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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Easter Saturday playlist

What I played on The Respect Show this morning was not too far removed from the range of music that we play on rootsandshoots. So I thought I'd give you the playlist. Martin Hodge
Here 't is...

Penguin Cafe Orchestra..Music By Numbers..Broadcasting From Home
Daby Toure & Skip McDonald..Past Time
Zubop..Zoza..Massive Respect
Ennio Morricone..On Earth as It Is In Heaven..The Mission
Alexandro Schillaci..InsaNe..Flussi
Staff Benda Bilili..Mwana..Tres Tres Fort
Ritchie Valens..La Bamba..Goin' Back In Time Vol 4
Karl Denver..Wimoweh..The Best Of Karl Denver
Cantonese Opera..The Moon / Two Green Lotus Bitterly Imprisoned..Sprigs Of Time
Mamer..Mountain Wind (Hector Zazou Mix)..Eagle
Taraf de Haidouks..Doru Meu E Numai Dor (Sorrow, Only Sorrow..Band Of Gypsies
La Bottine Souriante..Reel De La Sauvagine..La Mistrine
Martin Cartihy..Eggs In Her Basket..Right Of Passage
Seth Lakeman..White Hare..Freedom Fields
June Tabor..A Place Called England..Always
Spin 2..Yo To Be (Somewhere In England)..Happy In The World
The Boys From Melbourne Street..A Dance For Giraffes..Carpe Diem
The Roots Union..The Straight And Narrow..promo
Jean Binta Breeze..A Song To Heal..Life Lines 2: Poets For Oxfam
Black Umfolosi..Helele Mama Afrika..Freedom From Debt Vol 2
Benjamin Zephaniah..Back To What?..Life Lines 2: Poets For Oxfam
Ray Charles with Betty Carter..Baby It's Cold Outside..Love Songs
Le Quintet De Budapest..Dinah..Unplugged
Boreale..Bleu D'Auvergne..Mousson
Spiro..The Darkling Plains..Lightbox
Boreale..Bleu D'Auvergne..Mousson


  1. mai ascoltato una musica così impressionante, 'Insane' di Alexandro Schillaci, degno di attenzione. Alexandro complimenti, andare avanti

  2. mai ascoltato un suono così imponente, FLUSSI da Alexandro Schillaci, degno di attention.compliments Alexandro, andare avanti

  3. Great Alexandro, keep going! I love your sound!!! You're perfetct for movies!!! The wothy heir of Morricone!