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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Martin and Martin played...

Ernest Ranglin..D'Accord Dahar..In Search Of The Lost Riddim
Tinariwen..Amassakoul 'N' Tenere..Amassakoul
No Tshuna Tsha..Ba-jaloux..Mambo Sinuendo
Maria Jonsson & Olaf Misgeld..Polska..The Nyckelharpa
Spinach For Norman..Lustig Zein..Spinach For Norman
Gadjaologie..Clon Sous Bong..Gadjaologie
Yo Yo Ma..Tango Suite - Andante..Spirit Of The Tango
Secret Oyster..Ribber Star..Live In The USA
Tango Band..People Are Strange..Sweet Knedlik
Kean Luc Ponty..Idiot Bastard Son..King Kong
Dalla..Awel Vase..More Salt
Poisson Rouge..Five Time Waltz..Made In Dawlish not commercially available
Karine Polwart..Sorry..This Earthly Spell
Sherburn, Bartley & Scott (Last Night's Fun)..The Collier Reel..Live At The Wharf
Spinach For Norman..Tralee Jail..Ready To Start Again
Martin Simpson..Never Any Good
Omara Portuanda..Alma De Roca..Flor De Amor
Bossacucanova..Bonita..Uma Batida Diferente
Ojos De Brujo..Sultanas De Merkaillo..Awards For World Music 2007
Fat Freddy's Drop..This Room..Awards For World Music 2007
Richard Bona..Invocation (A Prophecy)..Reverence
Tarika..Tsy Kivy..Son Egal
The Pleb..One For Senegal..African Groove
Hardstone..Uhiki..African Groove
Chris Wood & Andy Cutting..Mrs Casey..Knock John

Appearing at Sidmouth Folk Week:
Goliards: Mon 4 Aug 7.30pm: East Meets West (EuroDance): All Saints Hall, All Saints Rd*
Goliards are pictured here
Spinach For Norman: Thu 7 Aug 3pm: Jewish Dance Workshop 4pm EuroDance: St Francis Hall, Woolbrook*
Poisson Rouge & Dalla: Sun 3 Aug 7.30pm: Blackmore Gdns Marquee: Celtic Bal/Dance
Poisson Rouge (with Chabotee not pictured): Tue 5 Aug 6.30pm Dance Workshop 7.30pm Bal: All Saints Hall**

*Hosted by rootsandshootslive!
*Hosted by rootsandshootslive! and d'Accord

Monday, 21 July 2008

Thank you, AmaVoché

What a superb sound AmaVoché made this evening. Alise and Celia's harmony singing was a joy to hear. Here's what they sang:
Nanile, a Georgian lullaby
Son Mi Dojde, a Bulgarian love song
My Word, Alise's wedding song
May The Road from Ireland.
If you want to get in touch with them, you can do so using the email for another project of Alise's: orders@singingforsnorers.com You don't have to be a snorer to book them!

CDs played:
Sweet Honey In The Rock..Now That The Buffalo are Gone
Silly Sisters..What Will we Do?..No More To The Dance
Vujiciscs..Dere..Serb & Croat Folk Music
Rua Port'Alba..Adriana..Italian Musical Odyssey

Oliver Mtukudzi..Kunze Kwadoka..PaipevoMiriam Makeba..A Luta Continua..WelelaRadio Tarifa..El Mandil De Carolina..TemporalTipica 73..Chanchullo..CharangueandoLura..Vazulina..Di Korpu Ku Alma
The Sabri Brothers..Ya Sahib-Uj-Jamar..Real World Sampler 1995

Denise Marie..Who Would Jesus Bomb..Message From Aphrodite
Johnny Dickinson..Into The Deep..Folk Awards 2006
Robert Randolph and the Family Band..Soul Refreshing..Unclassified
Lonnie Johnson..Mr Johnson's Swing..Classic Blues
Dave Wood..Healing Tune..Into the Light
Os Originais Do Samba..Tenha Fe Pois Amanha..Brasil Mix
Johnny Ventura..Un Poquito Para Atras..JV y Su ComboMamborama..Senorita Pajarita..Directamento Al Mambo
Gnawa Collectif..Bangoro..FRoots 29 Shirley Collins & The Albion Country Band..Just As The Tide Was Flowing..No Roses
Kate & Anna McGarrigle..Complainte Pour Ste. Catherine..Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Kevrenn Alre..La-Ri-Dongé..La-Ri-Dongé
Riccardo Tesi..Il Battagliero..Italian Musical Odyssey
Félix Lajkó..Play 1..Best Of Fono Records

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Live music with AmaVoché

Don't miss rootsandshoots this Monday 21 July when we will be joined in the studio by local acapella duo AmaVoché singing some of their songs and talking about their music.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Kenyan music and talk

Thank you so much to Jill Ashby for sharing with us her experiences in Kenya and giving information about fundraising via the Lucy Fund back home. Thanks too for helping to choose a great variety of Kenya music. See Jill's photos of people and schools taken on a Kenyan visit last year.

If you would like to buy a CD of modern Kenyan music by Outta Limits contact Jill by email to get her address: jillashby@hotmail.com and then send on a cheque for £8 (payable to Jill Ashby). She'll get you a copy as soon as she can. She's involved in a Garden Party (money raised goes to The Lucy Fund) on Saturday:

at The Old Barn, Doccombe. Saturday 19th July, 2-6 pm.

Use the email above to get onto the Lucy Fund Email List to be kept informed re the Kenyan related project.

And so to the music played tonight: Artist..Album..Track

Dalla..Three Knights..More Salt
Gadjologie..Le Temps Des Aglos..Gadlogie
Lulo Reinhardt..Pralensa Bruder..Project 1
Hamon Martin..Les Palatuviers..Les Metamorphoses
Stella Chiweshe..Ndindere..African Blues
Memajehahn Eschete..Talentera Zare..Ethiopiques
Tango Band..Wind In The City..Wind In The City
Rabih Abou-Khalil..Arabian Waltz

The Kenyan segment. The first one is actually South African but was popular in Kenya!......

Yazid Fentazi..Fantazia..River Path
Rabik Abou-Khalid..No Visa..Arabian Waltz
Brenda Fassie..Memeza..Memeza
Outta Limits..Nipe Nafasi..Outta Limits
Henry Makobi..Omulanga Wamuka..African Blues
Ayub Oganda..Ondiek..Womad Tropical 2005
Outta Limits..Outro..Outta Limits

June Tabor..Heather Down The Mooor..Anthology
The Albion Band..House In the Country..Rise Up Like The Sun
Bellowhead..Haul Away (Live Version)..That's Proper Folk!
The Eel Grinders..The Clipper..Aquamarine

Friday, 11 July 2008

Feature on Kenya

Exeter based Jill Ashby is a frequent visitor to Kenya where she has made friends and got involved in educational projects. Identifying a lack of resources in schooling there, back home with friends Jill has been fund raising to improve the schooling of Kenyan children. In the next rootsandshoots on Monday 14th May, Jill will be talking to Martin Hodge about Kenya and they will play a range of Kenyan music.

So, Kenyan music and more this Monday with Martin, Rich and Martin.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Party Time

Yes, it was Party Time yesterday as Phonic FM opened its new studio to one and all as part of Exeter Respect. That would explain all the background noise you no doubt heard as rootsandshoots was on air with presenters Martin Hodge (left), Rich Cooke (centre) and Martin Henning (right). The words in brackets are a reference to the photo, not necessarily political affiliations.

Thanks especially last night to Rory and Dave Wood (left) for research, chronicling and photographing!
You've probably got all 3 of us again next Monday! Lucky you!!

We played... Artist..Track..Album
Richard Thompson..Turning Of The Tide..Action Packed
Luka Bloom..You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time..Bringing It All Back Home
Souad Massi..I Hate This Heart That Loves You Still..Raoui
Trilok Gurtu..Sounds Of India..Remembrance
Ghulam Ali..Hangama Hai Kyon Barpa..Music From The Tea Lands
Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Doubate..Hawa Dolo..In The Heart Of The Moon
Nascimento..Lilia..Clube De Esquina
Nitin Sawney..Heretico Latino..Displacing The Priest
Ojos De Brujo..Ventilaor R-80..Bari
Khaled..Ouelh El Darek..Sahra
Prince Francis..Street Doctor..Studio One DJs
The School Of Trobar..Elderflower Wine..Love Songs & Trance Rhythms
Rory McLeod..Be My Rambling Woman..Lullabies For Big Babies
Peter Erskine..Music Of My People..Star
Xenos..Turkish Film Music Zurna..My Mother Said
Orbestra..Hora..Transdanubian Swineherds
....to be completed

Friday, 4 July 2008

The Next Show...

...is this Monday 7th July. Listen to selections by all 3 of the rootsandshoots gang.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Exeter Respect

This is the city's annual celebration of diversity. For info on events throughout Exeter and how Phonic FM is involved - check out the Exeter Respect website and www.myspace.com/exeterrespect and see the brochure available at Exeter Phoenix and other venues.

Martin, Martin & Alise this Monday

Many, many thanks to Alise for eloquently telling us all about Singing For Snorers. Great vocal demonstrations too, Alise! Find out more on the Singing for Snorers website and, if you contact Alise, say you heard about it on rootsandshoots !

On this week's show we played... Artist..Track..Album

Projet Bressens 4..Chanson Pour l’Auvergnat..Demo (not commercially available)
Hamon Martin..Les Paletuviers..Les Metamorphoses
Le Gop.. Le Temps Des Pommes..Al
Pain D'Epices..Tourner Lentement..De Travers
Bratch..Brunosaure..Rien Dans Les Poches
Sandy Lopicic Orchestra..Maja..Balkea
Rumbajax..East Endings..How Come We Never Dance?
Tango Band..Listen To Your Heart..Wind In The City
Rosa Paeda..Facce..Facce
Bel Canto..Boya Ye..M'Bilia Bel
Salif Keita..Bobo..M'Bema
Martha Wainwright..Tower Of Song..I'm Your Man
Los De Abajo..Vuelvo A Comenzar..Cybertropic Chilango Power
Excerpts from CDs by Crediton World Music Choir, Alise Ojay and AmaVoché
The Dimitri Pokrovsky Ensemble..Porushka..Virgin Directory Of World Music
The Terem Quartet..Fantasy..Terem
Karine Polwart..Thou Hast Left Me For ever Jamie..Fairest Floo'er
Kathryn Tickell..Kilfenora/My Laddie Sits Ower Late Up
Goliards..Jovano Jovanke..The Beasts Are Rising
Geoffrey Oryema..Lajok..Beat The Border
Mahlathini & The Mahotella Queens..Melodi Ya Lla..Beginner's Guide To World Music