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Monday, 26 October 2009

We started in Bristol...

...with Spiro and ended in Devon with Panacea. In between we reached as far away as Australia.

Here's the full list. Artist..Track..Album
Spiro..The White Hart..Lightbox
Sam Car
ter..Next Of Kin..Folk Rising 2
Les Negress
es Vertes..La Faim Des Haricots..Mlah
Bernard Loffet..Droneless / Les Marjolaines (Cercle Circassien)..Moteur!
The Fureys..The Curragh Of Kildare..The Spanish Cloak
Sherburn, Bartley & Scott..Do With What You've Got..Live at The Wharf
ff Benda Bilili..Moziki..Tres Tres Fort
Think Of One..Feira
De Mangaio..Awards For World Music 07Fanfare Ciocarlia..Kan Marau La..Queens & Kings
Marta Sebestyen..Sz
eress Egyet..The Best Of Marta Sebestyen
17 Hippies..Son Mystere..Sound Of The World 2007

La Bibournoise..Les Culottes De V'Lour..Genticorum

Goliards..Stroking Bees / Muiniera De Chao..Slipperty Stomp

Goliards are playing at the Ceilidh For Amnesty at St James' Church
Hall, Mt Pleasant, Exeter on Saturday 7th November from 8pm
The Waifs..Sunflower M
an..A Brief History Of The Waifs (Live)
Habib Koite..Barra..Bamada
Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll pictured belowThe Robber + The Burd
ette / Family Jig
recorded live for
rootsandshoots in July 09
Olivia Chaney..Some
Rival..Looking For A New England
The Incredible String Band..Empty Pocket Blues..The Incredible String Band
Ojos De Brujo..Sultanas De Merkaillo..Awards For World Music 07
Ska Cubano..Bobine..
Awards For World Music 07
Fanfare Ciocarlia..Born To Be Wild..Queens & Kings
Staff Benda Bilili..Marguerite..Tres Tres Fort
Mary Epworth..The Saddle Song..Looking For A New England

Monday, 19 October 2009

Baring Gould, Phonic Pub Quiz, a spooky evening and fine music

We began tonight's rootsandshoots with news of the Baring Gould Folk Festival happening in Okehampton this weekend with Spinach For Norman, Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll pictured below,
Jackie Oates, Matt Norman, Marilyn Tucker & Paul Wilson and
many other fine artists.

We also publicised some Phonic FM events: the Pub Quiz this Wednesday 21 October from 8pm at the Bowling Green in Exeter and the spooky Ghost Talks at the Music Room in Exeter Library from 7pm on Friday 30 October. Not be missed, unless - in the case of the latter - you are of a nervous disposition!
And we played some fine music...
Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll..George Watson's Hornpipe..Beneath The Black Tree
Jackie Oates..The Pleasant Month Of May..Hyperboreans
Angel Brothers..Shifting Sands..Navigator 18
Hoover The Dog..Radnor Rant..Distempo
Besh O Drom..Dedei..Once I Catch The Devil
Beata Palya..Harom Arva..Adieu Les Complexes
Groupa..Sparve Lilia..Imeland
Aynor Dogan..Keca Kurdan..Turkish Cafe
Little Rumba..Food Of Love..The Big Picture
Aci Poyam..Yollari
Mihaelis Terzis..Ti Thalassa Ti Galani (The Blue Sea)..Roots Of Greek Music: Music Of The Islands
Riccardo Tesi..La Citta Vecchia..Presente Remoto
Pendragon..La Parida..Continental Drift
State Of Undress..Mudeford Mood..Livin' It, Lovin' It
Fairport Convention..Rising For The Moon..Rising For The Moon
Hoover The Dog..Al Gore's Enigma Variations / Shabaz Reel..Distempo
Winaj'h..Kriez Briezh Parano..Winaj'h
Gamelon Gong..Lagu Kebiar..Sprigs Of Time
Fairuz..Ya Honaina..Sprigs Of Time
Malijo & Party..Muliranwawo..Sprigs Of Time
Marilyn Tucker & Paul Wilson & Friends..Blue Muslin..Dead Maid's Land
Spinach For Norman..Ten Tors Hop / Petronella..Ready To Start Again
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba..Jamana Be Diya..I Speak Fula
Zeca Di Nha Reinalda, Joao Cirilio & Blick Tchutchy..Tchon Di Massa Pe..Putumayo Presents Cape Verde
John Patitucci Trio..Messaien's Gumbo..Remembrance

Monday, 12 October 2009

It's all happening this Friday

So we discovered tonight. No excuse for staying in unless you're listening to Phonic FM. Amongst other things on Friday, there's
d'Accord: from 8pm at Ide Village Hall near Exeter: Poisson Rouge pictured, Chabotee and friends provide great music for French/Breton dancing

Our guest, multi-talented Paul Whittall in concert with Goliards at Crediton Arts Centre. The evening entitled Stroking Bees and Chasing Hares begins at 7.30pm
Rootsy, rocky, fiddlesome band State Of Undress: Barnfield Theatre, Exeter from 8pm

We played the following Artist..Track..Album
Angel Brothers..Tongues Of Fire..Angel Brothers
Tom Jenkinson..#7..Squarepusher - Solo Electric Bass 1
Oi Va Voi..Dusty Road..Travelling The Face Of The Globe
Seth Lakeman..The Punch Bowl..The Punch Bowl
Ruth Notman..Limbo..Threads
Richard Bona..Djembe & I Wish & TrainsBona Makes You Sweat
Little Rumba..Skacastic..The Big Picture
Fatimar And The Freedom Fries..Tuckebold..Trust
Staff Benda Bilili..Avramandole..Tres Tres Fort
John Stewart..Baby It's You..Sowing The Seeds
Chet Atkins And Les Paul..Caravan..Chester And Lester
Art Tatum..Cherokee..The Best Of Art Tatum - The Complete Pablo Solo Masterpieces
Dreamcatcher..Life..And The World's All Yours
Paul Whittall..Fish In The Sea/God's Eye/The Sea Returns Its Treasures
Poisson Rouge..Schottishe..2nd Rush
Startijenn..Torts Jigs..Pakit Holl 1
Joseph Taylor..Sprig Of Thyme..Sprigs Of Time
Sacasas feat. Ruben Gonzales..Rumba Negra..Sprigs Of Time
Mighty Sparrow..The Queen's Canary..Sprigs Of Time
The Jazz Mandolin Project..Ode To Dark Eyes..Jungle Tango

And, of course, we featured the rootsandshoots GARDENING TIPS for this month...

  • It’s the time of year to gather up the remaining harvest and tidy up the garden in readiness to get started on next year's crops and flowers.
  • If you have a greenhouse, check that heaters are working properly.
  • Your potatoes should have been stored in a cool, dark place in hessian sacks or something similar. It’s a good idea to check through each one carefully as any diseased potatoes can affect the others. Remove any that feel spongy, have fungus on them or are discoloured.
  • Herb gardens should be tidied up. Take out annual herbs. Perennial herbs can be cut back hard to encourage new growth in spring.
  • Winter lettuces can be grown under cloches or in a cold frame.
  • Your rhubarb will need attention. Remove dead or drying foliage from the crowns to stop rot setting in. If you have large clumps of rhubarb you can divide them into chunks as long as there is a bud on each piece. Give your rhubarb plants a good mulch of well-rotted manure for protection over winter and to feed them in the spring.
  • Replace borders filled with dying bulbs by winter flowering pansies, small flowered violas, wallflowers or spring flowering bulbs.

Happy gardening from rootsandshoots

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Surprise visit

We were delighted this Monday when Phonic's Tezza introduced us to singer songwriter Kate Walsh who was performing at Exeter Phoenix and we did an impromptu interview live with her onair. She performed a song, As He Pleases, from her new album Light & Dark too. A lovely and talented person. Thanks, Kate and Gazza. Check out Kate's website here. Listen to Tezza's Collision show (upfront indie and alternative music) on Phonic FM on Thursday 18:00 - 20:00.

We also played: Artist..Track..Album
Guichen Brothers..La Tournee Des Grand Ducs..FreresDick Gaughan..Erin-Go-Bragh..Handful Of Earth
The Eel G
Richard Bona..Sen Sen Sen..Bona Makes You Sweat
Bill Bruford..If You Can't Stand The Heat.....Feels Good To Me
Celina Gonzalez..Camina Y Yen..Virgin Directory Of World Music Compay Segundo..Macusa..Beginner's Guide To World Music
Food Of Love..Little Rumba..The Big Picture
Oi Va Voi..Wonder..Travelling The Face Of The Globe
Martin Simpson..The Wind & The Rain..True Stories
Shirley & Dolly Collins..Nellie The Milkmaid..Anthems In Eden

Gnawa..Tete A Tete Avec Baghdad..Diffusion
Jon Hassell..Tribal Secret..Earthquake Island
Geoffrey Oryema..Market Day..Beat the Border
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba..Torin Torin..I Speak Fula

Steve Winham..Still Be Showers..Where Now?

Beirut..Nantes..The Flying Club Cup

Fleet Foxes..Tiger Mountain Peasant Song..Fleet Foxes
Les Claypool..Pretty Little Song..Of Fungi And Foe
Balkan Beat Box..Hermetico..Nu Med
Budapest Klezmer Band & Liszt Chamber Orchestra..Legycsapo Tanc (Fly Flap Dance)..Klezmer Suite