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Monday, 30 May 2011

Eric and entourage

Fun, fun, fun tonight - at least in the first half of the show with funky music from Eric Ness and his accompanists Henrietta, Ryan, Joseph and Sam. Amazing that we fitted all these people into a tiny space along with flute, guitars, mandolin - and a huge double bass!! The studio rang with the ecstatic sounds made by this talented crew from Norway, Sweden and England via London. And craziness ensued.
Eric Ness and the band performed...
On The Radio, All The Things You Are, Take Me and I've Been Bad.
(Eric, please let me know if I haven't got the titles right!)
Listen again to the first hour of the show here

Recordings played
Cheb Khalid..Ya Loualid..Rai Rebels
Hub City Stompers..Tocatta and Droog..Blood, Sweat and Beers
Sandy Lopicic Orkestrar..From Hollywood To Balkanwood..Soundtrack Without a Movie
Cole Stacey..Changing Faces..Changing Faces

Poisson Rouge..6-Time Laride 2..2nd. Rush 2009
Vieux Farka Toure..Amana Quai..The Secret
Romica Puceanu & The Gore Brothers..Sa Te Ajunga Dorul Meu..Sounds From A Bygone Age - Vol2
Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestrar..Ciganka Medley..Bucovina Mixtape Vol 1
Transglobal Underground..Tribe Organiser..The Stone Turntable
Juju..Nightwalk..In Trance
Shriekback..Huytfi Dbl Plus..Cormorant

Nicky Swann..Long Time..Matches & Dispatches
Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin..The Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn (Live)..Singing the Bones
Francesco Banchini..Szerelmi Tanc..Bar Italia
Rosapaeda..Mi Sogno..Mater Heart Folk

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Eric Ness from Norway...

...entertains us on Monday 2 June on rootsandshoots.
Not to be missed! Check out his music here.
Pictured: Eric Ness and band at the Exmouth Festival

Post script: I do hear tell that Eric is bringing an entourage of accompanists. How we will fit them all in I don't know but we will. Listen in to find out how we fair.

Monday, 23 May 2011


A-capella band Cockahoop brought their beautiful harmony singing to the Phonic FM studio for tonight's rootsandshoots. They sang The Boggart, The Kye, An Old Man Came Courting Me and Words Can Save Us.
Catch them at festivals over the spring and summer. Find out more about them on their myspace page.
Recordings played
10ft Ganga Plant..Chalwa..10ft Ganga Plant
Aggrolites..Keep It Cool..Dirty Reggie
Cole Stacey..Annabelle..download
Lars Danielsson..Pasedoble..The Lars Danielsson Signature
Indonesian Filk Ensemble..Jali Jali..Indonesian Filk Music
Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin..Cape Wrath..Singing The Bones
Jameson's Revenge..The Jameson Set..Traditional Irish Music
Marenostrum..A Sereia..The Best Of Marenostrum
Transglobal Underground..Yellow & Black Taxi..Impossible Broadcasting
Lara Conley..My Friend..Apple Tree
Mariem Hassan..Jelefne Bi Salam..Desios
Sandy Lopicic Orkestrar..Desert Dream Milonga..Soundtrack Without Film
Lampliter..Flowers Of The Arab Spring
Selim Sesler..Those Roads Of Koycegiz..Anatolian Wedding
Shantel & Mahala Tai Banda..Mahalageasca..Bucovina Mixtape Vol.1
Jerry Cahill..Shifting Sands..Armchair Traveller
Toumani Diabate..Jarabi..Jarabi: The Best Of Toumani Diabate

Monday, 16 May 2011

James Hollingsworth live

Our thanks to
for playing some of his own songs for us this evening: As Ghosts Reveal and Close At Hand.
Superb singing and guitar playing! Good to hear about the background to the songs too.
He introduced us to some new recordings of his:  
Long Way To Go and Life Tourist.
Both are due for release soon.
Check James's website to find out more about his music including news of new releases. His gigs are also listed there. One we'll tell you about, because it's local, is The Double Locks on Saturday 25 June at 18:00.
Artwork from James Hollingsworth's website.

We also played: 
Poisson Rouge..6-Time Laride..2nd Rush 2009
Poisson Rouge pictured at Wadebridge Festival 2010
Poisson Rouge are performing - along with Mamadou N Cissokho and his band Sabou and the Cole Stacey Trio - at the Exeter Respect After-Party presented by Phonic FM at Exeter Phoenix on Sunday 5 June. More info here.
Genticorum..Turlutte Hirsute...Nagez Rameurs
Watcha Clan..Osfour..Radio Babel
Les Boukakes..Maina Rai..Makach Mouch'kif
Linton Kwasi Johnson..Brain Smashing
Owiny Sigoma Band..Gone Thum Mana Gi Nyadhi..Owiny Sigoma Band
ROB.. More..Funky Rob Way
Doug Johns..The Red..Steak
Arvest..Debrit Mat..Tri Diaoul
Dalla..Polperro Furry..Cribbar
David Pasquet..Eau Nette..Sa Difference
Transglobal Underground..The Khaleegi Stomp..Impossible Broadcasting
Transglobal Underground are headlining at the Exeter Respect Warm-up Party presented by Phonic FM at Exeter Phoenix on Friday 3 June. Details here.
Edward Catemario..Cinco Piezar Compadre..Complete Works
Philip Glass Ensemble..Glass Dancepieces 8..Essential Philip Glass
Genticorum..Reel Circulaire...Nagez Rameurs

Sunday, 15 May 2011

James Hollingsworth returns

James Hollingsworth was one of our first guests when rootsandshoots began. He has an amazing singing voice and a unique, complex guitar style. We are delighted he's paying us a return visit - this Monday 16 May.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Street Heat, Sarana and Billy and co

Lots of guests in the studio tonight and it was all great fun - at least I thought so!

Emma and Nick spoke to us about Exeter's Street Heat
Samba Band - who began in Exmouth, it seems. They are celebrating their 20th Birthday at Exeter Quay from 11:00 this Saturday 14 May with their Celebration of Samba. They will be parting with other south-west sambistas (a new word for me!).

We had a party in the studio later in the show when Detroit stars Billy Brandt and Sarana VerLin, along with local accompanists JJ Quick and Pete Chart. They performed no less than 5 songs - superbly...
Ain't Gonna Run, Exeter Town (written by Sarana after her visit last year when she fell in live with Exeter; yes, she does know it's a city!), Wind Through the Pines, Thirteen Days and Bats And Butterflies. We had a chance to compare the latter with the recorded version played earlier. The versions were both very good and quite different!
Many thanks to all the excellent musicians.

Recordings played
Genticorum..Tout Le Long Du Voyage..Nagez Remeurs
Grievous Angel feat. Billy Brandt..Perfect world..New Tricks
Sarana VerLin..Bats & Butterflies..Bats & Butterflies
Street Heat..Carnival Samba / Damba De Roda / Samba Reggae..Street Heat
Habib Koite & Bamada..Barra..Afriki
Carlou D..Nanioul..Muzikr
Asha Bosle & Shujaat Khan..Naina Lagai Ke..Naina Lagai Ke
Bob Marley & The Wailers..Natural Mystic..Exodus
Thirty years since Bob died. His music and the legend lives on!
S E Rogie..Kekeh Kefarana..African Dreams
Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin..Old Adam The Poacher /
Catharsis / The Boy Who Couldn't Hoe Corn..Singing The Bones

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Celticana and Salsa

This Monday 9 May, playing live on rootsandshootstwo of Detroit's most talented musicians, 
Sarana VerLin and Billy Brandt. 
They play their own original blend of Celtic and American music: "Celticana". They have won numerous awards in the folk, country and rock categories. It's great to have them on the show.

We also welcome members of Exeter's premier Samba band 
Street Heat 
who are celebrating 20 years of playing samba.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Mayday Mayday

The start of Spring and International Workers' Day. We played a number of relevant tracks.

Dick Gaughan..The Workers' Song..A Handful Of Earth
Jackie Oates..The Pleasant Month Of May..Hyperboreans
Robert Wyatt..The Red Flag..Nothing Can Stop Us
Wig A Wag..Vents Contraires..Wig A Wag
Brigada Victor Jara..Tia Baptista..Marcha Dos Folioes
Victor Jara..Conto Libre..Canto Libre
Afro Cubism..Guantanamera..Afro Cubism
Orchestra Baobab..Bon Bon I..Bamba
Owiny Sigoma Band..Wires..Owiny Sigoma Band
Dub Colossus..Yeh Shimbraw Tir Tir..Through The Looking Glass
Mory Kante..Yeke Yeke..The Best Of Mory Kante
Mzikayafani Buthalezi..Themba..Homeland: A Collection Of Black South African Music
Jim Causley..Little Ball Of Yarn..Dumnonium
Clive Gregson..Fred Astaire..Happy Hour
Mongol Band..4 Year Old Horse..Mongolian Music
Traditional Chinese..Whispering With Zheng Harp & Mongolian Gong..Chinese Traditional Music
Billy Brandt & Sarana VerLin..Knock On Wood..Live From Billy's Basement
Carolina Chocolate Drops..Cindy Gal..Genuine Negro Jig
Woody Guthrie..This Land Is Your Land..My Dusty Road
The Wailers..400 Years..Catch A Fire
Jeff Nhore..Afara Koa Tsy Atao..African Beats: Essential African Grooves
Gotan Project..La Gloria..Tango 3.0
Khaled..Kebou..N'Ssi N'Ssi
Mariem Hassan..Magat Milkitna Dulea..Arabesque Arba'a 4
Bea Palya..Hoppa..Adieu Les Complexes
Lara Conley pictured playing for Roots & Shoots..In Peace..Apple Tree
Selim Sesler & Brenna Macrimmon..Pencerisi Yola Karsi
Billy Bragg..Thatcherites..Bloke On Bloke