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Monday, 29 November 2010

Pride before The Fall

I know, it's a terrible pun...but it was with great pride that we presented our rootsandshoots show prior to the Phonic FM promoted gig with legendary band The Fall at Exeter Phoenix tonight. Martin Hodge

As well as playing The Fall's C-R-E-E-P, our rootsandshoots selection was...
The Chieftains with Ry Cooder and Mexican Musicians..La Iguana..San Patricio
Lara Conley..Apple Tree..Apple Tree
Fleurs De Lys..Tourdion..Jalousie, Cortoisie Et Amour
Snaar Maar Vaar..Montserrat..Snaar Maar Vaar
Geoffrey Oryema..Sardinia Memories (Early Evening)..Night To Night
Norma Waterson..Reply To Joe Haynes..The Very Thought Of You
Moroccan Spirit..Narcisse Noir..Moroccan Spirit
Mawkin : Causley..Keeper Of The Game..The Awkward Recruit The song is inspired by The Exeter Book Of Riddles.
photo by Martin Hodge: Exeter Riddle Sculpture
Jim Causley is at The Castle, Bradninch on Tues 30 Nov at 20:00
Tobias Ben Jacob pictured in the Phonic FM studio..When I Cross the Borderline..Hard Times In Old London City Tobias is at The Manor Hotel, Exmouth on Tues 30 Nov at 20:30
Orient Expressions..Istanbul 1.26 a.m...Crossing The Bridge - The Music Of Istanbul
Mercan Dede..Ab-I-Hazan..A Night In Istanbul
Jun Miyake feat. Sanseverino..Le Mec Dans Un Train..Stolen From Strangers
The Warsaw Village Band..In The Forest..Uprooting
Juveloy..Tune..recorded for rootsandshoots
Played in celebration of musician Mike Edwards. There is a Concert in memory of Mike at Dartington Great Hall on Sun 5 Dec from 14:30. Free tickets from Dartington Box Office
Fleurs De Lys..Prendes I Garde / Estampie..Jalousie, Cortoisie Et Amour
Okros Ensemble..When I Left My Country..Best Of Fono Records
Lara Conley..In Peace..Apple Tree
Tend'M..Comptinette / Les Vergers..Planettes Musiques (Green)
Mahala Rai Banda..Spoitoresa..Electric Gypsyland
Carlou D feat. Youssou N'Dour..Goree..Muzikr
The Creole Choir Of Cuba..Edem Chante..Tande-La
Guo Brothers & Shung Tian..Springtime On Parmir Mountains..Yuan

Monday, 22 November 2010

Lovely Lara

Lara Conley did a wonderful live session for us 
on rootsandshoots 
this evening. Accompanying herself beautifully on guitar, she sang 3 of her own songs:
Money Don't Mean A Thing, You Know What I Mean and an untitled song about Bees!

We also played Slow Jim from Lara's album Apple Tree.

Thank you so much, Lara, for entertaining us all. Come back soon - maybe with your sitar / didgeridoo playing partner!?
Read about and hear Lara on her website and on myspace.

Other recordings played:

Shukar Collective..Hi-Ley..Merdeka
Romica Puceanu & The Gore Brothers..Vintule Bataia Ta..Music From A Bygone Age
The Chieftains with Lila Downs..El Relempago..San Patricio

Yann Tierson..Summer 78..Goodbye Lenin
Ria Parffit..Sleep..Demo

Dimba Diangola..Tira Sapato..Angola Soundtrack
Creole Choir Of Cuba..L'Atibonite Oh..Tande-La
Snaar Maar Waar..Vappu..Snaar Maar Waar

Goze..Rualand..Quand On Est Bien Amoureux
Max White..Who Warms The Sun..Merdeka

Various Artists..La Partenza..Italian Treasury: Tralleri Of Genoa
Baba Zula..Tavus Havasi..Crossing The Bridge - The Sound Of Istanbul

Ghulam Hussain..Ba Ayadat Beya..Rough Guide To The Music Of Afghanistan
Holly Ebony..Some Stones..A Memory Of Life
Tattie Jam..The Awe In Autumn..Jam

Jugal Bandi..Kagaliko..Planetes Musiques

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

On Monday we welcome Lara Conley

No stranger to Phonic FM, Lara Conley 
will sing and play for us on rootsandshoots 
on Monday 22 November. Lara has a soulful and memorable voice and accompanies herself on guitar and bodhran. 
More about Lara on myspace

Monday, 15 November 2010

Josie Lloyd

Singer guitarist Josie Lloyd joined us on rootsandshoots today and gave us a wonderful mini concert. Thank you very much, Josie. Check out Josie's myspace page for information on her music and gigs.
Live in the studio Josie played her National Resonator Guitar and sang
Shake It Or Break It
Come Back Baby
St. James Infirmary

Recordings played:
Oumou Sangare..Mogo Ti Diya Bee Ya..Rough Guide To African Music
Susan Tedechi..Just Won't Burn..American Blues
Yann Tierson..Ukelele Man..On Tour
Mulatu Astatke..Ethio Blues..Mulatu Steps Ahead
Leonard Cohen..Tower Of Song..I'm Your Man In loving memory of Christine Tyson
The Unthanks..Betsy Bell..Here's The Tender Coming
Steve Phillips..Tampa's Guitar Boogie..Solo
Jo Anne Kelly..Moon Going Down..Black Rat Swing
Nuno Da Camara Pereira..Carvalo Ruco..Portugal: The Story Of Fado
Tama..Ta'Aba..World 2001
U Sein Maung..Burmese Guitar..Burmese Folk & Traditional Music
Guo Brothers..My Second Life..Yuan
Jim Moray..Black Joke..The Mother Of All Morris
Jackie Oates..Locks & Bolts..Hyperboreans
Balamouk..Les Yeux Noirs..Balamouk
Cibelle & Kocani Orkestrar..Electric Gypsyland
Dick Gaughan..Both Sides The Tweed..Handful Of Earth
Heidi Talbot..The Shepherd Lad..The Last Star
Brenna Macrimmon..Evlerine Varagele Usandim..Kulak Misafiri
Sertab Erener..Music..Crossing The Bridge..The Sound Of Istanbul

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Josie's our guest on Monday

Talented bluesy singer guitarist Josie Lloyd will be playing for us on rootsandshoots this Monday 15 November. We hope you can join us.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Yesterday on Roots and Shoots

On Monday 8 November we played...
Tattie Jam..Are Ye Sleepin Maggie..Jam
The Keeps..Why Not Share..JP's House
Guichen..Taoliou..Dreams Of Brittany
Headwater..Freight Train..Lay You Down
Mariza..Por Ti!..Fado Em Mim
Daily Planet..Morning Would..The Big Scoop
Lazy..Vibrations..Too Little Too Late
Matthaios Tsahouridis..Ela Poulim..Looking For A New England 2 (Froots)
Kyron & The Strangels..Open Mouth..If We Were Kings
Mahwash..Gar Konad Saheb-E-Man..Rough Guide To The Music Of Afghanistan
Farhad Darya..Salaamalek..Rough Guide To The Music Of Afghanistan
Spirit Talk Mbira feat.Chartwell Cutiro..Zunde..Dendere Ngoma
Bhundu Boys..Tamba Wega..Muchyedza
Barrio Chino..El Salam..Mediterra Nostra
The Boys From Melbourne Street..A Walk In The Park..A Walk In The Park
Show Of Hands..8th Of July / Glory Of The West..The Mother Of All Morris
Yann Tierson..1er Reveil Par Temps Le Guerre..On Tour 2006
Goze..Rauland..Quand On Est Bien Amoureux
Spiro..The Iron Way..Pole Star
David Ze..Uma Amiga..Angola Soundtrack
Phil Bird..Fisherman..Shape The Clay
Tito Puente..Algo Nuevo..El Rey
Jaco Pastorius..Blackbird..Word Of Mouth
Fatima Spar & The Freedom Fries..Trust

Thursday, 4 November 2010

New show on Phonic FM

Hear rootsandshoots presenter Martin Hodge on 
The Multifarious Mix on Phonic 106.8 FM in Exeter and www.phonic.fm every Friday from 14:00 to 16:00 UK time. 
Details here.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

After Halloween

This is what we played on rootsandshoots yesterday
Monday 1 November:
Vajas..Tromso Island Yolk..Merdeka
Renaud Garcia-Fons.. Sareban.. Entremundo 
Fairport Convention..After Halloween..Rising For The Moon
The Pines..Pray Tell..Tremelo 
Goze.. Cecilia.. Quand On Est Bien
Wig A Wag.. Anouk.. Wig A Wag 
Carlou D..Sam Fall..Muzikr
Ali Farka Toure..Toumani Diabate..Doudou..Ali & Toumani
Sherburn, Bartley & Scott.. Jenny’s Pickin’ Cockles..Live At The Wharf
The Cauld Blast Orchestra.. The Black Rock.. Durga’s Feast
The McPeake Family..My Singing Bird..Wild Mountain Thyme
Nancy Kerr & James Fagan..Rammed Earth..Twice Reflected Sun
Sandy Lopicic Orkestrar..Last-1.. Border Confusion
Shimal.. BuGala Dasli Gala.. Turkish Café
Martin Simpson..Horn Island / Never Any Good..Righteousness & Humidity
Paul Astles.. One Day.. Paul Astles Songbook
Shedloads Of Love.. I’m Not Crying.. Love And Affection 
Phillip Henry with Hannah Martin..Snow Dove / Cuckoo's Nest..
Live In The Living Room  Pictured below left playing for Roots & Shoots. See them at The Castle, Bradninch tonight 20:30
Count To Fire..Man In The Long Black Coat..In Another Life  
Pictured  right: Will and Joe from Count To Fire playing for us. The band are at The Rusty Bike, Exeter this Friday eve 20:00 
Snaar Maar Vaar.. Pentland.. Snaar Maar Vaar
Canari De Kaolock..Sutu Kun..Froots #4