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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Yet more great live music with Mick Ryan & Paul Downes...

...next Monday 5 August on rootsandshoots

They will play for us in the studio and talk about their new CD.
Check it out here.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Nick & Becki in the studio

We heard a delightful live set from Nick Wyke and Becki Driscoll today: The Robber, Coronation Day and Birdette/Family Jig. From their CD Beneath The Black Tree we played Edward and George Watson's Hornpipe. The couple are busy doing the round of festivals now, starting with Sidmouth. Find out more on Nick and Becki's website. They are featured too on the new Angel Brothers album.
Several of the artists featured on the show are at Sidmouth Folk Week between 31 July and 7 August.

Other recordings played: Artist..Track..Album
Dalla..Three Knights/An Vug E'n Loor..More Salt
Edward II..La Russe..Zest
Peatbog Faeries..Lexy Macaskill..Mellowcity
Gadjologie..Clown Sous Bong..Gadjologie
Oi Va Voi..Know What You Are..Travelling The Face Of The Globe
Matt Norman..
Jim Moray..Nightvisiting..Jim Moray
Little Devils..Washing All The Blues Away From This Town..This Is How It Starts
Zig A Zag!..Madame Sosthene..Bayou Tapestry
Poisson Rouge..Tricots..demo
Rail Band..Armee Malienne..Soundiata
Ainote-San..Ping Pong Marimba..Live In Toyama
Martin Simpson..Pretty Crowing Chicken..Prodigal Son
Taksim Trio..Gitti De Gitti..Taksim Trio
Besh O Drom..Kamienes Ket..Once I Catch The Devil
Cock And Bull Band..Panique Couscous..Pumped Up & Loaded
Martin Simpson..Mother Love..Prodigal Son
Lost track of the order we played them in!!

Monday, 20 July 2009

A treat next week

On Mon 27 July we welcome Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll to the rootsandshoots studio to play for us. In the meantime listen to samples of their beautiful music here.

From Cajun to Griot music...

...with many other styles in-between. Here's what we played:

The Flatville Aces..High Point Two Step..Crawfish Trombones
Auvo Quartert..Boxism..Auvo Kwarteti
Peatbog Faeries..Lexy Macascill..Mellowcity
Sine..Wee Weaver..It's All About Time
Brenna MacCrimmon..Semsiyem Ucu Kare..Turkish Cafe
Mahmoud Fadl..Halawa Ya..Turkish Cafe
Victor Wooten..Miss U..Palmystery
Joscho Stephan..J'Attendrai..Acoustic Live
Fatima Spair & Freedom Fries..Candy Shop..Zirzop
Oi Va Voi..Stitches & Runs..Travelling The Face Of The Globe
Jim Moray..Dog + Gun..Jim Moray
Jackie Oates pictured..The Banks Of Green Willow..Jackie Oates
Helena Torpey & Steve Turner..Allar Ar A..Sideways Air
Baka Beyond..Cat's Cradle..Baka Beyond The Forest
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss..Killing The Blues..Raising Sand
La Bibournoise..La Grondeuse Opossum..Genticorum
The Incredible String Band..N'town..The Incredible String Band
Nigel Kennedy & Kroke..Jovane Jovanke..East Meets West
Mimmo Epifani..Lu Sittaru..Zuccini Flowers
Rumberos De Cuba..Yambu Con Melodia..Massive Respect
Abdoulaye 'Djoss' Diabate..Lasine..Sara

Monday, 13 July 2009

Anglo-Japanese-Russian studio Respect

Tremendous fun and creativity in the Phonic FM studio tonight! Many, many thanks to Ainote-San - the trio from Whaletone Opera - plus Dmitri Babichev who entertained us all. I was secretly hoping that they would all jam together and, after their individual sets, that's just what they did - superbly. I hope these pictures give some flavour of what went on in the studio. 
See Ainote-San at Ryan's Bar, Abbey Road, Torquay tomorrow (Tues) and at Barbican, Plymouth Friday.
Martin Hodge

Recordings played

Sharon Shannon..Leaving Brittany..Each Little Thing
Winaj'h..Coffee Drop..Winaj'h
Auvo Quartet..Auvo..Avo Kvartetti
Akim El Sikameya..A Chaque Instant, Oran..North African Cafe
Abyssian Infinate..Lebaye..Zion Roots Oh Oh
Oi Va Voi..Waiting..Travelling The Face Of The Globe
Terem Quartet..Sinf
onia Lubova..Terem
Besh O Drom..Gye
re Ki Te Gyongvirag..Once I Catch the Devil
Gris Sanderson & Harpaphonics Ensemble..Alpha..Massive Respect
Panacea..Maijah/The Serpent..demo
Jan Miyake..Easturn (feat. Dahfer Youssef & Cosmic Voice Of Bulgaria)/The Here & After (feat. Lisa Papineau)..Stolen From Strangers
Jim Moray..Lord Willoughby..Jim Moray
ZigaZag! Cajun Band..Evangeline's Playboys' Special..Bayou Tapestry

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Stop Press! Special Show this Monday!!

On rootsandshoots this Monday 13 July (even though in Russia, Monday 13th is unlucky!) we are expecting 2 guests to perform for us...
Dmitri Babichev, a superb Russian singer, guitarist
plus members of
Whaletone Opera: expect the unexpected. Possibly music from paper bags, balloons, even recognisable instruments and anything that's around in the studio (help!!) Voices too - like you've never heard before...

...unless you were at the excellent Respect In The Park yesterday where we meet them in the Acoustic marquee. What a great time we all had at Respect. Well done Paul Giblin and the Respect team.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Martin then Martin

On Monday, in the first half Martin Henning played: Artist..Track..Album
Wig A Wag..Miltamm..Sarah Ha Safar
Guichen Brothers..Liors Ar Leur..Freres
Barzaz..Dans Plinn..Ec'honder
Peat Bog Faeries..Macedoneon Woman..Mellowosity
Cauld Blast Orchestra..The Black Rock..Durga's Feast
Gotan Project..Gotan Project..Lunatica
Amestoy Trio..Fantomas..Sport & Couture
Oi Va Voi..Travelling The Globe..Travelling The Globe
Les Vagabonds De Gibolescu..Sliba..Tsiganes A Et Konus
Fatima Spar And The Freedom Fries..Sarabande..Trust
Municipale Balcanica..Gypsy Train..Road To Damascus
Bruhan Ocal & The Trakya All Stars Feat Smadj..Supheli Ask..Turkish Cafe
In the 2nd half Martin Hodge played: Artist..Track..Album
June Tabor..A Proper Sort Of Gardener..fRoots9
Warsaw Village Band..To You Kasunia..fRoots 21
Toni Iordache..Ca La Breaza..Princes Amongst Men
Eleftheria Arvanitaki..Ta Kormia Ke Ta Maheria..fRoots 10
Re Niliu..La Citta Del Sole..Routes

Taksim Trio..Bicare..Taksim Trio
Astrid Hadad..La Tequilera..fRoots 7
Jun Miyake..Easturn..Stolen From Strangers
Toumani Diabate..Kandjoura..Jarabi
Jim Moray pictured Fair And Tender Lovers..Jim Moray
Little Devils..The River..This Is How It Starts
Jackie Oates..Lavender's Blue..Jackie Oates
Nitin Sawney featuring Ojos De Brujo..Shadowland..London Undersound

Friday, 3 July 2009

Exeter events coming up

Saturday 11 July 12.00 - 18.00
rootsandshoots presenters will be playing discs between acts on the Acoustic Stage at Respect In The Park at Belmont Park, Exeter. A day of events celebrating diversity in our community. Live acts include Zubopgambia pictured, Harpaphonics, Roots Union, FOS Brothers, Whaletone Opera and lots more. And it's all FREE! Details here.

Thursday 23rd July 19.30 - 22.30
Ceilidh with excellent lively local band Sheer Hopody.
andshoots own Martin Hodge will be leading the dances. It's at St James' Church Hall, Mt Pleasant Rd., Exeter. Only £5 at the door. More info here.