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Monday, 31 August 2009

Positive feedback for Rosa

There was extremely positive feedback via email to the performance Rosa Rebecka gave for rootsandshoots tonight. Congratulations, Rosa.
She sang and played for us: Grey, Boundless, Till Österland Vill Jag Fara and Purple.
Check out Rosa's website for details of her music and performances.
We look forward to the release of Rosa's new CD and will let you know when it comes out - and, of course, play tracks on the show.

Recordings played: Artist..Track..Album

Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba..Tabil Te..Segu Blue
Tarika Sammy..Jono..Balance
Molara..Omalara..Massive Respect
Salif Keita..Y'ambo..M'Bemba
Hamon Martin Quintet..Roc'h Ar Salut..L'Habit De Plume
Angel Brothers..Denaby Deliverance..Forbidden Fruit
Marie Ni Criochain..Tumble Back The Years..Ocean Of Blue
Peatbog Faeries..Shifting Peat & Feet..Welcome To Dun Vegus
Astor Oioazzola..Violentango..The Spirit Of Buenos Aires
The Tango Band..Wolf..Live At Hay Litery Festival 2001
Project Brassens Quartet..La Non Demande En Marriage..PBQ
Radio Tarifa..Rumba Argelina..Froots #5
Chris Wood & Andy Cutting..Country Gardens/Rambling Comber..Knock John
Sarazino..Cochabamba..Putumayo World Party
La Sinora Dinamita..Maruja..Exitos Explosivos
Mahwash & Radio Kabul Ensemble..An Impassioned Nature..Ghazals Afghans
Sabah Habas Mustapha..Singe Tema..Froots#3
Poisson Rouge..Ronde De St. Vincent..PR Preview CD

With September coming in, we gave out the rootsandshoots Gardening Tips

  • You can extend the growing season of herbs like parsley and chives by potting the plants and taking them indoors.
  • To help with weeding in the spring, remove as many weeds from your strawberry beds as you can now.
  • Green tomatoes picked now can be ripened on a sunny windowsill. To help them ripens put red tomatoes or other ripe fruits such as bananas alongside them. Or to hasten the ripening process, put the tomatoes inside a brown paper bag.
  • Some fruit trees and plants can be pruned in September. Blackberries, summer-fruiting raspberries and blackcurrants fruit on last season’s growth. Prune fruiting branches after the fruit has been picked, leaving the strongest young branches.
  • With autumn-fruiting varieties, wait until late winter to cut them to the ground to make way for new canes that will grow from the base and fruit the same year.
  • Continue to deadhead faded flowers.
  • Potted hyacinths can be grown indoors. Keep the pots in a cool, dark place and water from time to time.
  • Renovate the lawn: rake it vigorously to remove any dead or dying grass.
  • While the soil is still warm, reseed any bare patches in the lawn that have appeared over the summer.

Happy gardening from rootsandshoots.

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