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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Bex & JJ 'Need To Know'

Roots and Shoots Radio Show. No guests this week but the following music was played:

Oregon..The Cinematic Orchestra..Every Day
Scottish Manon ..Ciac Boum..Vert
Shneykoyl ..Circus Contraption..The Show to End All Shows
Avel Conlle..Wig A Wag..#6
Need you now ..Bex & JJ..Demo
All Your Love (I Miss Loving)..Otis Rush..The Essential Otis Rush
Kassi Koun..Mamani Keita & Nicolas Repac..Yelema (By Nicolas Repac)
Nobody Smokes Anymore..Lucy Dixon, Le Professeur Inlassable, Sebastien Gastine, Vincent Théard, Arnaud Biscay, Nicolas Repac & Boris Ventura Diaz..One Too
Azul (Salut À Vous)..Akli D..Anefas Trankil
Laundromat Blues..ALBERT KING..King Of The Blues Guitar
Madrugadas Serenas..Alexandra Sousa..Sabor A Fado
Zydeco Sont Pas Sale..Clifton Chenier..The Best of Clifton Chenier
My Banjo and I..Hanggai..Introducing Hanggai
Fishing By Lamplight..The Guo Brothers..Yuan
Falls of Rauros..Jan Hruby & Kukulin..Silmarillion
The Braes of Busby / Phyllis's Birthday / The Graf Spee..John McSherry & Michael McGoldrick..At First Light
Red Alert..Holdsworth..Blues For Tony
Ethio Blues..Mulatu Astatke..Mulatu Steps Ahead
Silbury Hill..Philip Henry & Hannah Martin..Mynd
Roxette..Norman Watt-Roy..Faith & Grace
Doni Doni..Vieux Farka Toure..Mon Pays
Sleeping Beauty..Dirt Music..Troubles
Mueve galor..Los Chinches..Fongo
Tu Djaial..Hop Hop Hop..Tendrovni
Turbo Dizel..Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra..Gipsy Manifesto

Monday, 14 October 2013

The Boys triumph again!

 Listen here 
The Boys From Melbourne Street returned to rootsandshoots tonight for a fine set.

It was great to have the Boys on the show again.

The Boys are Colin Wilson, vocals and guitar, Keith Hunter, bass guitar and Dave Eustace, percussion and yukele.

Their songs were
Planet Blue, Monsieur Concierge, Band Of Brothers, The Best Days Of Your Life and Your Life.

Colin Wilson, accompanied by Keith and Dave and other musicians, has a retrospective album coming out soon. It is Songs From The Cutting Room Floor and will be available at their gigs, at Colin's Bradninch Acoustic Music Club and from The Boys From Melbourne Street's website.

We featured a new rootsandshoots trailer from Matt and Cate Calder and a new rootsandshoots insert from Alice Louise and JohnKerry. Many thanks to them all for these fabulous additions. You can hear the recordings if you click on their names or on the logo above.

Recordings played were
Siba..A Bagaceira..Brasil Music Exchange: New Sounds 2013
Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman..Money Or Jewels..Hidden People
Lal & Mike Waterson..Scarecrow / Fine Horseman..Bright Phoebus
Calan..Y Gwydir Glas..Jonah
Tamikrest..Imanin Bas Zihoun..Chatma
Philip Chevron..Thousands Are Sailing..Bringing It All Back Home
Nic Jones..Rose Of Allendale..In Search Of Nic Jones
Sam Carter..Ruins By The Shore..The No Testament
Jackie Oates..The Isle Of France..Hyperboreans
Nic Jones..Farewell To The Gold..Penguin Luka Šulić and Stjepan HauserEggs
Nic Jones..Texas Girl At The Funeral Of Her Father
Fela Kuti..Sorrow, Tears & Blood..The Best Of The Black President
Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin..Miss Wilmott's Ghost..Mynd
The Carrivick Sisters feat. John Breese..Over The Edge
2 Cellos: Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser..Fields Of Gold

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Bex & JJ

On this show (7.9.13) I was lucky enough to host a spot by Bex and JJ from Bideford who played some enchanting songs live in the studio.

They played:
Bex & Jay Jay

My Love Won't Fade Away
White Hair
Skinny Love
Lady Antebellum

Other music played on the show was:

Safare..Vieux Farka Toure..Mon Pays
Caje Sukarije..Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra..Gipsy Manifesto
Amor Ideal..Soul Quality Quartet..Sister Bossa, Vol. 7 (Cool Jazzy Cuts With a Brazilian Flavour)
Reis e Piratas (Dub Mix)..12 Fingers ..Sister Bossa, Vol. 7 
Eisenhower Blues..J.B. LENOIR..Martin Scorsese Presents: The Blues (Disc 3)
Double Crossing Blues..JOHNNY OTIS QUINTET, LITTLE ESTHER & THE ROBBINS..Martin Scorsese Presents: The Blues (Disc 2)
Le chanteur à la voix d'or (Mazurka)..Hamon Martin Quintet..Du silence et du temps
Diamant d'Eben..Gilles Floro..En mode zouk rétro (by DJ Halan & DJ Jaïro)
Okuan Tsentsen Awar..C.K. Mann..Ghana Funk
Invocation..Wu Man..La Guitara - Gender Bending Strings
Quiero Mi Gente..Abelardo Carbono..Diablos del Ritmo 1960-1985: The Colombian Melting Pot (Afrobeat - Puya - Cumbiamba - Terapia - Mapalé - Caribbean Funk)
Kankeletigui..Djeneba Seck..The Wassoulou Sound: Women of Mali - Volume 2
La Bicicleta Celeste..Cuarteto Cedrón..Arrabal Salvaje
Moliendo Café..Fucho Aparicio -- Tres Plus One Quartet..Venezuelan Music for the World / Música Venezolana Para el Mundo
Belleville Rendez-Vous (Version française)..M..Les triplettes de Belleville (Bande originale du film)
Timothy Winters..Jim Causley..Cyprus Well
Sad February..The Unthanks..Here's the Tender Coming
Romano Dance..Mahala Raï Banda..Electric Gypsyland, Vol. 2
My Taobuxiaor (Mini Taobuxiaor).. Hanggai Band..Hanggai (Mongolian)

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Ali & Kris came to play for us.

Roots And Shoots Monday 30th September.....

Up and coming duo, Ali and Kris, came into the studio for this show and treated us to some lovely versions of songs that they love. They have'nt been performing together for a year yet and already they're creating a stir in the world of open mic sessions around the west country. And deservedly so with Ali's beautiful vocals coupled with a 'stage' presence to die for and ably backed by some vertuoso guitar playing from Kris.

They played the following:

The Haystack Incident;

Isn't She Lovely:
Foggy Dew;
Fields Of Gold.

Also I received some blues tracks from listener and friend, Dave Howell, by email and, after some technical challenges for techno-phobe me, we got a couple on air. They were:

Mother Earth..Memphis Slim from a CD put together by Martin Scorsese

19 Years Old..Muddy Waters..The Anthology

In addition I played a couple of tracks from Mali, donated by Ilkamedia, who have these albums for sale. The tracks were:

Diack So..Vieux Farka Toure..Mon Pays

Fitzcarraldo..Dirt Music..Troubles

Other music tracks played were:

The One I Love Is Gone..The Secret Sisters..The Secret Sisters

Vizinha..Seu Jorge..Musicians Para Chairasco Vol.1
Tchapeu Di Padja..Simentera..Cabo Verde en Serenata
Les Trois Marches - Gavotte De Grenoble..Sous Le Pont..Sous Le Pont
Le grand village, Myrtille.. Tend'm..Une musique trad-urbaine en Centre France
Goermel fever..Ti Jaz..live in ar vag
Sutta ..TG Collective..Release the Penguins
Ciganka Medley..Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar..Bucovina Mixtape Vol. 1
Charlotte..Gadjo..Gadjistan Zizany
Overall..Fatima Spar & The Freedom Fries..Trust
Se Vols Venir Ambre Ieu..Brotto Lopez..Le Bal
Nostalgias ..Buika..Mi Niña Lola
Good Rockin' Tonight..Roy Brown..Greatest Hits
All Shook Up..Tango Band..Live Edits
John the Revelator..Froidebise..The Mind Parasites