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Monday, 10 January 2011

Thanks, Bully

Bully's appearance on rootsandshoots tonight brought forth emails extolling the artistry of the singer / guitarist / songwriter. Bully's songs, all delivered with tremendous passion, were:
Trees; The Truth About UFOs and Who Will Cry For Me?
Many, many thanks to Bully for coming in. 
Check out music by Bully (Adrian Bull) on myspace

Martin Henning presented the first hour and played:
Moishe's Bagel..Uncle Roland's Flying Machine..Uncle Roland's Flying Machine
Budapest Cafe Orchestra..Back To Clejani..Pocketful Of Rosin
Goze..Fastan..Quand On Est Bien Amoureux
Angel Brothers..Ghosts..Angel Brothers
Guo Brothers..Evening Song..Yuan
Wise Intentions..To Help Them..Demo
Ivo Papasov..Tinner's Dance..Dance Of The Falcon
Amal Murkus..Bhallelak..Listen To The Banned
Monkey Gland Blues Band..Howling For My Baby..Demo

Tracks chosen by Martin Hodge and Bully in the second half were:
Captain Ska..Liar Liar..download
Tattie Jam..Arisaig 2: Forty..Jam
The Incredible String Band..Cousin Caterpillar..Wee Tam & The Big Huge
The Low Anthem..Oh My God, Charlie Darwin..Cage The Song Bird
Gheorghe Zamfir..Franzulita Lemn Adus..Gheorghe Zamfir Vol. 16
Jim Causley..Whimple Wassail..Fruits Of The Earth
Emily Portman..Tongue-Tied..The Glamoury

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