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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Martin then Martin

On Monday, in the first half Martin Henning played: Artist..Track..Album
Wig A Wag..Miltamm..Sarah Ha Safar
Guichen Brothers..Liors Ar Leur..Freres
Barzaz..Dans Plinn..Ec'honder
Peat Bog Faeries..Macedoneon Woman..Mellowosity
Cauld Blast Orchestra..The Black Rock..Durga's Feast
Gotan Project..Gotan Project..Lunatica
Amestoy Trio..Fantomas..Sport & Couture
Oi Va Voi..Travelling The Globe..Travelling The Globe
Les Vagabonds De Gibolescu..Sliba..Tsiganes A Et Konus
Fatima Spar And The Freedom Fries..Sarabande..Trust
Municipale Balcanica..Gypsy Train..Road To Damascus
Bruhan Ocal & The Trakya All Stars Feat Smadj..Supheli Ask..Turkish Cafe
In the 2nd half Martin Hodge played: Artist..Track..Album
June Tabor..A Proper Sort Of Gardener..fRoots9
Warsaw Village Band..To You Kasunia..fRoots 21
Toni Iordache..Ca La Breaza..Princes Amongst Men
Eleftheria Arvanitaki..Ta Kormia Ke Ta Maheria..fRoots 10
Re Niliu..La Citta Del Sole..Routes

Taksim Trio..Bicare..Taksim Trio
Astrid Hadad..La Tequilera..fRoots 7
Jun Miyake..Easturn..Stolen From Strangers
Toumani Diabate..Kandjoura..Jarabi
Jim Moray pictured Fair And Tender Lovers..Jim Moray
Little Devils..The River..This Is How It Starts
Jackie Oates..Lavender's Blue..Jackie Oates
Nitin Sawney featuring Ojos De Brujo..Shadowland..London Undersound

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