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Monday, 28 September 2009

Something old, something new...

Some brand new releases and some golden oldies...

Tonight we played: Artist..Track..Album
Just East Of Jazz..Ishta Taist..Swerve
Little Rumba..Tango Serpiente..The Big Picture
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba..I Speak Fula..I Speak Fula
Cuarteto Martinez Zarate..Verano Porteno..The Spirit Of Buenos Aires
Arvest..Ma Flanedenn..Fantazi
Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick..Byker Hill..Classic Carthy
Jackie Oates..Isle Of France..Hyperboreans
Oi Va Voi..Dissident..Oi Va Voi
Brenna Maccrimmon..Sensiyemin Ucu Kare..Kulac Misafiri
Mustafa Sandal..Kalmadi..Turkish Groove
Richard Bona..Kalabancoro..Bona Makes You Sweat
Esperanza Spalding..Samba Em Preludio..Eaperanza
Angel Brothers..Days Like Diamonds..Forbidden Fruit
Faubourg De Boignard..L'Effet Secondaire..Terra Galica
Alphornduo Aemittal..Fruhlingstraum..Music From The Old World: The Alps
Davy Spillan
e & Donal Lunny..Whistling Low/Errigal..Common Ground
Sine..The Hard Hat Set..It's About Time
Startijenn..Pakit Holl!..Pakit Holl!
Johnny Clegg & Savuka..Third World Child..The Best Of Jaluka/Savuka
Brendan Power..Paddy Clancy's Jig/Moyasta Junction..New Irish Harmonica
And we played 2 tracks by Phillip, Tobias and Hannah from The Roots Union (pictured here) recorded live in the studio in April this year: Song To Light Your Candle By and Love is The Revolution.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Starting in Devon...

On this Monday's show we began musically in Devon and soon moved out to experience a wide variety of music from other parts of the British Isles - then from here, out into the big wide world. We hope you continue to enjoy our selection.
Seth Lakeman..Band Of Gold..Freedom Fields
Andy Irvine..My Heart's Tonight In Ireland..Common Ground
Martin Cole..Gymnopodie..Made In Cornwall
Gadjologie..Debilus Profundicum Blues..Gadjologie
Karine Polwart..The Learig..Fairest Floo'er
Celtech..Laride..Batcombe Vale
Little Rumba..Rustum and Sharkey..The Big Picture
Ojos De Brujo..Quien Engana No Gana..Bari
Faltriueira..Lambrada De Cortellas..fRoots 21
Swans In Flight..Paradise..Swans In Flight
Oi Va Voi..S'Brent..Travelling The Face Of The Globe
Wan Xiao Nan..Zhan Tai Feng..Guzheng
Mamer..Mountain Wind..Eagle
Alice Jemima..Technicolour Postcard..Alice Jemima
Spooky Men's Chorale..Satisfaction..Tooled Up
Kocani Orchestra..Sunet Ora..Princes Amongst Men
Muzsikas..Maramorosi Tancok..Bartok Album
Startijonn..'Ba'Kerchef..Pakit Holl!..
Tri Yann..Derobee De Guingamp..Le Meilleur De Tri Yann
Maurice El Medioni & Roberto Rodriguez..Oh! Ma Belle..Awards For World Music 2007
Ana Firmino..Chico Malandra..Putumayo Presents Cape Verde
Rory McLeod..Miners' Picket Dance..Mouth To Mouth

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

In the studio...

In the Studio for Roots and Shoots on Monday 14th September were Martin Henning and Rich Cooke.
Tracks Martin played were: Artist..Track..Album
Angel Brothers..Punjab To Pit Top..Forbidden Fruit
Swans In Flight..Young Heart..Swans In Flight
Maurice El Medioni & Roberto Rodriguez..Rai Rock Rumba.. North African Cafe
Abyssinia Infinite..Embe Ashafergne..Zion Roots
Luis Rizzo Trio..Adios Nonino..The Music Of Astor Piazzola,The Spirit Of Buenos Aries
Amestoy Trio..Barnaka..Sport & Couture
Banditaliana..Vento Del Madagascar..Banditaliana
Municipale Balcanica..L'Aria Migliore..Road To Damascus
Marcus Miller..Jean Pierre..Free
Fatima Spar Und Die Freedom Fries..Kibirli Ceviz..Zirzop
Beirut..After The Curtain..Gulag Orkestrar
Dr. John..Bruha Bembe..Creole Moon
Guichen..Soleil Rouge..Freres
Tracks played by Rich Artist..Track..Album
Ida Kelaroba..?
Kurdish music
King Selewa..Trinidad..Calypso Invasion
Meczla Latina..Los Roques..Salsa Dura
Lura..Um Dia..Eclipse
Daby Toure & Skip McDonald..Past Time..Call My Name
Los Van Van..Te Pone La Cabeza
Ojos De Brujo..Tudos Mortales..Aocania

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Monday 7 September show

Tracks played this Monday were as follows:
The Poacher..Sine..It's About Time
Gavotte / Baching Mad..Hoover The Dog..Scratch 'N' Sniff
String's Jig..Guichen..Freres
Once..Angel Brothers..Forbidden Fruit
Did They Ever Tell Cousteau..E.S.T. 7 Days Of Falling
Berimbass..Renaud Garcia-Fons..Arcoluz
Wayak..Les Orientales..North African Cafe
Bu Gala Dasli Gala..Shimal..Turkish Cafe
Rustic Head..N.U.M.B...Massive Respect
Red State Girl..Les Claypool..Of Fungi And Foe
One Life One Hope..Swans In Flight.. Swans In Flight
Caravan Club Version..Municipale Balcanica..Road To Damascus
Just One More Chance..Les Paul & Mary Ford..The Very Best Of
Joseph Joseph..Fatima Spar And The Freedon Fries..Zirzop
Facce..Rosa Paeda..Facce
Jazzy..Riccardo Tesi..Presente Remoto
What Eliot Said..Megan Henwood.. What Eliot Said
Toots Suite..Whapweasel..Pack Of Jokers
A track from a live session here in the studio was also played featuring Becki Driscoll and Nick Wyke: Coronation Day