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Friday, 27 November 2009

Siamber Wen by Solarference

This sequence of music will be played as part of this Monday's rootsandshoots. Solarference - Sarah Owen and Nick Janaway - here use electronic sounds and the human voice to present Welsh folk songs. 
It's innovative and beautiful. Do listen.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Good to hear from you...

We always enjoy hearing from people while we are onair. Today we heard from our good friends Ali in Turkey (sorry Turkish lass Goksel is not really your cup of tea, Ali) and Lynn in Topsham, dancing round the kitchen to music we played to celebrate her birthday. So, what did we play?...

Sandy Lopicic Orkestar..Last 1..Border Confusion
Cauld Blast Orchestra..Mixed Blood..Durga's Feast
Hamon Martin Quintet..C'est A Guipny..Metamorphoses
Lau..Freeborn Man..Lightweights & Gentlemen
Show Of Hands..Undertow..Witness
Baka Beyond..Beyond The Forest..Beyond The Forest
Staff Benda Bilili..Sala Keba..Tres Tres Fort
Pain d'Epices..Comme On Veuf..De Travers
Karma..La Classe Armoricaine..Mouvements
Plantec..Sant Uzin..Plantec
Celtech..Loudeac..Batcombe Vale
Goksel..Ayrilik Gunu..Turkish Groove
Sacha Nairobi..Princesa..2007 Putumayo Sampler
Boban Markovic Orchestra..Hava Nagila..Live In Belgrade
Mulehead..Frankie Lee..2007 Putumayo Sampler
Fatima Spar Und Die Freedom Fries..Andrej's Nachte
Oi Va Voi..Magic Carpet..Travelling The Face Of The Globe
Tango Band..Kandahar..Berlin Nights
Bollywood Brass Band..Gur Nalon Ishk Mitha..Froots No.13
De Dannan..Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheeba To Galway.. How The West Was Won
Marilyn Tucker & Paul Wilson..Tom's Gone To Hilo..On The Tide
Black Umfolosi..Hlele Mama Afrika..Freedom From Debt Vol. 2
Angelique Kidjo..Oulala..Oyaya!
Joscho Stephan..Ocean..Acoustic Live

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

All the roads here

This was the name of the radio drama we broadcast prior to rootsandshoots this Monday: a warm and moving piece telling the stories of three migrants and their extraordinary journeys to this country. More info on the Exeter Phoenix media website.
Produced by the Exeter Phoenix Media Centre with local students, it premiered on Phonic FM in September this year and we were delighted to be able to put it out onair again. Thanks to Zai for passing it on to us.

On rootsandshoots we played: Artist..Track..Album
Gong..Mich Too Old..Gong
Steeleye Span..The Old Maid In The Garrett..fRoots 7
Poisson Rouge..Track from demo
Poisson Rouge (pictured here) are playing for d'Accord: Breton/French dance at Ide Village Hall nr Exeter on Friday 20 November from 8pm


Oi Va Voi..Refugee..Laughter Through Tears
Municipale Balcanica..Libano..Road To Damascus
Tango Band..Blues On A Berlin Night..Berlin Nights
The Jazz Mandolin Project..Proust..Jungle Tango
Lau..Gallowhill..Lightweights & Gentlemen
Dick Gaughan..Workers' Song..Handful Of Earth
The Roots Union..The Straight And Narrow..promo
Check The Roots Union on Myspace for details of gigs in Devon
The Paperboys..Merengue Polkas..Callithump
Amestoy Trio..Fantomas..Sport & Couture.
Wig A Wag..Liviou Lou..Wig A Wag
Karma..La Classe Armoricaine..Mouvements
Cosmic Drone..La Belle EtoileEsma Redzepova..Odzacar..Mon Histoire
Oz'begim..Sherali Saraev..Rough Gude To The Music Of Cental Asia
Oumou Sangare..Seya..Seya
Four Brothers..Rumbidzai..Cooking Vinyl Sampler 1995

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Salsa Rico!

A night of sizzling Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Chachacha

Saturday 21st November

Rueda with Anil at 8 pm Dance 8.30-12 DJs Rich and Anil £5

St.Matthews Hall, Clifton Rd, Exeter, EX1 2BS

Contact Rich on 07884 345087
Bring your own bottle

Monday, 9 November 2009

Thank you, Solarference

Sarah Owen and Nick Janaway gave us a superb set tonight using voices and electronic sounds. They performed a suite of 4 songs, singing in English and Welsh.
So innovative and so well presented. What we sent out on the airways wa
s not a perfect representation but we hope you got an impression of how talented and entertaining they are.

Thank you too to Mike Boston who talked about Great Western Morris and Great Western Ceilidhs . They have a Ceilidh at Bowhill School, Exeter with Polkaworks (and we played some "live" tracks of theirs) this Saturday 14 November from 8pm.

In addition to Solarference's songs, we played


Hoover The Dog..American In Powys..Distempo
Angel Brothers..Same Sky, Different Planet..Angel Brothers
Richard Bona..Te Dikalo..Bona Makes You Sweat
Oi Va Voi..Worry Lines..Oi Va Voi
Tom Jenkinson / Squarepusher..Seb 1.05..Solo Electric Bass
Fatima Spar & The Freedom Fries..Kibirli Ceviz..Zirzop
Little Rumba..Rustrum and Sharkey..The Big Picture
Alain Caron..Had To Go..Le Band
Hilary Boxer & David Cottam..Libertango..Nocturne
Morris On Band..Old Tom Of Oxford / Webley Twizzle..The Mother Of All Morris
Sharon King & The Nevernever Cowboys..Cairn O Mohr..Reckless Angels
Mamer with Bela Fleck..Celebration..Eagle
Doudou Ndiaye Rose..Baye Kene Ndiaye..Djabote
Bossacucanova..Onde Anda Meu Amor..Uma Batida Differente

Friday, 6 November 2009

Solarference on the show on Monday

Solarference is Nick Janaway and Sarah Owen. They are sound artists, singers and electronic musicians, making sound-centred art and music from a number of perspectives, often combining electronics and the human voice. We're excited about welcoming them along to rootsandshoots this Monday 9 November to play for us and talk about their music. In the meantime hear them on their website.

Mike Boston of Great Western Ceilidhs fame will also be chatting with us about Great Western Ceilidhs!

Monday, 2 November 2009

The gang of three...

...were together again for tonight's rootsandshoots for the first time in many weeks. We had fun and hope that our enjoyment was infectious. A good variety of music: here's the playlist:


Alan Caron..From The T.O.P..Le Band
John Patitucci..Mali..Remembrance
Goliards..Reel-A-Pooka..The Beasts Are Rising

Goliards (pictured) are playing for the Ceilidh for Amnesty International at St James' Church Hall, Mount Pleasant Road, Exeter on Sat 7 Nov from 8pm

Spiers & Boden..Mary Ann..Vagabond

Bonga..Recordando Pio..Bonga Live

Bas Cissoko..Yele..Sabolan
The Jazz Mandolin Project..There's A Pipe In The Cellar..Jungle Tango
Angel Brothers..Stepping On Shadows..Angel Brothers
Dave Wood..Lovely Joan..Into The Light
Jackie Oates..May The Kindness..Hyperboreans
El Hadj N'Diaye..Sanu..Thiaroye
King Selewa..Trinidad..Calypso Invasion
Winaj'h..Chez Zaza..Winaj'h

Nigel Eaton & Julie Murphy..Sept Marins..Whirling Pope Joan
Spiro..Altrincham Round..Lightbox
El Sujeto..Se Murio Lola..Merengue Radio 6 Bootleg

Oscar D'Leon..Llamame..Fuzionando

Little Rumba..Roundabout..The Big Picture
Oi Va Voi..I Know What You Are..Travelling The Face Of The Globe
Xenos..Turkish Film Zurna..My Mother Said

Tanja Dimova..Songs Of South Bulgaria..
The Mysterious Voices Of Bulgaria
Elis Regina..Aviso Aos Navigantes..A Bencao

Renaud Garcia-Fons..Doust..Entremundo