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Monday, 6 October 2008

2 playlists

Sorry we're late with this but here are the latest playlists:

Monday 22 Sept with Martin Henning: Artist..Track..Album
Secret Oyster..Srenerne..Live In The USA
Rabin Abou-Khalil..Dog River..Rabin Abou-Khalil
Cheb Mami..Hada Ch’hal..Meli Meli
Kroke..Rumenisher Tants..Klezmer Acoustic Music
Sandy Lopicic Orchestra..Rampiri..Balkea
Arzan..Manolita La Lionatta..Arzan
EST..Tide Of Trepidation..EST
Return To Forever..No Mystery..No Mystery
Yo Yo Ma..Hora Cere ..Soul Of The Tango
Stephane Delicq..Loubov..La Discrete
Dedale..Zaz Plinn..Face Cachee
Misericordia..Me Lykyth Ever The Lenger..Passion, Pestillence & Polyphony
Scopt..Constantine..A Certain Shade Of Folk
Spyka..Late Nights In A Foreign Land..Spyka pictured right
Gadjologie..A Bout Portant..Gadjologie
Tango Band..Monahan Jig..Wind In The City
Suuf..Alla Yo..Debbo Hande
Alain Genty..Surjavati..Le Grande Enchrier
Tal Wilkenfeld..Serendipity..Transformation
National Health..Bryden 2 Step Pt2..Of Queues & Cures
D'Notes Phased+Konfused Mix..Piano Phase..Reich: Remixed

Monday 29 September with Martin Henning & Rich Cooke. Martin played Artist..Track..Album
Rabih Abou-Khalil..Georgina..Arabian Waltz
Mahmoud Ahmed..Atawurulagn Lela..The Very Best Of Ethiopiques
Nahawa Doumbia..Sogodounou..Diby
Orchestra Badbab..Pape Ndiaye..Made In Dakar
The School Of Trobar..Bele Aelis..Love Songs & Trance Rhythms
pictured here
Marizo..Oxalia..Fad Em Mim
Dalla..Tane An Gove..2 Voix + 2 Guitars
Mamon Martin Quintet..Les Palatuviers..Les Metamorphes
Fred Combo..Arthur's Born..Obsession
Gadjologie..Lna Is dead..Gadjologie

Rich played Artist..Track..Album
Habib Koite..Nta Dima..Afriki
Piatnica..Soldat..Russian Reggae
Denise Marie..Spirit Hostage..Blue Tutu
Compay Segundo/Charles Aznavour..Morir De Amor..Duets
Eddie Palmieri/Cal Tjader..Samba Do Sueno..Bamboleate
NG La Banda..Samba De Amalphi..Oye Siii
Erhu..Creek Flowing..Hifi World Of Chinese Music
Amadou & Mariam..M'Bife/M'Bife Balafon..Dimanche A Bamako
Asiz..Sabravime..Best 2
Gil Scott Heron..Gun..Reflections
James Taylor..Limousine Driver..That's Why I'm Here
Radio Tarifa..Bujo Gushi..Cruzando El RioClave Y Guaguanco..Tonada Guaguanco Para Celina..Noche De La Rumba
Cachao..Al Fin Te Vi..Master Sessions Vol 1
Manolito Y Su Trabuco..Guines Que Le Pasa a Tata..Control

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