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Monday, 30 December 2013

16th December 2013

Hi all.
Tracks on this auspicious date were:

Supplique..The Stephane Wrembel Trio..Gypsy Rumble
My Buddy Blues..Five Breezes..The Human Orchestra
Tsiftetelli..The Toids..Unblocked Ears
Look East ..Treacherous Orchestra..Origins
Salaam Nubia..Alsarah..The Nile Project: Aswan
Sufi Stomp (Soul Of Sindh)..Arun Ghosh..A South Asian Suite
Utsav Pancham Se Gara..Ashwini Bhide Deshpande..Arghyan : The Offering
Bananeira ..Bebel Gilberto..Tuto Tempi
Cidade Maravilhosa ..Joyce Moreno..Rio De janiera
Carolina..Seu Jorge..Carolina
La Famille..Mamar Kassey..Tabouster -Niger
Preparando O Salto (Prepare To Jump..Siba..Avante
Haram gui..Urna..Portrait ''Heavenly Bird''
Minha Familia..Waldemar Bast..Pretaluz [blacklight]
Shekere..Vince Mendoza..Nights On Earth
Guitarra Guitarra Mía..Walter "Chino" Laborde & Diego "Dipi" Kvitko..Tango Tango, Vol. 3 Deluxe
La Espera ..Zíngaros..Gitango
Lucky Gilchrist..The Unthanks..Here's the Tender Coming
Martin Wynnes #2 / Martin Wynnes #1 / the Coalminer..We Banjo 3..Roots of the Banjo Tree
La Cote D'En Bas..Kejaj..Kejaj
Delirium Bulgaris..Hamon Martin Quintet..Du silence et du temps
Piece of Peace..Skatalites..Walk With Me
Wasod..Fernhill.Womex Wales
Strange News..Blowzabella..Falco
Lilly..Bootleg Swing Band..Demo EP
Singing In My Bathtub..Cheap Suit Serenaders..Soundcloud
Los Anges Dans Nos Compagfne..Bruce Cockburn..Soundcloud

Monday, 9 December 2013

From Loft's Music Shed...the Young Singer Songwriter Club...

...from Exeter Phoenix gave us some superb entertainment today.
 Listen here 
Loft’s Music Shed run a selection of young singer songwriter workshops, clubs and courses for creative, imaginative and talented young people in the South West.
From Loft's Music Shed, esteemed musician Laura Loft runs a very popular club at Exeter Phoenix for young music makers who want to be songwriters.
From this group, Rebecca, Ebby, Jamie, Holly, Polly and Daisy looked in to entertain us today.
And - with Laura - a wonderful sound they all made.

The ensemble began with two well rehearsed covers, Little Talks and Oh Hey.

Holly and Polly (Blue Moon) sang and played their own composition Ashes
and Jamie gave us his self-penned song The Crime You Didn't Do.
Laura completed the entertainment with her song I Had A Plan.

Wonderful!! Thank you very much to all the singers and musicians.

Laura Loft's website is here.

"Martin's Mandela mix" celebrating the life of an extraordinary man, 
Nelson Mandela

Pictured: Johnny Clegg with Nelson Mandela

Special AKA..Free Nelson Mandela
Johnny Clegg & Juluka..Asimbonanga
The Memeza African Choir featuring Marika Hattingh..The Rainbow Song
Miriam Makeba, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Paul Simon..N'Kosi Sikeleli

John Smith - Salty and Sweet
3 Daft Monkeys..Morwenna..Of Stones And Bones
Alex Kumar..If I Went Blind..Alex Kumar
Boban & Marco Marcovic..Sat..Golden Horns
Eric Bibb..Mandela Is Free
Ballake Sissoko..Kilanso..At Peace
Lal Waterson..Once In A Blue Moon / Evona Darling..Teach Me To Be A Summer's Morning
Nicky Swann..New Found Lands..How Does Your Land Lie?
Johanna Juhola..ITG Tango..Fantasiatango 2
Sky..Troika..Masterpieces: The Very Best Of Sky
The Young Tradition..Chicken On A Raft
Söndörgő..Buso Kolo..Tambourising: The Lost Music Of The Balkans
Dakar Audio Club..Mogobey
The Corrie Folk Trio..Rivonia
Ladysmith Black Mombasa..Inkanyezi Nezazi (The Star and the Wiseman)..The Best Of Ladysmith Black Mombasa: The Star and the Wiseman
Jackie Oates..The Wishfulness Waltz..The Violet Hour
Griselda Sanderson..Erdely Reels..Harpaphonics