
Lynn Miles..I Will..Fall For Beauty
Chris Wood..Come Down Jehovah..Trespasser
Sandy Lopicic Orchestra..Ostalgie On Eastern Christmas (Clap Dance)..Soundtrack Without a Movie, Vol. 1
Saul Cosentino ..Ultimatum ..Tango Fusion Club - Vol. 1
Carolina Chocolate Drops..Sandy Boys..Genuine Negro Jig
Dave Swarbrick with Martin Carthy..Spanish Ladies Medley..Rags, Reels & Airs
Joe The Taxi..Wedding Day Waltz
Daughters Of Elvin..A L'Entrada Del Tens Clar

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