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Monday, 26 April 2010


Friends seemed to be a theme throughout the show tonight. We agreed it's good to have them and we miss them when they go.
Much of the music was suggested by friends; friends contacted us too to say they were enjoying the show. Thank you to all of you - including those of you who listened and didn't write: that's just fine - though do tell us if you have any requests.

£600 has so far been raised, by the way, for Phonic FM from the 25 Hour Radio Show. Many thanks again to all who contributed.  

Photo of Lee Rawlings during the 25 Hour Show by Christopher Wilson

In Memory of Stephane Delicq who was a very talented Diatonic Accordionist from the Massif Central in France and who recently died, I played 3 tracks of his music. He was well known within the circle of enthusiasts for French dance music as a musician who could, on his own, hold an audience of dancers spellbound. A true musical magician who will be sorely missed. Martin Henning

This evening we played...
Leonard Cohen..Take This Waltz..I'm Your Man for Christine
Loudon Wainwright III..Be Careful, There's A Baby In The House..Album II for Martin
Peatbog Faeries..Leaving The Road..Mellowosity
Sin'e..The Poacher..It's About Time
Magazine..Definitive Gaze..Where The Power Is for Vicky
Toumani Diabate..Ismael Drame..The Mande Variations
Stephane Delicq..Vivre..La Compagnie Des Anges
Stephane Delicq..Scottish Suedoise..La Discrete
Tinarwen..Zin Es Gourmeden..Froots #18 for Jill
Dave Wood..For J.T..Into The Light
Peter Sellers..Party Political Speach..The Best Of Peter Sellers

Kangaroo Moon..Olympus..Between Two Worlds 
Chris Wood..One In A Million..The Lark Ascending for Lynn
Smadj + Orhan Osman..Asma-Grapevine..S.O.S. 
Abdel Gadir Salim..Lemon Bara..North African Cafe
Stephane Delicq..Les Amities..La Discrete
Po' Girl..Deer In The Night..Deer In The Night 
Boreale..Polka Palkeu..Mousson
Alasdair Roberts + Appendix Out..Drinking Milk Again..Magazine Of Superdeformed World (Vol.13)
Richard & Linda Thompson..Dark End Of The Street..Pour Down Like Silver
Roy Bailey..Captain Swing..Coda
La Lionetta..La Bergera..La Lionetta 
Les Claypool..Pretty Little Song..Of Fungi And Foe

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Roots and Shoots on the great 25Hour Radio Show!

We had a great time on the rootsandshoots segment of the fantastic Phonic FM
25 Hour Radio Show this morning.
A special thanks to Jaime Leigh (vocals, guitar), Dave Wood (vocals, guitar) and Rich Cooke (percussion) who played a superb live set and to Geoff Stowe for his support. And an extra big T-H-A-N-K-S to Phonic FM DJ Lee Rawlings for hosting the 25 Hour Show and getting the whole thing together. We will have raised ££££ for our wonderful community station - £34 so far from rootsandshoots' sponsors alone.
We are really grateful to all our sponsors: Vicky, Daphne, Mary, Martin, Geoff, Chris, Conrad, Gavin, Lynn, Jill, Julia, Karen. And there may be more to come: listen in for a continuation of Sponsored Tracks on rootsandshoots this Monday 26 April between 6 and 8pm UK time.
Martin Hodge

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Phonic FM 25 Hour Radio Show!

This Saturday and Sunday there's something really special on Phonic FM.
Lee Rawlings will be in our little studio for 25 hours - yes, 25 hours!! I will join him for one hour on Saturday morning between 10 and 11 playing tracks sponsored by listeners. All money raised will go to Phonic FM, helping to keep our wonderful radio station going.
I've almost got a full sponsorship form but it's not too late if you want to request a track (any genre) and give a donation of £1 or more. If they can't all be fitted into the hour, I'll finish playing the requests on Monday's rootsandshoots.
A very special feature in the Saturday 10-11 am slot will be wonderful LIVE MUSIC provided by local singer musician extraordinaire Dave Wood and friends - including rootsandshoots' own Rich Cooke.
It's going to be a great long show: do listen in. The 25 Hour Radio Show runs from Saturday 24 April at 8am to Sunday 25 April at 9am. See the full schedule here.
Martin Hodge rootsandshootsdevon@gmail.com

Monday, 19 April 2010

Music from England for St George's Day...

...including, live in the studio, the lively, rootsy, entertaining duo from Mudeford, Dorset: Charlie and Alan Rose. They performed for us Morning Glory, Mudeford Mood and Spellbound
Charlie and Alan are two fifths of the band State Of Undress who are in concert from 8pm on St George's Day: Friday 23 April at Barnfield Theatre, Exeter.

On disc we played:
Kangaroo Moon..With Each Breath..Between Two Worlds
Megan Henshaw..What Elliot Said..What Elliot Said
Edward II..La Russe..Zest
John Shuttleworth..Tummy Trouble..4 Rather Tasty Tracks
Miranda Sykes..Shape Of My Heart..Bliss
Bud & Lyn Abbot..Farewell Rose Of England..Somewhere Along The Road
Angel Brothers..Butlins Lederhousen Fancy..Angel Brothers
Little Rumba..Real World..The Big Picture
Oi Va Voi..Ladino Song..Laughter Through Tears
State of Undress..Jump to It..Caught In The Act
State Of Undress..This Time England available as a download from iTunes from 3 May
John Copper, Sheila Chandra & Simon Emmerson..Houses, Houses, Houses..The Imagined Village
Bill Murray..When 'Arry 'Awke Of Gidleigh..Down 'Pon Ol' Dartymoor
Matt Norman..Lemmy Brazil's Hornpipe / Eight Day's Late..Down 'Pon Ol' Dartymoor
State Of Undress pictured..Plenty More Fish In The Sea..Livin' It, Lovin' It
Nitin Sawhney feat Anoushka Shankar..Charu Keshi Rain..London Undersound
Dave Swarbrick
with Martin Carthy and Diz Disley..Dill Pickles Rag..Rags, Reels & Airs
remembering Diz Disley 

May 1931 - March 2010
Dave Wood..Wait..Into The Light
Griselda Sanderson
..Spring Storm..Harpaphonics

Sunday, 18 April 2010

This Monday on Roots & Shoots...

...we'll be featuring Music made in England...and...
live in the studio members of State Of Undress playing for us and talking about their music.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

From Devon to Denmark to Colombia; from English trad to Indian classical to funky jazz

The usual wide range of music on yesterday's rootsandshoots with Martin, Martin and Rich! Here's the list...

Jim Causley..Wild Rover..Lost Love Found
Kroke..Papillon..Seventh Trip
Megan Henwood..Shape and Colour..What Elliot Said
Capercaillie..Hebridean Hale-Bopp..Froots#10
Baluji Shrivastav..Raga Dhani..Massive Respect
Nitin Sawhney feat Rheena Bhardwaj..Ek Jaan..London Undersound
Groupa..Sparve Lilia..Imeland
Snakefarm..Rising Sun..Froots #13
June Tabor..April Morning..Always
Show Of Hands..The Man I Was..Arrogance, Ignorance & Greed
Compagnie Guilia..Al Alva Venid..Compagnie Guilia
Daughters Of Elvin..Su La Rivera..Galdrbok
Youssou N'Dour..Bamba The Poet..Egypt
Yusa..Candao Cerrao..Gilles Peterson's Habana Cultura New Cuba Sound
BKO..Niger Sundown..Dirtmusic
Anibal Velasquez..Santo Amor..Mambo Loco
Secret Oyster..Sirename..Live In The USA
Palo!..This is Afro-Cuban Funk..La Habana Buena
King Sunny Ade..Ma Jaiye Oni..Juju Music
Simon Mayor Quintet..Russian Rag..Mandolinquents
State Of Undress pictured..This Time England..promo
Charlie & Alan Rose
from State Of Undress will be playing live and talking about their music on rootsandshoots next Monday.
Bayou Seco..Chile Verde..Froots #16
Parma Violets..One Step..Millennium Live - At The Lift Global Music Club, Glossop
Hilario Duran..City..Encuentro En La Habana

Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Monday playlist

Tango Fusion Club..De Trampa..Tango Fusion Club Vol.1
Tony Ga Gattora..Meu Nome E Tony..Nova Musica Do Brazil
Shirley Collins & The Albion Country Band..White Hare..No Roses
Seth Lakeman..White Hare..Freedom Fields
Tom Jenkinson aka Squarepusher..Seb-1.09..Solo Electric Bass 1
Alain Caron..Freedom Jazz Dance..Le Band
Bert Jansch..Rabbit Run..The Collection
Nic Jones..The Little Pot Stove..Penguin Eggs
Kevin Ayres..Song For Insane Times..Joy Of A Toy dedicated to Bo
The Mamaku Project..Feeling Good..Karekare
Chris Wood & Andy Cutting..Hares On the Mountain..Albion
Anne Briggs..Highlodge Hare..The Time Has Come
Tango Band..The Tango Dancer..Berlin Nights dedicated to Gabriel and Laura Henning's birthdays
Bratch..Brunosaure..Rein Dans Les Poches
Alexandro Schillaci..Life..Flussi
Hamon-Martin Quartet..La Nousille (Ronde De St Vincent dance)..Les Metamorphoses
Wig A Wag..Liviou Lou..Sarah Ha Safar
Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate..Sabu Yerkoy..Ali & Toumani
Staff Benda Bilili..Tonkara..Tres Tres Fort
Burham Ocal & The Trakya Allstars featuring Smadj..Ferace..A Night In Istanbul
Kirpi..My Name Is Kirpi..A Night In Istanbul 
The Dillards..Doug's Tune..Black Porch Bluegrass

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Easter Saturday playlist

What I played on The Respect Show this morning was not too far removed from the range of music that we play on rootsandshoots. So I thought I'd give you the playlist. Martin Hodge
Here 't is...

Penguin Cafe Orchestra..Music By Numbers..Broadcasting From Home
Daby Toure & Skip McDonald..Past Time
Zubop..Zoza..Massive Respect
Ennio Morricone..On Earth as It Is In Heaven..The Mission
Alexandro Schillaci..InsaNe..Flussi
Staff Benda Bilili..Mwana..Tres Tres Fort
Ritchie Valens..La Bamba..Goin' Back In Time Vol 4
Karl Denver..Wimoweh..The Best Of Karl Denver
Cantonese Opera..The Moon / Two Green Lotus Bitterly Imprisoned..Sprigs Of Time
Mamer..Mountain Wind (Hector Zazou Mix)..Eagle
Taraf de Haidouks..Doru Meu E Numai Dor (Sorrow, Only Sorrow..Band Of Gypsies
La Bottine Souriante..Reel De La Sauvagine..La Mistrine
Martin Cartihy..Eggs In Her Basket..Right Of Passage
Seth Lakeman..White Hare..Freedom Fields
June Tabor..A Place Called England..Always
Spin 2..Yo To Be (Somewhere In England)..Happy In The World
The Boys From Melbourne Street..A Dance For Giraffes..Carpe Diem
The Roots Union..The Straight And Narrow..promo
Jean Binta Breeze..A Song To Heal..Life Lines 2: Poets For Oxfam
Black Umfolosi..Helele Mama Afrika..Freedom From Debt Vol 2
Benjamin Zephaniah..Back To What?..Life Lines 2: Poets For Oxfam
Ray Charles with Betty Carter..Baby It's Cold Outside..Love Songs
Le Quintet De Budapest..Dinah..Unplugged
Boreale..Bleu D'Auvergne..Mousson
Spiro..The Darkling Plains..Lightbox
Boreale..Bleu D'Auvergne..Mousson