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Monday, 26 September 2011

Studio traveller

One of the albums I played a track from - the one by Jerry Cahill - is called Armchair Traveller. I guess we on rootsandshoots are studio travellers. Martin and I enjoy travelling far and wide but we enjoy coming home too - and this is reflected in the music we play. Anyway, it was just me tonight as Martin was ill. Get well soon, Martin!
Martin Hodge

And so to tonight's playlist...

Gecko..Safest Bet (Follow this link for a free download of Safest Bet)

Alan Stivell..Metig..Chemin De Terre (released in the UK as From Celtic Roots)
Edyta Geppett & Kroke..Spiewam Zycie / Ajde Jano..Spiewam Zycie
Spiro..A Small Light In The Far West..Lightbox
Asha Bhosle & Shujaat Khan..Koi Poochhe Hai Kabhi..Naina Lagai Ke
Kasse Mady Diabate..Fununkesaya..Awards For World Music
Roy Bailey..Tomorrow Lies In The Cradle..Tomorrow
Lara Conley..Money Don't Mean A Thing..Apple Tree
Phil King..A War I Cannot Win..They Come & They Go
Beirut..Un Dernier Verre (Pour La Route)..Flying Club Cup
Debout Sur Le Zinc..Se Dire Adieu..Recreations
Oliver Mtukudzi..Ndagarwa..Nhaka..Paivepo
Black Umfolosi..Ubankwa Wezigodo..Unity
Ruarri Joseph..Just Ask..Live From The Shed
Chris Wood..Lusignac..Albion
Cole Stacey..Uprise..A Long Road To Find
Sondorgo..Oj Jesenke..Tamburisong: Lost Music Of The Balkans
Nigun..Shnirele Perele..Klezjazz
Tommy Sands feat. Moya..A Stone's Throw..A Rising From The Troubles
Dave Swarbrick with Martin Carthy..Barney Brallaghan / The New Widow Well Married / Paddy Be Aisy..Rags, Reels & Airs
Amadou & Mariam..C'Est La Vie..The Magic Couple
Phillip Henry..Keep Your Lamps Trimmed & Burning..Live In The Living Room
Jerry Cahill pictured..Breath Of Fire..Armchair Traveller
Chartwell Dutiro..Kana Ndazofa..Dendere Ngoma
Gecko..What You Gonna Do?

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Live sessions...

coming up on rootsandshoots

3 October
Los No Boss 1st pic

24 October
Cole Stacey and Chris Woods Scroll down for photos of Cole!

7 November
Gecko 3rd pic*

14 November
Saravian 2nd pic

More live sessions will be added!

*Free download of their single
Safest Bet available here!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Indige music plus

Quite a bit of indigenous music on the show this evening. But plenty of other countries got a look in too.

Music played: 
Poisson Rouge..Evelynes / La Cochinelle..Cinq
Cole Stacey..A Long Road To Find..A Long Road To Find
Megan Henwood ..Making Waves..Making Waves
Mick Hutchinson ..The Value Of Chaos Plus Rock 1 Download
Sondorgo..Cigancica..Tandurizing: The Lost Music Of The Balkans
Sezen Aksu..Balli..Optum
Moor Reason..Crazy..demo
Pain d'Epices ..L'Ecolier Assassin..Équilibruiste
Ankala & World Orchestra..Whistling Wind..Didge Blows The Games
Fernhill..Glyn Tawe..Canu Rhydd
Squarepusher..Track 08..13/12/2010
Nicola Conte ..Missione A Bombay..World Lounge
Mamani Keita..Gagner L'Argent Francais..Gagner L'Argent Francais
Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate..Fantasy..Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate
Salif Keita..Madan..Moffou
Ruarri Joseph..There We'll Be..Live From The Shed
Cole Stacey..Annabelle..download
Jackie Oates..Young Johnson..Saturnine
Tend'm..Parfum de Gitane..Une Musique Trad-Urbaine En Centre France
Lynn Miles..I Will..Fall For Beauty
Chris Wood..Come Down Jehovah..Trespasser
Sandy Lopicic Orchestra..Ostalgie On Eastern Christmas (Clap Dance)..Soundtrack Without a Movie, Vol. 1
Saul Cosentino ..Ultimatum ..Tango Fusion Club - Vol. 1
Carolina Chocolate Drops..Sandy Boys..Genuine Negro Jig
Dave Swarbrick with Martin Carthy..Spanish Ladies Medley..Rags, Reels & Airs
Joe The Taxi..Wedding Day Waltz
Daughters Of Elvin..A L'Entrada Del Tens Clar

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Cole has had to call off...

his appearance tonight on rootsandshoots because of illness.
Get well soon, Cole and come and join us when you can!
In the meantime, check out Cole Stacey's music here.   

Monday, 12 September 2011

One Moor Reason to listen to Roots and Shoots

Yes, it is a terrible pun on our part.

We had a great time with the band Moor Reason - Yvonne, Steve, Lee and Kerry - in the studio singing and playing their excellent and original songs. Thank you very much to them for entertaining us.
Their live songs were Give You My Love, Searching, Secret Love and Seaside.
We played some recordings by the band too: Drunk and Little Girl

Other recordings played
Poisson Rouge..Evelynes / La Cochinelle (Three-time Bourrée)..Cinq
Our new signature tune!
Youssouf Karembe..Dogoyaan Cubase
Amadou Ballake Et Les 5 Consuls..Baden Djougou..Bambara Mystic Soul: The Raw Sound Of Burkina Faso 1974-1979
Cole Stacey..You Were Here..A Long Road To Find
Count To Fire..Stormy Heart..In Another Life
Csik Zenekar..Most Mulik Pontosan..Ez A Vonatm Ha Elindul, Hadd Menjen
Fanfare Ciocarlia..Mig Mig..Queens & Kings & Queens
The Spotnicks..Orange Blossom Special..Collection
Tom Paxton..Peace Will Come..Live In The UK
Sara Tavares..Lisboa Kuya..Balancé
Paul Simon..Amulet..Beautiful Or So What
Roberto Mendes..Belra Mar..Brazilian Sampler CD From Bahia
Quantic Soul Orchestra..Marrakech..Tropidelico
Capo Verde Show..Cadiera Kemado..Caminho De Esperanca Coladance 80
Mick Hutchinson..To Always Feel This Way..Facebook Download
Tevenn..Laride 8 Temps..Rhuys
Swing Gadje..Ami Du Voyage..La 13eme Tribu
Jason McNiff..Kissing In The Wind..April Cruel

Cole Stacey pictured in the Phonic FM studio. We are delighted that Cole is playing again for rootsandshoots on 19 September

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Folk-rock with Moor Reason...

...live in the studio this Monday 12 September. One more reason to listen to rootsandshoots!!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Nicky plus Katie

In a short stretch of time on rootsandshoots tonight we had an amazing variety of styles and tempos in the singing and guitar playing of the talented and lovely Nicky Swann. Such beautiful songs - and what an amazing voice she has! Nicky brought along with her an accomplished and equally lovely accompanist, the cahon player Katie Marie. Many, many thanks to both musicians for their wonderful set this evening.

Nicky's songs for us were Diving, Runaway and New Found Lands, all her own compositions.

From Nicky's album Matches And Dispatches, we played the self-penned Longtime and a magical version of I Want To Hold Your Hand.

Other recordings played
Blanche Rowen & Mike Gulston..Sorta Kinda..Sorta Kinda
Brocc..13 Moons..13 Moons
Gotan Project..Desilusion..Tango 3.0
Boukakes..Dorbiha Zina..The Rough Guide To North African Café
Mendes Brothers ..Atéquemfim..Para Angola Com Um Xi Coração
Frères Guichen..Human Psyk..Frères
Juju..Waide Nayde..In Trance
Cole Stacey..Boulevard For A Heart..A Long Road To Find
Umberto Echo..Sultana..Dubtrain
Mashinai ..Logari Tunes..The Rough Guide To Afghanistan Traditional Music
Bill Caddick..Custard Creams..Guide Dogs For The Blind
Creole Choir Of Cuba..Peze Café..Tande-La
Jacob do Bandolim..Turbilhao De Beijos..Mandolin Master Of Brazil: Jacob Do Bandolin - Original Classic Recordings Vol. 2
Startijenn..Lamm Ar Banniel - Polka..'Kreiz Da Fas!
Arnaud Royer..Carpe Diem..Melen
Poisson Rouge..Evelynes / La Cochinelle (Three-time Bourrée)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Live sessions coming up on Roots and Shoots...

Just unmissable!...

Monday 5 September Nicky Swann pictured

Monday 12 September Moor Reason

Monday 19 September Cole Stacey