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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The lone DJ

It's a bit odd sitting in a studio on your own with headphones on, playing music and talking to yourself. You just hope that you are talking to...someone. Listeners tend to listen and not phone, text or email in - but it's reassuring when they do. Nobody did this time. Still, I very soon began to enjoy my short-term solitary confinement -though it was nice when Aaron and a photographer looked in - even though they didn't want another photo of me! Anyway, assuming that some of you were listening, you may want a list of what I played... Martin Hodge

PS. The show should have started with our theme tune by Spinach For Norman - but didn't. You can hear and dance to the band at the Ceilidh For Amnesty International at St James' Church Hall on Saturday 8th November. I'll be calling dances.


Césaria Ēvora..Desilusao Dum Amdjer..Café Atlantico
Aniceto Molina..Camaron Pelao..Lo Mejore Del Tigre Sabanero
La Sondora Dynamita..Oye..Exitos Explosivos
Vieux Farka Touré..Ana.. Vieux Farka Touré
Various Artists..Mendekalou – The Art And Soul Of The Mande Griots..Kemé Bourame
Johnny Clegg & Juluka..Impi..The Best Of Juluka/Savuka
Modeste Hugues Randriamahitasoa..Celestina..Merdeka
Reviyat A Markidim Ensemble..Zemer Atik.. World Of Music: Israel
Paul Brady..The World Is What You Make It..Spirits Colliding
Kris Drever..Braw Sailin’ On The Sea..Black Water
Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight..A Bed Of Roses..Memories
La Ciapa Rusa..Vioire/Ad Oriente..Aji & Safrán
Alan Stivell..Demain Matin Chez O’Carolan..Au-Delá des Mots
Bernard Loffet..Droneless/Les Marjolaines..Moteur!
Helena Torpey & Steve Turner..The Welch Hornpipe..Sideways Air
Eliza Carthy..Hug You Like A Mountain..Dreams Of Breathing Underwater Eliza is at Exeter Phoenix on Sunday 9 November
Rory McLeod..A Foreigner Forever..Lullabies For Big Babies
Rory McLeod is at Exeter Corn Exchange on Wed 12 November. Read the preview I've written for Phonic FM by clicking on the picture

Lonnie Donegan..Bury My Body..The Early Years Album
Robert Johnson..Me And The Devil Blues..The Last Of The Great Blues Singers
The Black House..Home..Postcard From An Abandoned Hotel
Nitin Sawney..Sunset..Prophesy
Chris Wood..Come Down Jehovah..Trespasser

Edward II..The Wild Mountain Thyme..fRoots 8

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Martin & Martin and guests

It's always nice when people pop into the studio to see and hear what goes in, as Geoff and Andrew did this Monday. If you'd like to come and see us in action (whether you want to contribute to the show or not), let us know. You'll be very welcome.

In the first hour, Martin Henning played... Artist..Track..Album
Yo Yo Ma..Allegro..Spirit Of The Tango
Gadjologie..La Scoumoune.Gadjologie
Pedro Brown..Ancient Tribes..A Long Journey
Oi Va Voi..Ladino Song..Laughter Through Tears
So Long Angel..Ecstasy..Falling
Rumbajax..Scavengers..Live in the USA
Hoover The Dog..Contorted..Between
La Bottine Souriante..Hommage A Edmond Paitze
Arvest..Tan Ar Brezel..Arvest
Dalla..Descent..Rooz (pictured here) Dalla are playing for Cornish dancing at Sandford Village Hall on Fri 12 Dec

In the 2nd hour, Martin Hodge played.. Artist..Track..Album
Kitty Jay..Seth Lakeman..Kitty Jay
Martyn Joseph..Danny..Full Colour Black & White
Affinitėe..Couer Vagabond..A La Fête
Spinach for Norman..Ode To Maurice Ogg..Ready To Start Again Spinach for Norman are playing for a Ceilidh For Amnesty International at St James' Hall, Exeter on Sat 8 Nov
Paul Wilson, Marilyn Tucker & Friends..Drunken Maidens..Dead Maid's Land
Rory McLeod..Huge Sky..Kicking The Sawdust Rory is at Exeter Corn Exchange on Wed 12 November
Fairport Convention..Si Tu Dois Partir..
Martin Carthy..The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll..Signs Of Life
Bob Dylan..Workingman's Blues #2..Modern Times
Goliards live at Sidmouth Folk Week
Ojos De Brujo..Tanguilla De Maria..Barī
Taksim Trio..Muhayyer Kűrdi Saz Semaisi
Khaled..Yema Yema..Ya-Rayi

Next Monday's show is presented by Rich Cooke and Martin Hodge (left)

Friday, 17 October 2008

This Monday's show...

...will be presented, for the first hour, by Martin Henning pictured left and, for the final hour, by Martin Hodge pictured right. We'll feature, amongst other delights, artists appearing locally, including singer-songwriter and all-round performer extraordinaire Rory McLeod and highly accomplished accordian player Basil Bunelik. Be sure to lend an ear...

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

What fun we had

Well, we enjoyed ourselves on the show yesterday with the 3 of us sharing some of our favourite music with you, including tracks from recordings given or sent to us. Keep sending!

So, what did we play? Here's the list
Charlie Christian.. Breakfast Feud..Genius of the Electric Guitar
B.B.King..It’s My Own Fault..Live at The Regal
Electric Flag.. Killing Floor..Long Time Coming

City..Am Fenster..City
Nigel Kennedy & The Kroke Band..East Meets West
The Black House..1989..Postcard From An Abandoned Hotel
Cheo Feliciano..Yo No Soy Un Angel..Universo Tropical
Oscar D'Leon..La Mazucamba..Infinito
Hector Lavoe..Periodico De Ayer..Maestro

Henry Cow..With The Yellow Half Moon And Blue Star..Legend
Sandy Lopicic..Last One..Border Confusion
Howie B Remix..Four Sections..Reich Remixed

Baka Beyond..Rhythm Tree..Rhythm Tree
Baka Beyond (pictured here) are at Exeter Phoenix this Friday
Taksim Trio..Bicare..fRoots 31
Taraf De Haidouks..Pelin Bau, Pelin Manine..Band Of Gypsies
Asiz..Edno Mi..The Best 2
Haris Alexiou..Piches Ke Somata..Mediterranean Cafe Songs

Kris Drever..Harvest Gypsies..Black Water
Juan Luis Guerra..El Farolito..Fogarate
Klezmer Plus..Tish Nigun..Klezmagic

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Yesterday and tomorrow...

...or actually the other way round!

Tomorrow on rootsandshoots: all 3 of us! Don't miss it!!

And now to yesterday! I wrote the following item for the Phonic FM website but I think it's relevant to print it here too as 2 of us from rootsandshoots were involved in the Phonic FM leaflet drop yesterday... Martin Hodge

PHONIC FM: Spreading the word through the letterbox
Saturday 11th October: 11 am (ish). Early in the day for some; well into the day for others. Pete Bishop's Phonic FM leafletting crew gather outside the Victoria Inn in Union Road. "Good turnout" says Pete (Deep Sea Ball) to Ellie (Radio Mundo), Terry (Collision), Rich and Martin (Roots & Shoots) and David (The Edge Of Jazz). The pub is closed (maybe just as well as we might not have got anything done, apart from talking, which we all do well). Pete's super-duper new leaflet is handed out:

PHONIC FM - Exeter's Sound Alternative - No Playlists, No Adverts and in smaller print ("rightly so", say some): Your community radio station.
106.8FM in the Exeter area

Our patch is sorted. Terry asks if he can be a bit cheeky and add his own Collision leaflet to our pile - and to his delight all declare it a good thing. Off we go to stick the papers in through a variety of easy-to-use as well as easy-to-get-your hand-stuck in letter boxes, occasionally meeting real occupants who are delighted to get the news of Phonic FM, the perfect antidote for complaints about high rotation playlists (Radio World Magazine, quoted on the handout).

At 2pm we get together for lunch and drinks at Exeter Phoenix (Thanks to Patrick for proving there is such a thing as a free lunch) and we reminisce over the wonderful morning's leafletting. It's going to happen again next month in another part of Exeter. Do come and join us to spread the word about a genuinely refreshing, genuine alternative from which the best is yet to come (Radio World again, not us blowing our own trumpets - though we all agree they're right).

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Eclectica with Martins 2

The usual wonderfully eclectic mix today including the first of our recordings made at Sidmouth Folk Week (the great local band Goliards) and half an hour of fine guitar music from Django Reinhardt's jazz to Mick Holditch's ragtime.

So, this is what we played... Track..Artist..Album

Aniceto Molina..Cumbia Sampuesana..Lo Mejore Del Sabanero
Henry Fiol..El Juguito..The Virgin Directory Of World Music
Michelle Shocked..The L&N Don’t Stop Here Anymore..Cooking Vinyl Sample 1994
Spin2..Bryan O’Lynn/Connachtman’s Spin2 pictured right

Ramble/Paddy O’Clancy’s..Here Inside
Boban Marković..Zajdi Zaydi..Live In Belgrade
Kries..Grlicica..fRoots 31
Jon Hassell..Tribal Secret..Earthquake Island

Oi Va Voi..Gypsy..Laughter Through Tears
Tango Band..Listen to Your Heart..Wind In The City
Orchestra Badbab..Collette..Made In Dakar
Le Gop..Bliz - La Course Des Nuages
Goliards live from Sidmouth Folk Week Aug 2008
Kate Rusby with Roddy Woomble..No Names..Folk Awards 2006
Shirley Collins..Seven Yellow Gipsies..The Power Of The True Love Knot
Fairport Convention featuring Sandy Denny..Who Knows Where The Time Goes..Unhalfbricking
Yasmin Levy..Locura (Madness)..Awards For World Music 07
Big Sky..Las Temporadas..Beginner’s Guide To World Music

Carre Manchot..Ridees A La 6 Temps..December
Mick Holditch..The Dallas Rag..Horizons
Django Reinhardt..Djangology..Djangology
Gadjologie..Debilius Profondicum Blues..Gadjologie
Lulo Reinhardt..Planensa..Project No.1`
Secret Oyster..Oyster Uncle..Live In The USA
Jan Hammer & Jeff Beck Group..Scatterbrain..Long Time Coming

We're hoping for Henning, Hodge and Cooke together next week!

Monday, 6 October 2008

2 playlists

Sorry we're late with this but here are the latest playlists:

Monday 22 Sept with Martin Henning: Artist..Track..Album
Secret Oyster..Srenerne..Live In The USA
Rabin Abou-Khalil..Dog River..Rabin Abou-Khalil
Cheb Mami..Hada Ch’hal..Meli Meli
Kroke..Rumenisher Tants..Klezmer Acoustic Music
Sandy Lopicic Orchestra..Rampiri..Balkea
Arzan..Manolita La Lionatta..Arzan
EST..Tide Of Trepidation..EST
Return To Forever..No Mystery..No Mystery
Yo Yo Ma..Hora Cere ..Soul Of The Tango
Stephane Delicq..Loubov..La Discrete
Dedale..Zaz Plinn..Face Cachee
Misericordia..Me Lykyth Ever The Lenger..Passion, Pestillence & Polyphony
Scopt..Constantine..A Certain Shade Of Folk
Spyka..Late Nights In A Foreign Land..Spyka pictured right
Gadjologie..A Bout Portant..Gadjologie
Tango Band..Monahan Jig..Wind In The City
Suuf..Alla Yo..Debbo Hande
Alain Genty..Surjavati..Le Grande Enchrier
Tal Wilkenfeld..Serendipity..Transformation
National Health..Bryden 2 Step Pt2..Of Queues & Cures
D'Notes Phased+Konfused Mix..Piano Phase..Reich: Remixed

Monday 29 September with Martin Henning & Rich Cooke. Martin played Artist..Track..Album
Rabih Abou-Khalil..Georgina..Arabian Waltz
Mahmoud Ahmed..Atawurulagn Lela..The Very Best Of Ethiopiques
Nahawa Doumbia..Sogodounou..Diby
Orchestra Badbab..Pape Ndiaye..Made In Dakar
The School Of Trobar..Bele Aelis..Love Songs & Trance Rhythms
pictured here
Marizo..Oxalia..Fad Em Mim
Dalla..Tane An Gove..2 Voix + 2 Guitars
Mamon Martin Quintet..Les Palatuviers..Les Metamorphes
Fred Combo..Arthur's Born..Obsession
Gadjologie..Lna Is dead..Gadjologie

Rich played Artist..Track..Album
Habib Koite..Nta Dima..Afriki
Piatnica..Soldat..Russian Reggae
Denise Marie..Spirit Hostage..Blue Tutu
Compay Segundo/Charles Aznavour..Morir De Amor..Duets
Eddie Palmieri/Cal Tjader..Samba Do Sueno..Bamboleate
NG La Banda..Samba De Amalphi..Oye Siii
Erhu..Creek Flowing..Hifi World Of Chinese Music
Amadou & Mariam..M'Bife/M'Bife Balafon..Dimanche A Bamako
Asiz..Sabravime..Best 2
Gil Scott Heron..Gun..Reflections
James Taylor..Limousine Driver..That's Why I'm Here
Radio Tarifa..Bujo Gushi..Cruzando El RioClave Y Guaguanco..Tonada Guaguanco Para Celina..Noche De La Rumba
Cachao..Al Fin Te Vi..Master Sessions Vol 1
Manolito Y Su Trabuco..Guines Que Le Pasa a Tata..Control