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Monday, 31 January 2011

Junction Roots and Shoots / Poland

It was great to welcome DJ Tomek Adamski to rootsandshoots this evening to play us some "folkish" music from his native Poland. Read about his Phonic FM show here.
Tomek played: 
Artist..Song Title Follow links to websites (provided by Tomek), some in English, some in Polish:
Studio As One Vs Orkiestra Świętego Mikołaja..Kołomyja Jarocińska
Pchnąć W Te Lódź Jeża..Za Górami, Za Lasami
Otako..Ej Zagrajcie
Psio Krew..Hajduk
Ryczące Shannon Project..Tri Martolod
Trebunie Tutki..Twój Czas (Ni Ma Casu)
Yerba Mater..Sebkha
Grzegorz Z Ciechowa..Piejo Kury, Piejo

Other music played...
...by Martin Henning:
John Barry 7..Walk Don't Run..Rockabilly Boogie
remembering John Barry who died recently
So Long Angel..Would It Matter..Would It Matter
David Pasquet..Bouree..Maximus Textorius 006
Kroke..Returns..Klezmer Acoustic Music
Romica Puceanu + Gore Brothers..Unde O Fi Puiul De Aseara..Sounds From A Bygone Age
Ahmed Zahir..Leiti-Jan..Music Of Afghanistan
Anir Beso..Restless Rumba..Illumination
Dudu Pakwana..Diamond Express..Ubagile
MBilia Bel..Liasanga Bambanda..Bel Canto
Fadal Dey..Non Au Racisme..Listen To The Banned
Alain Caron..Soleil Rouge..Septantrion
Pham Duc Thanh..Mua Lua Chin..Vietnamese Traditional Music
...by Martin Hodge: 
Spiro..Captain Says Catastrophe..Lightbox
Lara Conley..Through The Fair..Apple Tree

Friday, 28 January 2011

Polish special

On rootsandshoots
on Monday 31 January
Martin Henning presents the usual eclectic mix of global music from 18:00 to 19:00. In the second half up to 20:00
Martin Hodge will be joined by DJ Tomek Adamski
for his choice of roots music from his native Poland.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Play it again, Sam

A great session from Sam Green in the studio tonight.
Sam came armed with no less than three guitars, one of them a "square neck guitar", all tuned differently and all played extremely well. Sam sang and played his own songs in a variety of styles. His songs were: Blood On The Pavement, Sofa Surfing, Trindade and one other. 
Check out Sam's music on myspace
He's playing soon in several local venues, details of which are there along with samples of his music.

Recordings played:
Mothers Of Invention..Cheap Thrills..Cruisin With Reuben And The Jets
Albertos Y Pos Trios Paranoias..Anarchy In The UK..Mandrax Sunset Variations
Sheng Xiang + Takashi Hirayasu & Ken Ohtake..Planting Trees..fRoots 29
Alex Bershadsky..Day Dreaming Drugs- the Pain Of Living..Junk
Gnawa Collectif..Bangoro..fRoots 29
Amal Murkus..Bhallelek..Listen To The Banned
Pullovers..Futebal De Oculos..Nova Musica Do Brazil
Amir Beso..Balkan Nights..Futamorgana
Two songs for Burns Night:
Karine Polwart..Dowie Dens Of Yarrow..Fairest Floo'er
Kris Drever..Green Grows The Laurel..Black Water
Aurelio..Laru Beya..Laru Beya
Arvest..Kushot..Tri Diaoul
Mazapegul..Bandido..fRoots 12
Ladysmith Black Mombazo..Liph' Iqiniso..The Star & The Wiseman
Balanescu Quartet..The Last Days..Bryars
Tend' M..Comptinette-les Vergers..Planetes Musiques
Taraf De Haidouks..Termo Chelipe..Electric Gypsyland
Unidentified music from Kenya

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Coming up on Roots and Shoots

LIVE sessions from talented local singers and musicians

24 January Sam Green
7 February Lara Conley
7 March Cole Stacey      Follow the links to the artists' websites

plus 31 January 
Phonic DJ Tomek Adamski joins us for his selection of 
roots-based music from Poland

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

rootsandshootsMartin Hodge is the very experienced dance caller at a Ceilidh for Exeter Green Party with 
top local band Sheer Hopody
Song spots from the excellent 
It's at St James' Parish Hall, Exeter on Saturday 22 January. More details here

Monday, 17 January 2011

A musical tour of exotic places

Today in Britain was designated Gloomy or Blue Monday - the gloomiest day of the year - but our stated aim on rootsandshoots was to take us all out of the gloominess and enjoy a musical tour of exotic places including Cuba, Mali, Turkey...and Exeter. We hope we achieved our aim.

We played...
Hot Club Of Cowtown..Stay a Little Longer..What Makes Bob Holler
AfroCubism..Nima Diyala..AfroCubism
Dalla pictured..Gannel Crake..Cribbar..Two Borders
Brenna Macrimmon..Got Me Gel..Kulak Misafiri
Cole Stacey..Walk To Midnight..Changing Faces
Sheer Hopody..Two Tunes..download
Lars Danielsson..Folk Song To All Children..Lars Danielsson Signature
Grupo Lokito..Esengo Ya Ko Bina..Looking For A New England 2
Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies..Keep Them Bairns Away..Froots Presents FAF Tracks
Les Orientales..Gomul Gel Seride Muhabbet Edelim..Rough Guide To North African Music
Tommy Steele..Hey You..single
Maggie Adamson & Brian Nicholson..Wir Inter-Island Cruise..The Authentic Sound Of Shetland
Saung..Anon..Bermese Folk & Traditional Music
Spontus..Plinn II..Spontsu 3
Sarana VerLin..Bats & Butterflies..Distant Thunder: Transatlantic Music Exchange
B.E. Cooling..Make The Time..Distant Thunder: Transatlantic Music Exchange
Orhan Geneebay..Halisiz Kul Olraz..Crossing The Bridge - The Music Of Istanbul
One String Loose..Reliably Dry..Kumquat
Megson..The Longshot..The Longshot
Lazaro Ros..Elegba..Rough Guide To Cuba
Nagma..Meena Dakhklo Sanga Kaygi..Rough Guide To The Music Of Afghanistan
Moishe's Bagel..Zen And The Art Of Walpaper Stripping..Uncle Roland's Flying Machine
Fiddlers Bid..Ode To Joy..The Authentic Sound Of Shetland

Monday, 10 January 2011

Thanks, Bully

Bully's appearance on rootsandshoots tonight brought forth emails extolling the artistry of the singer / guitarist / songwriter. Bully's songs, all delivered with tremendous passion, were:
Trees; The Truth About UFOs and Who Will Cry For Me?
Many, many thanks to Bully for coming in. 
Check out music by Bully (Adrian Bull) on myspace

Martin Henning presented the first hour and played:
Moishe's Bagel..Uncle Roland's Flying Machine..Uncle Roland's Flying Machine
Budapest Cafe Orchestra..Back To Clejani..Pocketful Of Rosin
Goze..Fastan..Quand On Est Bien Amoureux
Angel Brothers..Ghosts..Angel Brothers
Guo Brothers..Evening Song..Yuan
Wise Intentions..To Help Them..Demo
Ivo Papasov..Tinner's Dance..Dance Of The Falcon
Amal Murkus..Bhallelak..Listen To The Banned
Monkey Gland Blues Band..Howling For My Baby..Demo

Tracks chosen by Martin Hodge and Bully in the second half were:
Captain Ska..Liar Liar..download
Tattie Jam..Arisaig 2: Forty..Jam
The Incredible String Band..Cousin Caterpillar..Wee Tam & The Big Huge
The Low Anthem..Oh My God, Charlie Darwin..Cage The Song Bird
Gheorghe Zamfir..Franzulita Lemn Adus..Gheorghe Zamfir Vol. 16
Jim Causley..Whimple Wassail..Fruits Of The Earth
Emily Portman..Tongue-Tied..The Glamoury

Friday, 7 January 2011

Live line-up

Live on rootsandshoots
an array of talented local singers and musicians to entertain us
Mondays 18:00 to 20:00

10 January Bully pictured
24 January Sam Green
7 February Lara Conley
7 March Cole Stacey
Follow the links to the artists' websites

plus roots music from around the world

Monday, 3 January 2011

Jaime in January

Thank you very much to Jaime Leigh for joining Martin Hodge on rootsandshoots this evening to sing some songs for us with guitar accompaniment. It was a delightful session: Jamie entertained us with two self penned songs Wherever You Wanna Go and Painted Smiles plus the traditional House Of The Rising Sun.
The tracks/albums listed below were chosen by Martin and Jaime.

Waterson : Carthy..New Year Carol - Residue..Holy Heathens And The Green Man
Jean-Michel Veillon & Yvion Riou..Dans Plin..Pont Gwenn Ha Pont Stang
The Creole Choir Of Cuba..Se Lavi..Tande-La
Alasdair Roberts & Friends..Joy To The Person Of My Love..Froots Presents FAF Tracks
Richard Thompson..Crawl Back..Mock Tudor
Sarana VerLin..Winter Warriors..Bats & Butterflies
Steeleye Span..King Henry..Present: The Very Best Of Steeleye Span
Asmara All Stars feat. Veset Tsehage..Hakl
Lara Conley..Africa..Apple Tree
The Boys From Melbourne Street..Wealthy Man..A Walk In The Park
Otis Gibbs..Kansas City..Joe Hill's Ashes
The Roots Union..Rough Diamonds..promo
Headwater..Brown Stone Road..Lay You Down
Jerry Cahill pictured right..
Ghost Of An Ocean (ii)..Armchair Traveller
Spirit Talk Mbira feat.Chartwell Dutiro..Zunde..Looking For A New England 2: The Other Traditions
Sandy Denny..Pretty Polly (Alternate Take)..Where the Time Goes
BKO..Ready For The Sign..Dirtmusic

Sunday, 2 January 2011

A happy and fulfilling New Year to all listeners and bloggers

Mon 3 Jan 18:00 - 20:00 on Phonic FM: rootsandshoots 

with the delightful and entertaining Jaime Leigh and me. 

Jaime will be singing and playing and choosing tracks. I'll be continuing my review of 2010 and playing at least one track to wish everyone a HAPPY AND FULFILLING 2011.                  Martin Hodge