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Monday, 30 March 2009

Roots and Shoots goes maritime

There are lots of tunes and songs about the sea and we played some of them amongst our selection on rootsandshoots today. Here goes with the list.

Moving Hearts..The Titanic..The Storm
Mick Holditch..The South Wind..Horizons
Les Braynauds..Bourrees De Falgoux..Jusqua Au Petit Matin
Pell Ha Kitchen..Deus Karnag/Ar C'Hilliog/Buhez Fall..Bleizi Ruz
Dancing With Abandon..Bactrian..Dul Zaina
Ti Jazz..Reves Sauvages..Ideal Jazz
Jungle Tango..Libertango..Jazz Mandolin Project

Gigi..Gud Fella..Gigi
Victor Wooten..Song For My Father..Palmystery
Michalis Terzis..I Trata (The Trawl)..Roots Of Greek Music Vol 9: Music Of the Islands
Pyba..John Dory..Ilow Koth A Gernow (The Ancient Music Of Cornwall)
Eliza Carthy..Rolling Sea..Rogue's Gallery
Martin Carthy & Family..Hog Eye Man..Rogue's Gallery
Jolie Holland..The Grey Funnel Line..Rogue's Gallery
Lou Reed with Antony..Leave Her Johnny..Rogue's Gallery
Atlantic Crossing..Far Away In Australia
Seth Lakeman..Solomon Browne..Feather In The Storm
The School Of Trobar..See My Brother's A Sailor Too Tobias & Phillip featured on this track are now members of The Roots Union - pictured here - who are at The Fire House, Exeter this Friday.
Virginia Rodrigues..Canto Pra Exu
Sierra Maestra..Dundunbanza
Menelik Wèsnatchèw..Tezeta..The Very Best Of The Ethiopiques
LAU..Results..Lightweights & Gentlemen

Sunday, 29 March 2009


In our playlists you will frequently find albums listed as fRoots followed by a number. These are albums given with fRoots (formerly Folk Roots) available monthly and containing some interesting folk/world music articles, reviews etc. The April 2009 edition has our good friend and Whimple lad Jim Causley on the cover along with his mates and fellow musicians in the "ethno folk boy band"(!) Mawkin:Causley. Check it out here.

Monday, 23 March 2009

From England to Turkmenistan, Zaire, the States and back

We take you travelling on rootsandshoots and trust you enjoy the journey and arrive safely back home. It is difficult at times telling where you are, of course. For instance, Adje Jano which we played today features Polish band Kroke playing a Macedonian dance tune/song along with England's Nigel Kennedy and singer Natasha Atlas from Belgium whose ancestry, according to Wikepedia, is disputed:
"It is known that she has a British mother that converted to Islam but the origins of her father remain unclear. Some sources quote her as claiming he has Moroccan, Egyptian and Palestinian ancestry."
Let's not delve any further!

The itinerary follows. Artist..Track..Album
Martin Carthy..All In Green..Right Of Passage
Chris Wood..Come Down Jehovah..Trespasser
Spiro..Prussia Cove..Pole Star
Kirsty McGee..The Profit Song..The Kansas Sessions
Tony Iliev..Ma Maren Ma..fRoots 21
EST..Tuesday Wonderland..Tuesday Wonderland
Griselle Sanderson pictured left with Louis & Sam of Harpaphonics..Erdély Reels..Harpaphonics
Bonga..Tancinha..Maiorais Bendeniz..Kirmizi Biber..Turkish Groove
Fanfare Ciocărlia..Que Dolor..Queens And Kings
Nigun..Shnirele – Perele..Klez Jazz
Nigel Kennedy & Kroke with Natasha Atlas..Ajde Jano
Bob Brozman & Ledward Kaapana..Kolopa..fRoots 10
Os Onginais Do Samba..Tenna Fé Pois Amanha..Brasil Mix
Eddie Palmieri..Melao Para El Sapo..Illicit Latin
Charanga Habanera..Fe Baby Loreus
Bollywood Brass Band..Gur Nalon Ishk Mitha..fRoots 13
Ashkabad..From The Station To the Mill..Rough Guide To The Music Of Central Asia
Mose Fan Fan..Malimba..fRoots 13
Cheb Mami..Viens Habibi..Dellali
Denise Marie..The Same Train..Message From Aphrodite
The Albion Band..Lay Me Low..Rise Up Like The Sun
Teddy Thompson..Sally Brown..Rogue’s Gallery
Richard Thompson..Beeswing..Mirror Blue

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Celebrating St Patrick's Day

We celebrated St Patrick's Day with a wide range of Irish music - Irish tunes and songs from our talented guests Nick Scott (uillean pipes) and Andy Clarke (guitar) plus Irish music performed by many others in and outside the Emerald Isle.

Here's the list... Artist..Track..Album
Luka Bloom..You Couldn’t Have Come At A Better Time..Bringing It All Back Home
Sherburn, Bartley & Scott..The Old Bush..Live At The Wharf
Gigi..Tew Ante Sew..World 2002
Komwa Komwa String Band..Waupu Odabala..fRoots 11
Mick Maloney, Jimmy Keane & Robbie O’Connell..Kilkelly.. Bringing It All Back Home
The Everly Brothers..Don’t Let Our Love Die.. Bringing It All Back Home
Baden Powell..Consolacao..A Bênção
Alan Stivell..Mnà Na H’Eireann (Women Of Ireland)..Brian Boru
Brendan Power & Cormac Breatnach..The Bucks Of Oranmore..Blow In
Paul Simon..Rhythm Of The Saints..Rhythm Of The Saints
Aziz..Edno Mi..The Best 2
Nick Scott & Andy Clarke pictured left...McGuinn's/Slow Air: Connery's/Broom of Cowden Knowles...from forthcoming album: we'll let you know when it's available!
Last Night's Fun..Tom Joad..Live From The Mac
Joscho Stephan..Mainstream Breakdown..Acoustic Live
Hoover The Dog..The Cup Of Tea..Scratch n Sniff
Moving Hearts..Finore..The Storm
Lonnie Donegan..Diggin' My Potatoes..The Early Years
Daughters Of Elvin..A Chanter..Goldrbok Radio Tarifa..Ramo Verde..Cruzando El Rio
NG La Banda..Samba Amalfi..Oye Sui
Sharon Shannon with Kirsty McColl..Libertango..Each Little Thing

The Donegan track followed our new feature: the Roots and Shoots Happy Gardening Tips - which we'll probably continue monthly. Chris Wood & Andy Cutting's Country Gardens played in the background. In case you missed them...!!!..
  • Snowdrops which haven`t flowered very well are probably overcrowded - just divide into smaller clumps for a good display next year.
  • Finish pruning fruit trees this month - before the buds swell.
  • It’s a good time to feed your roses.
  • Take a little time to prepare your vegetable garden soil for planting.
  • The addition of well-rotted manure or compost will do wonders for the soil.
  • Peas and sweet peas may be planted this month as well as strawberries, currants and brassicas. Time to start tomatoes, lettuce and many other vegetables from seed too.
  • And from mid-March you can plant out your chitted potatoes.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Nick & Andy for a St Patrick's Special


Next Monday on rootsandshoots we welcome 2 great local musicians, uillean piper Nick Scott and guitarist Andy Clarke to the studio. They'll talk about their music and their latest projects.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Salsa Rico!

Advance notice to join rootsandshoots presenter & DJ Rich and his many fellow Latin music and dance fans for a sizzling night of Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Cha Cha!
Saturday 21 March: St Matthew's Hall, Clifton Road, Exeter (opp car pk near Clifton Inn)
Body movement warm up and shines @ 20.00 with the amazing Ling followed by Rueda with Anil
Dance 20.00 - 24.00. Bring your own bottle.
All for £5

Every Style Imaginable

That was Rich's comment on what we played yesterday. Hope you enjoyed the mix!

Mr Scruff..Stockport Carnival..Ninja Tuna
Pedro Brown..On The Horizon..Out Of The Storm
Renaud Garcia-Fons..Sereban..Entro Mundo
Daughters Of Elvin..Su La Rivera..Goldrbok
Eel Grinders..The Microwave..Voyage
Jackie Oates..The Bonny Labouring Boy..The Violet Hour
Jim Causley..Rolling Of The Stones..Lost Love Found
La Bibournoise..Pinson Et Cendrouille..Genticorum
Arling & Cameron..Shiva's Daughters..World Lounge
Los Van Van..Por Que No Te Enamoras..Chapeaude
Khadja Nin..Sina Mali, Sina Deni..Women Of Africa
Pape & Cheikh..Soni..Marianna
Gianmaria Testa..Un Aeroplano A Vela..Mediterranean Café Songs
Wig A Wag..Livio Lou..Sarah Ha Sofar
Alain Genty..Ma Var..Le Grand Erchrier
Tal Witherfeld..Table For One..Transformation
Henry Cow..Teen Heat..Leg End
Ayrilik Günü..Göksel..Turkish Groove
..Teraj Kume..Oj Javore
Andy Montanez & Herman Olivera..Fruto Que Da..El Godfather De Salsa

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


With International Women’s Day coming up on Sunday, we featured music by women on rootsandshoots this week. Find out what’s going on for IWD internationally here and locally here.
Our playlist: Artist..Track..Album
Sweet Honey In The Rock..Women Should Be A Priority..In This Land
The Naturals..Anne The Strong..The Firefly Sessions

Jackie Oates..My Ship’s Lost Its Rigging..The Violet Hour

Rosa Rebecka..Shema..Untold
Vujiciscs feat. M
árta Sebestyén, Katalin Gyenis & Marica Greges..Serb & Croat Folk Music
Georgiev Sisters..Dvrorovi Moi Shiroki..The Magic Of The Rhodopa Mountains

Silly Sisters: Maddy Prior & June Tabor..The Barring Of The Door..No More To The Dance
Shirley & Dolly Collins..Sort Jacket & White Trousers..Love, Death & The Lady
Norma Waterson..St Swithin’s Day..Norma Waterson
Kate & Anna McGarrigle..I Cried For Us..Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Rita & Sara Keane..A Stor Mo Chroi..Bringing It All Back Home
Esparanzer Spalding & Stanley Clarke..All Over Again..Toys Of Men
Fran McGillivrai & So Long Angel..Hard Working Woman..Falling
Tal Wilkenfeld..Oatmeal Bandage..Transformation
Oi Va Voi..Dror Yikra..Laughter Through Tears
Nahawa Doumbia ..Sakini..Diby
Cesaria Evora..Bia Lulucha..Gabo: Verde Terra Estrada
Daughters Of Elvin..Goldrbok..Goldrbok
Dalla..3 Sisters / Wheag Ha Teag..More Salt
Jo Stafford & Red Ingle's Natural 7..Tim Tayshun..Tim Tayshun
Gotan Project..Celos..Lunatico
Sandy Popicic Orkestrar..Da Zna Zora..Border Confusion