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Thursday, 31 December 2009

We wish you a happy and peaceful New Year

Thanks for listening to us in 2009. 
We look forward to your company in 2010.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

That was 2009

This Monday's list from
Martin & Martin:

Jackie Oates..Birthday..Hyberboreans
Show Of Hands..The Keys Of Canterbury..Arrogance, Ignorance & Greed
Bud & Lynne Abbot..Somewhere Along The Road
John Shuttleworth..I Can't Go Back To Savoury Now..4 Further Tasty Tracks
Wren Music..Shepton Beauchamp Wassail..Midwinter
Griselda Sanderson..The Magpie & The Mole..Harpaphonics

Alice Jemima..1234..Alice Jemima Pic of Alice by Mark Davies
Staff Benda Bilili..Polio..Tres Tres Fort
Oumou Sangare..Koroko..Seya
Monew Natana..Abyssinia Infinite..Ethiopian Soul Music
Harem..Prophesy..A Night In Istanbul
Ainote-San..Stone Techno..Live In Toyama
Little Devils..tbc..This Is How It Starts
The Roots Union..Goodness & Beauty..promo
Oi Va Voi..Waiting..Travelling The Face Of The Globe
Joscho Stephan..Bolero..Acoustic Live
Gadjologie..Blessed Relief..Gadjologie
Rosa Rebecka..Purple..Untold
The Black House..For Your Children..studio recording made by rootsandshoots
Little Rumba..Iclesmic Doubt..The Big Picture
Fatima Spar & The Freedom Fries..Travelling All Alone..Trust
Vieux Farka Toure..Wale..Fondo
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba..Saro..I Speak Fula
EST..The Well wisher..EST
Sandy Lopicic..Jane Sandanski..Border Confusion
Spiro..Captain Say Catastrophe..Lightbox

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Home Alone

Roots And Shoots on Phonic FM 21 December 2009

It was just me, Martin Henning, in the studio this week.
Tracks I played were as follows:
Angel Brothers..Stepping On Shadows..Angel Brothers
Rabih Abou-Khalil..Dawn..Between Dusk And Dawn
Les Orientales..Wayak..Music-Hall D'Algerie
Ahmet Kusgoz Ye Arkandaslari..Tulum Roman Havasi..Gypsies Of Turkey
Abyssinia Infinite..Aba Alem Lemenea..Ethiopian Soul Music
Zambula..Neyaziza..Massive Respect
Tinariwen..Tenere Dafed Nikchen..Tinariwen
Sierra Maestra..Dundunbanza..Froots #4
Les Desterrados..Buenos Aires..Les Desterrados
Astor Piazzola + New Tando Sex-tet..Luna
Yo Yo Ma..Tango Suite,Andante..Spirit Of The Tango
The Tango Band.. The Habenera..Berlin Nights
Hoover The Dog..Dead Dogs..Distempo
Dalla..Awel Vase..More Salt
Jim Causley..Prickleye Bush..Jim Causley..demo
Celtech..Faery Dance..Celtech
Guichen..Human Psyk..Freres
Alain Genty..Kanevedenn..Une Petite Lanterne
Fred Combo..Pensee..Fred Combo
E.S.T...Well Wisher..E.S.T.
Sandy Lopicic Orkestrar..Usti Usti Babo..Border Confusion
Fatima Spar And The Freedom Fries pictured..Uc Atli..Trust

Next week it's the 2 Martins again. Bye for now!

Monday, 14 December 2009

Devon and beyond

Quite a few local artists tonight. But we got around too! We played: 
Dave Wood..Sundown..Into the Night
Marilyn Tucker & Paul Wilson..The Mermaid..On The Tide
Photo of Paul & Marilyn by Wild Goose Records
Auvo Quartet..Hambos..Auvo Kvartetti
Angel Brothers..Same Sky,Different Planet..Angel Brothers
Daughters Of Elvin..Goldrbok..Galdrbok
Compagnie Giulia..Lamento Di Tristano/La Rotta..Compagnie Giulia
Astor Piazzola's New Tango Sextet..Tanguedia..Luna
Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers..Owen's Valley Day..fRoots 13
Sara Tavares..Balance..Awards For World Music 07
Nana Matias..Pays Sol..Putumayo Presents Cape Verde
Mercan Dede..Napas..Awards For World Music 07
Theodosii Spassov..You Bird, You Nightingale..Titla
Tukros..Wedding Dances By Pal Tendl..Best Of Fono Records
Waulk Elektrik..Stumpie, Madam Frederick & The Hunter's Purse..Uprooted
Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate..Kala Djula..Ali & Toumani
Mmabatho Police Choir..Kabelo..African Renaissance
Kiko Ruiz..Morena..Cachito De Vida
Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings..We Do What We Can..Looking For A New England
Liam Clancy..The Parting Glass..Legends Of Irish Folk Liam Clancy 1935-2009
Dave Wood..Sundown..Into The Night
Liam Clancy..Rocky Road To Dublin..Legends Of Irish Folk
Roger Watson..Peg Of Derby..Past & Present
The Eel Grinders..Smokey The Parrot..Aquamarine

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Gypsy Swing

Tim Heming and Toby Morgan from Appel Direct entertained us with their cool gypsy swing in the studio on Monday. Excellent! Thanks, guys.
They played Gitane Swing, Minor Swing and Swing 42.
We also played tracks from Appel Direct's CD, Apres-Midi.  
Details below the pics taken in the studio on Monday by John Gibbs.
On CD we played: Artist..Track..Album
Stephane Grappelli..You Make Me Feel So Young
Jackie Oates..The Miller & His Three Sons..Hyperboreans
Dave Wood..Wait..Into The Light
Nigel Kennedy & Kroke..Time 4 Time..East Meets West
Makam Ensemble with Szilvia Bognar..Skanzen..Best Of Fono Records
Bongo Maffin..Kura Uone (Grow Up & You Will See)..Awards For World Music 07
Wallias Band..Muziqawi Silt..The Very Best Of Ethiopiques
Art Tatum..Crazy Rhythm..The Complete Pablo Solo Masterpieces
Charlie Christian..I Found A New Baby..The Genius Of The Electric Guitar
Django ReinHardt..Nuages..Djangology
Appel Direct..Belleville..Apres Midi
Appel Direct..Manoir De Mes Reves..Apres Midi
Bratch and Guests..Hassapo Servico..Rein Dans Les Poches
Sharon King &The Nevernever Cowboys..Road To Siam..Reckless Angels
Ian King..Four Loom Weaver
Spiro..Pop / Antrobus..Lightbox
Obsession..Decolage Horaire..Melodysees
Celtech..Estonian Lullaby..Batcombe Vale
Guichen..Loir Ar Leur..Freres
Tan Ba'n Ty..Scottich..Tomm Ruz
Tom Paxton..The Last Thing On My Mind..Ramblin' Boy
Seth Lakeman..Send Yourself Away..The Punch Bowl

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Next Week:

Live in the studio: Appel Direct - Gypsy Swing

An eclectic - and sometimes electric - selection

This Monday we featured Solarference once again with a sequence of songs together called Siamber Wen. The individual songs were: Milder & Mulder | The Wren Boys | Mari Lwyd | Lucy Wan |
Marwnad Yr Ehedydd (Death of the Skylark). Excellent.
More from them on future shows.

In addition, we played some music for St Andrew's Day and lots more besides: Artist..Track..Album
John Patitucci Trio..Play Ball..Remembrance
The Poacher..Sine..It's About Time
Karine Polwart..Thou Hast Left Me Ever Jamie..Fairest Floo'er
Richard Thompson..Will Ye No Cam Back Again / Cam Ye O'er The Stream / Charlie / Ye Banks & Braes..Rocking In Rhythm
Alan Stivell..Gourin-Pontivy..Au-Dela Des Mots
Show Of Hands..Country Life..promo
Show of Hands & Miranda Sykes - pictured - are at Exeter Great Hall in concert on Thurs 3 Dec
The Cauld Blast Orchestra..The Black Rock..Durga's Feast
Sherburn, Bartley and Scott..Do With What You've Got..Live At The Wharf
Sharon Shannon..The Bag Of Cats..Each Little Thing
La Bottine Souriante..Je Voudrais Changer D'Chapeau..Je Voudrais Changer D'Chapeau
Yonderboi..Cantaloupe Island..Shallow & Profound
Gadgologie..Blessed Relief..Gadgologie
Jaco Pastorius..Blackbird..Word Of Mouth
Andrea Parker..The Four Sections..Reich: Remixed
Fatima Spar Und Die Freedom Fries..Bosa Noga..Zirzop
Amadou & Mariam..Sebeke..Welcome To Mali
Vieux Farka Toure..Paradise..Fondo
Nitin Sawhney feat. Reena Bhardwaj..Ek Jaan..London Undersound
Claudia Gomez..Soltario..Music From The Coffee Lands

Friday, 27 November 2009

Siamber Wen by Solarference

This sequence of music will be played as part of this Monday's rootsandshoots. Solarference - Sarah Owen and Nick Janaway - here use electronic sounds and the human voice to present Welsh folk songs. 
It's innovative and beautiful. Do listen.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Good to hear from you...

We always enjoy hearing from people while we are onair. Today we heard from our good friends Ali in Turkey (sorry Turkish lass Goksel is not really your cup of tea, Ali) and Lynn in Topsham, dancing round the kitchen to music we played to celebrate her birthday. So, what did we play?...

Sandy Lopicic Orkestar..Last 1..Border Confusion
Cauld Blast Orchestra..Mixed Blood..Durga's Feast
Hamon Martin Quintet..C'est A Guipny..Metamorphoses
Lau..Freeborn Man..Lightweights & Gentlemen
Show Of Hands..Undertow..Witness
Baka Beyond..Beyond The Forest..Beyond The Forest
Staff Benda Bilili..Sala Keba..Tres Tres Fort
Pain d'Epices..Comme On Veuf..De Travers
Karma..La Classe Armoricaine..Mouvements
Plantec..Sant Uzin..Plantec
Celtech..Loudeac..Batcombe Vale
Goksel..Ayrilik Gunu..Turkish Groove
Sacha Nairobi..Princesa..2007 Putumayo Sampler
Boban Markovic Orchestra..Hava Nagila..Live In Belgrade
Mulehead..Frankie Lee..2007 Putumayo Sampler
Fatima Spar Und Die Freedom Fries..Andrej's Nachte
Oi Va Voi..Magic Carpet..Travelling The Face Of The Globe
Tango Band..Kandahar..Berlin Nights
Bollywood Brass Band..Gur Nalon Ishk Mitha..Froots No.13
De Dannan..Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheeba To Galway.. How The West Was Won
Marilyn Tucker & Paul Wilson..Tom's Gone To Hilo..On The Tide
Black Umfolosi..Hlele Mama Afrika..Freedom From Debt Vol. 2
Angelique Kidjo..Oulala..Oyaya!
Joscho Stephan..Ocean..Acoustic Live

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

All the roads here

This was the name of the radio drama we broadcast prior to rootsandshoots this Monday: a warm and moving piece telling the stories of three migrants and their extraordinary journeys to this country. More info on the Exeter Phoenix media website.
Produced by the Exeter Phoenix Media Centre with local students, it premiered on Phonic FM in September this year and we were delighted to be able to put it out onair again. Thanks to Zai for passing it on to us.

On rootsandshoots we played: Artist..Track..Album
Gong..Mich Too Old..Gong
Steeleye Span..The Old Maid In The Garrett..fRoots 7
Poisson Rouge..Track from demo
Poisson Rouge (pictured here) are playing for d'Accord: Breton/French dance at Ide Village Hall nr Exeter on Friday 20 November from 8pm


Oi Va Voi..Refugee..Laughter Through Tears
Municipale Balcanica..Libano..Road To Damascus
Tango Band..Blues On A Berlin Night..Berlin Nights
The Jazz Mandolin Project..Proust..Jungle Tango
Lau..Gallowhill..Lightweights & Gentlemen
Dick Gaughan..Workers' Song..Handful Of Earth
The Roots Union..The Straight And Narrow..promo
Check The Roots Union on Myspace for details of gigs in Devon
The Paperboys..Merengue Polkas..Callithump
Amestoy Trio..Fantomas..Sport & Couture.
Wig A Wag..Liviou Lou..Wig A Wag
Karma..La Classe Armoricaine..Mouvements
Cosmic Drone..La Belle EtoileEsma Redzepova..Odzacar..Mon Histoire
Oz'begim..Sherali Saraev..Rough Gude To The Music Of Cental Asia
Oumou Sangare..Seya..Seya
Four Brothers..Rumbidzai..Cooking Vinyl Sampler 1995

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Salsa Rico!

A night of sizzling Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Chachacha

Saturday 21st November

Rueda with Anil at 8 pm Dance 8.30-12 DJs Rich and Anil £5

St.Matthews Hall, Clifton Rd, Exeter, EX1 2BS

Contact Rich on 07884 345087
Bring your own bottle

Monday, 9 November 2009

Thank you, Solarference

Sarah Owen and Nick Janaway gave us a superb set tonight using voices and electronic sounds. They performed a suite of 4 songs, singing in English and Welsh.
So innovative and so well presented. What we sent out on the airways wa
s not a perfect representation but we hope you got an impression of how talented and entertaining they are.

Thank you too to Mike Boston who talked about Great Western Morris and Great Western Ceilidhs . They have a Ceilidh at Bowhill School, Exeter with Polkaworks (and we played some "live" tracks of theirs) this Saturday 14 November from 8pm.

In addition to Solarference's songs, we played


Hoover The Dog..American In Powys..Distempo
Angel Brothers..Same Sky, Different Planet..Angel Brothers
Richard Bona..Te Dikalo..Bona Makes You Sweat
Oi Va Voi..Worry Lines..Oi Va Voi
Tom Jenkinson / Squarepusher..Seb 1.05..Solo Electric Bass
Fatima Spar & The Freedom Fries..Kibirli Ceviz..Zirzop
Little Rumba..Rustrum and Sharkey..The Big Picture
Alain Caron..Had To Go..Le Band
Hilary Boxer & David Cottam..Libertango..Nocturne
Morris On Band..Old Tom Of Oxford / Webley Twizzle..The Mother Of All Morris
Sharon King & The Nevernever Cowboys..Cairn O Mohr..Reckless Angels
Mamer with Bela Fleck..Celebration..Eagle
Doudou Ndiaye Rose..Baye Kene Ndiaye..Djabote
Bossacucanova..Onde Anda Meu Amor..Uma Batida Differente

Friday, 6 November 2009

Solarference on the show on Monday

Solarference is Nick Janaway and Sarah Owen. They are sound artists, singers and electronic musicians, making sound-centred art and music from a number of perspectives, often combining electronics and the human voice. We're excited about welcoming them along to rootsandshoots this Monday 9 November to play for us and talk about their music. In the meantime hear them on their website.

Mike Boston of Great Western Ceilidhs fame will also be chatting with us about Great Western Ceilidhs!

Monday, 2 November 2009

The gang of three...

...were together again for tonight's rootsandshoots for the first time in many weeks. We had fun and hope that our enjoyment was infectious. A good variety of music: here's the playlist:


Alan Caron..From The T.O.P..Le Band
John Patitucci..Mali..Remembrance
Goliards..Reel-A-Pooka..The Beasts Are Rising

Goliards (pictured) are playing for the Ceilidh for Amnesty International at St James' Church Hall, Mount Pleasant Road, Exeter on Sat 7 Nov from 8pm

Spiers & Boden..Mary Ann..Vagabond

Bonga..Recordando Pio..Bonga Live

Bas Cissoko..Yele..Sabolan
The Jazz Mandolin Project..There's A Pipe In The Cellar..Jungle Tango
Angel Brothers..Stepping On Shadows..Angel Brothers
Dave Wood..Lovely Joan..Into The Light
Jackie Oates..May The Kindness..Hyperboreans
El Hadj N'Diaye..Sanu..Thiaroye
King Selewa..Trinidad..Calypso Invasion
Winaj'h..Chez Zaza..Winaj'h

Nigel Eaton & Julie Murphy..Sept Marins..Whirling Pope Joan
Spiro..Altrincham Round..Lightbox
El Sujeto..Se Murio Lola..Merengue Radio 6 Bootleg

Oscar D'Leon..Llamame..Fuzionando

Little Rumba..Roundabout..The Big Picture
Oi Va Voi..I Know What You Are..Travelling The Face Of The Globe
Xenos..Turkish Film Zurna..My Mother Said

Tanja Dimova..Songs Of South Bulgaria..
The Mysterious Voices Of Bulgaria
Elis Regina..Aviso Aos Navigantes..A Bencao

Renaud Garcia-Fons..Doust..Entremundo

Monday, 26 October 2009

We started in Bristol...

...with Spiro and ended in Devon with Panacea. In between we reached as far away as Australia.

Here's the full list. Artist..Track..Album
Spiro..The White Hart..Lightbox
Sam Car
ter..Next Of Kin..Folk Rising 2
Les Negress
es Vertes..La Faim Des Haricots..Mlah
Bernard Loffet..Droneless / Les Marjolaines (Cercle Circassien)..Moteur!
The Fureys..The Curragh Of Kildare..The Spanish Cloak
Sherburn, Bartley & Scott..Do With What You've Got..Live at The Wharf
ff Benda Bilili..Moziki..Tres Tres Fort
Think Of One..Feira
De Mangaio..Awards For World Music 07Fanfare Ciocarlia..Kan Marau La..Queens & Kings
Marta Sebestyen..Sz
eress Egyet..The Best Of Marta Sebestyen
17 Hippies..Son Mystere..Sound Of The World 2007

La Bibournoise..Les Culottes De V'Lour..Genticorum

Goliards..Stroking Bees / Muiniera De Chao..Slipperty Stomp

Goliards are playing at the Ceilidh For Amnesty at St James' Church
Hall, Mt Pleasant, Exeter on Saturday 7th November from 8pm
The Waifs..Sunflower M
an..A Brief History Of The Waifs (Live)
Habib Koite..Barra..Bamada
Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll pictured belowThe Robber + The Burd
ette / Family Jig
recorded live for
rootsandshoots in July 09
Olivia Chaney..Some
Rival..Looking For A New England
The Incredible String Band..Empty Pocket Blues..The Incredible String Band
Ojos De Brujo..Sultanas De Merkaillo..Awards For World Music 07
Ska Cubano..Bobine..
Awards For World Music 07
Fanfare Ciocarlia..Born To Be Wild..Queens & Kings
Staff Benda Bilili..Marguerite..Tres Tres Fort
Mary Epworth..The Saddle Song..Looking For A New England

Monday, 19 October 2009

Baring Gould, Phonic Pub Quiz, a spooky evening and fine music

We began tonight's rootsandshoots with news of the Baring Gould Folk Festival happening in Okehampton this weekend with Spinach For Norman, Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll pictured below,
Jackie Oates, Matt Norman, Marilyn Tucker & Paul Wilson and
many other fine artists.

We also publicised some Phonic FM events: the Pub Quiz this Wednesday 21 October from 8pm at the Bowling Green in Exeter and the spooky Ghost Talks at the Music Room in Exeter Library from 7pm on Friday 30 October. Not be missed, unless - in the case of the latter - you are of a nervous disposition!
And we played some fine music...
Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll..George Watson's Hornpipe..Beneath The Black Tree
Jackie Oates..The Pleasant Month Of May..Hyperboreans
Angel Brothers..Shifting Sands..Navigator 18
Hoover The Dog..Radnor Rant..Distempo
Besh O Drom..Dedei..Once I Catch The Devil
Beata Palya..Harom Arva..Adieu Les Complexes
Groupa..Sparve Lilia..Imeland
Aynor Dogan..Keca Kurdan..Turkish Cafe
Little Rumba..Food Of Love..The Big Picture
Aci Poyam..Yollari
Mihaelis Terzis..Ti Thalassa Ti Galani (The Blue Sea)..Roots Of Greek Music: Music Of The Islands
Riccardo Tesi..La Citta Vecchia..Presente Remoto
Pendragon..La Parida..Continental Drift
State Of Undress..Mudeford Mood..Livin' It, Lovin' It
Fairport Convention..Rising For The Moon..Rising For The Moon
Hoover The Dog..Al Gore's Enigma Variations / Shabaz Reel..Distempo
Winaj'h..Kriez Briezh Parano..Winaj'h
Gamelon Gong..Lagu Kebiar..Sprigs Of Time
Fairuz..Ya Honaina..Sprigs Of Time
Malijo & Party..Muliranwawo..Sprigs Of Time
Marilyn Tucker & Paul Wilson & Friends..Blue Muslin..Dead Maid's Land
Spinach For Norman..Ten Tors Hop / Petronella..Ready To Start Again
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba..Jamana Be Diya..I Speak Fula
Zeca Di Nha Reinalda, Joao Cirilio & Blick Tchutchy..Tchon Di Massa Pe..Putumayo Presents Cape Verde
John Patitucci Trio..Messaien's Gumbo..Remembrance

Monday, 12 October 2009

It's all happening this Friday

So we discovered tonight. No excuse for staying in unless you're listening to Phonic FM. Amongst other things on Friday, there's
d'Accord: from 8pm at Ide Village Hall near Exeter: Poisson Rouge pictured, Chabotee and friends provide great music for French/Breton dancing

Our guest, multi-talented Paul Whittall in concert with Goliards at Crediton Arts Centre. The evening entitled Stroking Bees and Chasing Hares begins at 7.30pm
Rootsy, rocky, fiddlesome band State Of Undress: Barnfield Theatre, Exeter from 8pm

We played the following Artist..Track..Album
Angel Brothers..Tongues Of Fire..Angel Brothers
Tom Jenkinson..#7..Squarepusher - Solo Electric Bass 1
Oi Va Voi..Dusty Road..Travelling The Face Of The Globe
Seth Lakeman..The Punch Bowl..The Punch Bowl
Ruth Notman..Limbo..Threads
Richard Bona..Djembe & I Wish & TrainsBona Makes You Sweat
Little Rumba..Skacastic..The Big Picture
Fatimar And The Freedom Fries..Tuckebold..Trust
Staff Benda Bilili..Avramandole..Tres Tres Fort
John Stewart..Baby It's You..Sowing The Seeds
Chet Atkins And Les Paul..Caravan..Chester And Lester
Art Tatum..Cherokee..The Best Of Art Tatum - The Complete Pablo Solo Masterpieces
Dreamcatcher..Life..And The World's All Yours
Paul Whittall..Fish In The Sea/God's Eye/The Sea Returns Its Treasures
Poisson Rouge..Schottishe..2nd Rush
Startijenn..Torts Jigs..Pakit Holl 1
Joseph Taylor..Sprig Of Thyme..Sprigs Of Time
Sacasas feat. Ruben Gonzales..Rumba Negra..Sprigs Of Time
Mighty Sparrow..The Queen's Canary..Sprigs Of Time
The Jazz Mandolin Project..Ode To Dark Eyes..Jungle Tango

And, of course, we featured the rootsandshoots GARDENING TIPS for this month...

  • It’s the time of year to gather up the remaining harvest and tidy up the garden in readiness to get started on next year's crops and flowers.
  • If you have a greenhouse, check that heaters are working properly.
  • Your potatoes should have been stored in a cool, dark place in hessian sacks or something similar. It’s a good idea to check through each one carefully as any diseased potatoes can affect the others. Remove any that feel spongy, have fungus on them or are discoloured.
  • Herb gardens should be tidied up. Take out annual herbs. Perennial herbs can be cut back hard to encourage new growth in spring.
  • Winter lettuces can be grown under cloches or in a cold frame.
  • Your rhubarb will need attention. Remove dead or drying foliage from the crowns to stop rot setting in. If you have large clumps of rhubarb you can divide them into chunks as long as there is a bud on each piece. Give your rhubarb plants a good mulch of well-rotted manure for protection over winter and to feed them in the spring.
  • Replace borders filled with dying bulbs by winter flowering pansies, small flowered violas, wallflowers or spring flowering bulbs.

Happy gardening from rootsandshoots

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Surprise visit

We were delighted this Monday when Phonic's Tezza introduced us to singer songwriter Kate Walsh who was performing at Exeter Phoenix and we did an impromptu interview live with her onair. She performed a song, As He Pleases, from her new album Light & Dark too. A lovely and talented person. Thanks, Kate and Gazza. Check out Kate's website here. Listen to Tezza's Collision show (upfront indie and alternative music) on Phonic FM on Thursday 18:00 - 20:00.

We also played: Artist..Track..Album
Guichen Brothers..La Tournee Des Grand Ducs..FreresDick Gaughan..Erin-Go-Bragh..Handful Of Earth
The Eel G
Richard Bona..Sen Sen Sen..Bona Makes You Sweat
Bill Bruford..If You Can't Stand The Heat.....Feels Good To Me
Celina Gonzalez..Camina Y Yen..Virgin Directory Of World Music Compay Segundo..Macusa..Beginner's Guide To World Music
Food Of Love..Little Rumba..The Big Picture
Oi Va Voi..Wonder..Travelling The Face Of The Globe
Martin Simpson..The Wind & The Rain..True Stories
Shirley & Dolly Collins..Nellie The Milkmaid..Anthems In Eden

Gnawa..Tete A Tete Avec Baghdad..Diffusion
Jon Hassell..Tribal Secret..Earthquake Island
Geoffrey Oryema..Market Day..Beat the Border
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba..Torin Torin..I Speak Fula

Steve Winham..Still Be Showers..Where Now?

Beirut..Nantes..The Flying Club Cup

Fleet Foxes..Tiger Mountain Peasant Song..Fleet Foxes
Les Claypool..Pretty Little Song..Of Fungi And Foe
Balkan Beat Box..Hermetico..Nu Med
Budapest Klezmer Band & Liszt Chamber Orchestra..Legycsapo Tanc (Fly Flap Dance)..Klezmer Suite

Monday, 28 September 2009

Something old, something new...

Some brand new releases and some golden oldies...

Tonight we played: Artist..Track..Album
Just East Of Jazz..Ishta Taist..Swerve
Little Rumba..Tango Serpiente..The Big Picture
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba..I Speak Fula..I Speak Fula
Cuarteto Martinez Zarate..Verano Porteno..The Spirit Of Buenos Aires
Arvest..Ma Flanedenn..Fantazi
Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick..Byker Hill..Classic Carthy
Jackie Oates..Isle Of France..Hyperboreans
Oi Va Voi..Dissident..Oi Va Voi
Brenna Maccrimmon..Sensiyemin Ucu Kare..Kulac Misafiri
Mustafa Sandal..Kalmadi..Turkish Groove
Richard Bona..Kalabancoro..Bona Makes You Sweat
Esperanza Spalding..Samba Em Preludio..Eaperanza
Angel Brothers..Days Like Diamonds..Forbidden Fruit
Faubourg De Boignard..L'Effet Secondaire..Terra Galica
Alphornduo Aemittal..Fruhlingstraum..Music From The Old World: The Alps
Davy Spillan
e & Donal Lunny..Whistling Low/Errigal..Common Ground
Sine..The Hard Hat Set..It's About Time
Startijenn..Pakit Holl!..Pakit Holl!
Johnny Clegg & Savuka..Third World Child..The Best Of Jaluka/Savuka
Brendan Power..Paddy Clancy's Jig/Moyasta Junction..New Irish Harmonica
And we played 2 tracks by Phillip, Tobias and Hannah from The Roots Union (pictured here) recorded live in the studio in April this year: Song To Light Your Candle By and Love is The Revolution.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Starting in Devon...

On this Monday's show we began musically in Devon and soon moved out to experience a wide variety of music from other parts of the British Isles - then from here, out into the big wide world. We hope you continue to enjoy our selection.
Seth Lakeman..Band Of Gold..Freedom Fields
Andy Irvine..My Heart's Tonight In Ireland..Common Ground
Martin Cole..Gymnopodie..Made In Cornwall
Gadjologie..Debilus Profundicum Blues..Gadjologie
Karine Polwart..The Learig..Fairest Floo'er
Celtech..Laride..Batcombe Vale
Little Rumba..Rustum and Sharkey..The Big Picture
Ojos De Brujo..Quien Engana No Gana..Bari
Faltriueira..Lambrada De Cortellas..fRoots 21
Swans In Flight..Paradise..Swans In Flight
Oi Va Voi..S'Brent..Travelling The Face Of The Globe
Wan Xiao Nan..Zhan Tai Feng..Guzheng
Mamer..Mountain Wind..Eagle
Alice Jemima..Technicolour Postcard..Alice Jemima
Spooky Men's Chorale..Satisfaction..Tooled Up
Kocani Orchestra..Sunet Ora..Princes Amongst Men
Muzsikas..Maramorosi Tancok..Bartok Album
Startijonn..'Ba'Kerchef..Pakit Holl!..
Tri Yann..Derobee De Guingamp..Le Meilleur De Tri Yann
Maurice El Medioni & Roberto Rodriguez..Oh! Ma Belle..Awards For World Music 2007
Ana Firmino..Chico Malandra..Putumayo Presents Cape Verde
Rory McLeod..Miners' Picket Dance..Mouth To Mouth

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

In the studio...

In the Studio for Roots and Shoots on Monday 14th September were Martin Henning and Rich Cooke.
Tracks Martin played were: Artist..Track..Album
Angel Brothers..Punjab To Pit Top..Forbidden Fruit
Swans In Flight..Young Heart..Swans In Flight
Maurice El Medioni & Roberto Rodriguez..Rai Rock Rumba.. North African Cafe
Abyssinia Infinite..Embe Ashafergne..Zion Roots
Luis Rizzo Trio..Adios Nonino..The Music Of Astor Piazzola,The Spirit Of Buenos Aries
Amestoy Trio..Barnaka..Sport & Couture
Banditaliana..Vento Del Madagascar..Banditaliana
Municipale Balcanica..L'Aria Migliore..Road To Damascus
Marcus Miller..Jean Pierre..Free
Fatima Spar Und Die Freedom Fries..Kibirli Ceviz..Zirzop
Beirut..After The Curtain..Gulag Orkestrar
Dr. John..Bruha Bembe..Creole Moon
Guichen..Soleil Rouge..Freres
Tracks played by Rich Artist..Track..Album
Ida Kelaroba..?
Kurdish music
King Selewa..Trinidad..Calypso Invasion
Meczla Latina..Los Roques..Salsa Dura
Lura..Um Dia..Eclipse
Daby Toure & Skip McDonald..Past Time..Call My Name
Los Van Van..Te Pone La Cabeza
Ojos De Brujo..Tudos Mortales..Aocania

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Monday 7 September show

Tracks played this Monday were as follows:
The Poacher..Sine..It's About Time
Gavotte / Baching Mad..Hoover The Dog..Scratch 'N' Sniff
String's Jig..Guichen..Freres
Once..Angel Brothers..Forbidden Fruit
Did They Ever Tell Cousteau..E.S.T. 7 Days Of Falling
Berimbass..Renaud Garcia-Fons..Arcoluz
Wayak..Les Orientales..North African Cafe
Bu Gala Dasli Gala..Shimal..Turkish Cafe
Rustic Head..N.U.M.B...Massive Respect
Red State Girl..Les Claypool..Of Fungi And Foe
One Life One Hope..Swans In Flight.. Swans In Flight
Caravan Club Version..Municipale Balcanica..Road To Damascus
Just One More Chance..Les Paul & Mary Ford..The Very Best Of
Joseph Joseph..Fatima Spar And The Freedon Fries..Zirzop
Facce..Rosa Paeda..Facce
Jazzy..Riccardo Tesi..Presente Remoto
What Eliot Said..Megan Henwood.. What Eliot Said
Toots Suite..Whapweasel..Pack Of Jokers
A track from a live session here in the studio was also played featuring Becki Driscoll and Nick Wyke: Coronation Day

Monday, 31 August 2009

Positive feedback for Rosa

There was extremely positive feedback via email to the performance Rosa Rebecka gave for rootsandshoots tonight. Congratulations, Rosa.
She sang and played for us: Grey, Boundless, Till Österland Vill Jag Fara and Purple.
Check out Rosa's website for details of her music and performances.
We look forward to the release of Rosa's new CD and will let you know when it comes out - and, of course, play tracks on the show.

Recordings played: Artist..Track..Album

Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba..Tabil Te..Segu Blue
Tarika Sammy..Jono..Balance
Molara..Omalara..Massive Respect
Salif Keita..Y'ambo..M'Bemba
Hamon Martin Quintet..Roc'h Ar Salut..L'Habit De Plume
Angel Brothers..Denaby Deliverance..Forbidden Fruit
Marie Ni Criochain..Tumble Back The Years..Ocean Of Blue
Peatbog Faeries..Shifting Peat & Feet..Welcome To Dun Vegus
Astor Oioazzola..Violentango..The Spirit Of Buenos Aires
The Tango Band..Wolf..Live At Hay Litery Festival 2001
Project Brassens Quartet..La Non Demande En Marriage..PBQ
Radio Tarifa..Rumba Argelina..Froots #5
Chris Wood & Andy Cutting..Country Gardens/Rambling Comber..Knock John
Sarazino..Cochabamba..Putumayo World Party
La Sinora Dinamita..Maruja..Exitos Explosivos
Mahwash & Radio Kabul Ensemble..An Impassioned Nature..Ghazals Afghans
Sabah Habas Mustapha..Singe Tema..Froots#3
Poisson Rouge..Ronde De St. Vincent..PR Preview CD

With September coming in, we gave out the rootsandshoots Gardening Tips

  • You can extend the growing season of herbs like parsley and chives by potting the plants and taking them indoors.
  • To help with weeding in the spring, remove as many weeds from your strawberry beds as you can now.
  • Green tomatoes picked now can be ripened on a sunny windowsill. To help them ripens put red tomatoes or other ripe fruits such as bananas alongside them. Or to hasten the ripening process, put the tomatoes inside a brown paper bag.
  • Some fruit trees and plants can be pruned in September. Blackberries, summer-fruiting raspberries and blackcurrants fruit on last season’s growth. Prune fruiting branches after the fruit has been picked, leaving the strongest young branches.
  • With autumn-fruiting varieties, wait until late winter to cut them to the ground to make way for new canes that will grow from the base and fruit the same year.
  • Continue to deadhead faded flowers.
  • Potted hyacinths can be grown indoors. Keep the pots in a cool, dark place and water from time to time.
  • Renovate the lawn: rake it vigorously to remove any dead or dying grass.
  • While the soil is still warm, reseed any bare patches in the lawn that have appeared over the summer.

Happy gardening from rootsandshoots.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Rosa Rebecka on Roots & Shoots

"In concert, Rosa Rebecka's haunting and intimate songs are alternated with traditional music."

Rosa will sing and play for us on Monday 31 August.

Roots and Shoots Live replay

We regularly feature live broadcasts of (mainly local) musicians and singers on rootsandshoots and have recordings of many of these mini-concerts. We are indebted to Tom at Phonic FM for helping us edit these recordings - and today we rebroadcast the first of these: Harpaphonics Ensemble (Gris Sanderson, Sam Yeboah and Louis Bingham) from January 2009. They played Alpha, Erdely Reels, The Charmer and Treadnightly March.

Other items played: Artist..Track..Album
Fatima Spar And The Freedom Fries..Bosa Noga..Zirzop
Sezen Aksu..Oh Oh..Turkish Cafe
Angel Brothers..Brothers Dub..Forbidden Fruit
Sin'e..Go On, Go On, Go On, Go On..It's About Time
Swans In Flight..Flame Of The Sun..Swans In Flight
Les Claypool..Amanitas..Of Fungi And Foe
James Taylor Quartet..Blacksmith..New World
Abyssinia Infinate..Bati Bati..Zion Roots
Jhikoman..Mkushi..Massive Respect
Arvest..Digor D'Ar Sul..Fantazi
Riccardo Tesi..Tarantella Al Melograno..Banditaliana
Vlatko Stefanovski & Miroslav Tadic..Proseta Se Jovka Kumanovka..Live In Belgrade
Sondorgo..Teraj Kume..Oi Javore

Lucilla Galeazzi..Quante Stelle Nel Cielo Con Lu Luna..Italian Musical Odyssey

La Bibournoise..Le Brandy Culotte..Genticorum

The House Band..The Dusty Miller/The County Ground..The Very Best Of The House Band

Lazaro Ros..Elegba..Rough Guide To the Music Of Cuba

Luca Mundaca..Nao Se Apavore..Women Of The World

Zig A Zag..Steppin' Fast..Bayou Tapestry

3dB Ceilidh Band..Arcanul..promo

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

You, our listeners...

...are obviously vital to us...and it's great when we hear from you or meet you in person. We were delighted when Peter Vance got in touch to say how much his partner Karen Mander enjoyed listening to rootsandshoots and Phonic FM and that he would like to bring Karen into the studio on the eve of her birthday. They came in and evidently enjoyed their time with us. We wish Karen a very Happy Birthday.
Other listeners...get in touch (email at top of page) and maybe we will get to meet you too!