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Monday, 17 January 2011

A musical tour of exotic places

Today in Britain was designated Gloomy or Blue Monday - the gloomiest day of the year - but our stated aim on rootsandshoots was to take us all out of the gloominess and enjoy a musical tour of exotic places including Cuba, Mali, Turkey...and Exeter. We hope we achieved our aim.

We played...
Hot Club Of Cowtown..Stay a Little Longer..What Makes Bob Holler
AfroCubism..Nima Diyala..AfroCubism
Dalla pictured..Gannel Crake..Cribbar..Two Borders
Brenna Macrimmon..Got Me Gel..Kulak Misafiri
Cole Stacey..Walk To Midnight..Changing Faces
Sheer Hopody..Two Tunes..download
Lars Danielsson..Folk Song To All Children..Lars Danielsson Signature
Grupo Lokito..Esengo Ya Ko Bina..Looking For A New England 2
Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies..Keep Them Bairns Away..Froots Presents FAF Tracks
Les Orientales..Gomul Gel Seride Muhabbet Edelim..Rough Guide To North African Music
Tommy Steele..Hey You..single
Maggie Adamson & Brian Nicholson..Wir Inter-Island Cruise..The Authentic Sound Of Shetland
Saung..Anon..Bermese Folk & Traditional Music
Spontus..Plinn II..Spontsu 3
Sarana VerLin..Bats & Butterflies..Distant Thunder: Transatlantic Music Exchange
B.E. Cooling..Make The Time..Distant Thunder: Transatlantic Music Exchange
Orhan Geneebay..Halisiz Kul Olraz..Crossing The Bridge - The Music Of Istanbul
One String Loose..Reliably Dry..Kumquat
Megson..The Longshot..The Longshot
Lazaro Ros..Elegba..Rough Guide To Cuba
Nagma..Meena Dakhklo Sanga Kaygi..Rough Guide To The Music Of Afghanistan
Moishe's Bagel..Zen And The Art Of Walpaper Stripping..Uncle Roland's Flying Machine
Fiddlers Bid..Ode To Joy..The Authentic Sound Of Shetland

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