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Monday, 14 July 2008

Kenyan music and talk

Thank you so much to Jill Ashby for sharing with us her experiences in Kenya and giving information about fundraising via the Lucy Fund back home. Thanks too for helping to choose a great variety of Kenya music. See Jill's photos of people and schools taken on a Kenyan visit last year.

If you would like to buy a CD of modern Kenyan music by Outta Limits contact Jill by email to get her address: jillashby@hotmail.com and then send on a cheque for £8 (payable to Jill Ashby). She'll get you a copy as soon as she can. She's involved in a Garden Party (money raised goes to The Lucy Fund) on Saturday:

at The Old Barn, Doccombe. Saturday 19th July, 2-6 pm.

Use the email above to get onto the Lucy Fund Email List to be kept informed re the Kenyan related project.

And so to the music played tonight: Artist..Album..Track

Dalla..Three Knights..More Salt
Gadjologie..Le Temps Des Aglos..Gadlogie
Lulo Reinhardt..Pralensa Bruder..Project 1
Hamon Martin..Les Palatuviers..Les Metamorphoses
Stella Chiweshe..Ndindere..African Blues
Memajehahn Eschete..Talentera Zare..Ethiopiques
Tango Band..Wind In The City..Wind In The City
Rabih Abou-Khalil..Arabian Waltz

The Kenyan segment. The first one is actually South African but was popular in Kenya!......

Yazid Fentazi..Fantazia..River Path
Rabik Abou-Khalid..No Visa..Arabian Waltz
Brenda Fassie..Memeza..Memeza
Outta Limits..Nipe Nafasi..Outta Limits
Henry Makobi..Omulanga Wamuka..African Blues
Ayub Oganda..Ondiek..Womad Tropical 2005
Outta Limits..Outro..Outta Limits

June Tabor..Heather Down The Mooor..Anthology
The Albion Band..House In the Country..Rise Up Like The Sun
Bellowhead..Haul Away (Live Version)..That's Proper Folk!
The Eel Grinders..The Clipper..Aquamarine

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