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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Monday 7 September show

Tracks played this Monday were as follows:
The Poacher..Sine..It's About Time
Gavotte / Baching Mad..Hoover The Dog..Scratch 'N' Sniff
String's Jig..Guichen..Freres
Once..Angel Brothers..Forbidden Fruit
Did They Ever Tell Cousteau..E.S.T. 7 Days Of Falling
Berimbass..Renaud Garcia-Fons..Arcoluz
Wayak..Les Orientales..North African Cafe
Bu Gala Dasli Gala..Shimal..Turkish Cafe
Rustic Head..N.U.M.B...Massive Respect
Red State Girl..Les Claypool..Of Fungi And Foe
One Life One Hope..Swans In Flight.. Swans In Flight
Caravan Club Version..Municipale Balcanica..Road To Damascus
Just One More Chance..Les Paul & Mary Ford..The Very Best Of
Joseph Joseph..Fatima Spar And The Freedon Fries..Zirzop
Facce..Rosa Paeda..Facce
Jazzy..Riccardo Tesi..Presente Remoto
What Eliot Said..Megan Henwood.. What Eliot Said
Toots Suite..Whapweasel..Pack Of Jokers
A track from a live session here in the studio was also played featuring Becki Driscoll and Nick Wyke: Coronation Day

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