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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

From Bhangra to Andrzejki

We showcase a (world) wide range of musical styles and folk traditions on the show and on this Monday's show they included jazzy Cornish dance music to wild bhangra to smooth Somalian music to stirring border pipes to funky guitar. Not forgetting some great Polish music. And all from our little studio in Exeter.

It was a joy to talk with Irene and Robert about Polish traditions like fortune-telling on Andrzejki, St Andrew's Day (still being kept up - certainly in Tiverton and Exeter), life for Polish people in and around Exeter (generally good it seems, even if it means getting up at 5 am to go to work) and Polish and other local people's plans for working together for mutual understanding, enjoyment and fulfilment.

Events we publicised included two that, unfortunately, clash (Ah well - there's so much going on!) next Saturday:

Andrzejki (St Andrew's Day) Party at the Malster's Arms, Woodbury near Exeter: from 7pm. Entry by tickets (£15). Prince includes Polish buffet, Polish DJ and music, fun fortune-telling and organised transport. Details and tickets from The Polish Shop, Bartholomew Street, Exeter.

Wren Music Concert with David Faulkner, Voices In Common, Campus Choir, Rough Music, Marilyn Tucker & Paul Wilson: St David's Church, Hele Road, Exeter. Proceeds to Chestnut Appeal, the prostate cancer charity. More details here.

For information about Polonica, Exeter Polish Association, email polonikaexeter@wp.pl or phone Robert: 0789 4817396

We played... Artist..Track..Album
Dalla..Woolly Monkey..More Salt
Hoover The Dog..The Tartar/Drinkies..Scratch N Sniff
Daughters Of Elvin..Ondas Do Mar Da Vigo..Goldrok

John McLaughlin..El Greco..The Promise
Lulo Reinhardt..Waltz For One..Project One
La Familia Valeria Miranda..Bambay..Cuba
Amor Linde..Amor Linde..Music From Mexico
Carlos Libendinski..Tres Son Multitud..Narco Tango
Surfari Boys..Rahasya Rahasya..Bhangra Fever
Waaberi..Indo Ashak..New Dawn
Budapest Klezmer Band & Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra..Legycsapo Tanc..Klezmer Suite
Rachel Buchman..Elkiahu Hanavi..Oy S'Iz Gut (Oh It's Good)
Kroke..Awakening..Seventh Trip
Musicians of Warsaw University Of Technology Song & Dance Ensemble..Owczarek..Songs & Dances From Poland
Nigel Kennedy & Kroke..Lullaby For Kamila..East Meets West
Eel Grinders..The Microwave..Voyage
Dick Gaughan..When I'm Gone.Outlaws & Dreamers
Susana Baca..Si Me Quitaran..Espiritu Vivo
David Delarre..Roundabout..Folk Awards 2007

Sunday, 23 November 2008


Unless you speak Polish, you probably won't know what this is. Well, it's a day linked with Polish folk traditions and you can find what happens on rootsandshoots this Monday. Our guests Irene and Robert will inform you about the new Exeter Polish association Polonica too. Oh, and listen to some good music from Poland as well.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

People with something to say...

That was the theme for much of the programme. We hope you liked it. Many, many thanks to Young Tom for playing and singing for us and for talking so eloquently and informatively.
See Tom perform, along with Dave Wood, Some Sort Of Threat, Rich Cooke and others at Barnfield Theatre this Friday from 8pm. A benefit in aid of prostate cancer charity The Chestnut Appeal and Exeter Woodcraft Folk
Young Tom's songs...
It's Hard (To love Someone Who Never Loved You) -original/based on a Woody Guthrie song
Why Rain?/Fallin' Off My Groove -original

Recordings played by Martin, Martin and Rich as follows... Artist..Track..Album
Dalla..Sister Over The Sea..A Richer Vein Dalla plus Poisson Rouge are at Sandford Village Hall on Fri 12 Dec for a Cornish/Breton Dance
Nahawa Doumbia..Sakeni..Diby
M'Bilia Bel..Bokosami..Bel Canto

The Tango Band..It's Money That Matters..Last Tango in Powys
The Paul Smail Group..On The Beach..The 2006 Collection

Tanghetto..Una Llamada..Think Global - Tango
Maggie Holland..A Place Called England..fRoots 13
Billy Bragg, The World Turned Upside Down, Brewing Up With Billy Bragg See Billy Bragg at Exeter Lemon Grove on Mon 24 Nov
Woody Guthrie, Better World A-Comin’, The Ultimate Collection
Johnny Clegg & Savuka..Asimbonanga..The Best Of Johnny Clegg
Sweet Honey In The Rock..In This Land..In This Land
Rory McLeod..What Would Jesus Do?..Mouth To Mouth
Peggy Seeger..We Remember (Naming Of Names)..Naming Of Names

Some Sort Of Threat..2 tracks from demo CD
Dave Wood..Sundown..Into The Light
Richard Bona..Ekwa Mwato..Reverence
Miriam Makeba..Soweto Blues..Welela
Roots Union..
Youssou N'Dour..Toxique..Set
Gigi..Tew Ante Sew..World 2002

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Do get in touch

We welcome any feedback you have to our shows and our blog plus questions and requests. Contact us via the blog or by email: rootsandshootsdevon@gmail.com or studio@phonic.fm

Our musical mix...

...from yesterday: Artist..Track..Album (to be completed)
Rory McLeod..Farewell Welfare..A Festival Of Folk Rory is at Exeter Corn Exchange this Wed 7.30pm
The Boys From Melbourne Street..track from forthcoming album The Boys launch their new album in concert at Barnfield Theatre this Friday 8.30pm
Spin2..Sons Of the Desert..Happy In the World See the band at Globe, Newtown on Sat evening
Seth Lakeman..Setting Of The Sun.. Freedom Fields

Seth - pictured here - plays at Exeter Uni Great Hall this Sunday evening
Poisson Rouge..track from demo album Poisson Rouge & Dalla play for dancing at Sandford Village Hall from 8pm on Fri 12 Dec
Pink Martini..Sympathique..World Lounge
Nahawa Doumbia..Koli..Diby
Mbilia Bel..Yamba Ngai..Bel Canto
Chimney Down..The Rascal..Organic Mechanic
Regiment..South West Sound Julia from Recurl is pictured here
Bus Hookers..Cry For Me Tonight..Life In The Bus Lane
Compay Segundo with Eliades Ochoa..Chan Chan..Duets
Stefka Sabotinova..Pritouri Se Planinata.. Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares Vol 1

Orhan Hakalmaz..Portakalım Tekerlendi..Türkulerele Içel
La Ciapa Rusa..La Casa Della Luna Azzurra/Mercoledi Delle Ceneri..Aji & Safran
Anibal Palazolo..Circo..Flamenco Entre Cuerdas
Sandy Lopicic..Jane Sandinski..Border Confusion
Asere..Chez Toi..Destinos
Mariza..Poetas..Fado Em Mim
Katell Kloareg & Fred Combo..Feunteun Ar Goasaleg..Obsession
So Long Angel..Rhythm & Blues..Falling

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Dance and listen to Spinach For Norman, our theme tune players, at the Ceilidh For Amnesty International at St James' Church Hall, Mount Pleasant Road, Exeter from 8pm this Saturday 8th November.

The Hurdy Gurdy Rules

...or you might think it did in this Monday's show in which Martin Henning featured an amazing selection of different albums featuring this sometimes forgotten instrument. We won't forget it now, Martin!

Thanks to Christine Tyson for her choices: June Tabor and someone we might not otherwise have played: Jennifer Warnes.

What we played Artist..Track..Album
Cosmic Drone..Afficionados..Cosmic Drone
Dédale..Quinquamarre..Face Cachée

Misericordia..Belicha..Passion, Pestilence & Plyphony
Daughters of Elvin..Donna Pos Vos Ay Chusida..Galdrbok

Rory McLeod..How Can you Keep On Moving.. The Disagreement Of the People
The Black House..Shadows..Postcard From An Abandoned Hotel The Black House play their dark acoustic folk-rock in the bar at Exeter Phoenix this Sunday from 1.30pm
June Tabor..Lay this Body Down..Anthology
Anne Briggs..Sandman’s Song..The Time Has Come
Shirley Collins & Davy Graham..Love Is Pleasin’..Folk Roots New Routes
Jennifer Warnes, The Well, The Well
Vach In Tong.. Noemie..La Melodie De La Vache Folk
Cyser..Dark Spirit..Cyser
The Duellists..Starters, Afriston..The Duellists
Le Gop..Escale – en Soulasset..AC Cosmic Drone..Cosmic Drone..Cosmic Drone
Kroke..Canon..Seventh Trip
Taksim Trio..Muhayyer Kurdi Saz Semaisi
Omara Portuando..Juramento..Flor De Amor
Vieux Farka Touré..Ma Hine Cocore.. Vieux Farka Touré
Brath..An-Kar..Rodeira (Son De Galicia 4)
Spinach For Norman..Hopping Up Hay Tor

Sunday, 2 November 2008

M & M

Yes, Martin & Martin are on this Monday from 6 to 8 pm. We'll have music from Galicia, Hungary, Turkey, Cuba, lots of other places too - oh, and Spinach For Norman from Devon.