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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

All the roads here

This was the name of the radio drama we broadcast prior to rootsandshoots this Monday: a warm and moving piece telling the stories of three migrants and their extraordinary journeys to this country. More info on the Exeter Phoenix media website.
Produced by the Exeter Phoenix Media Centre with local students, it premiered on Phonic FM in September this year and we were delighted to be able to put it out onair again. Thanks to Zai for passing it on to us.

On rootsandshoots we played: Artist..Track..Album
Gong..Mich Too Old..Gong
Steeleye Span..The Old Maid In The Garrett..fRoots 7
Poisson Rouge..Track from demo
Poisson Rouge (pictured here) are playing for d'Accord: Breton/French dance at Ide Village Hall nr Exeter on Friday 20 November from 8pm


Oi Va Voi..Refugee..Laughter Through Tears
Municipale Balcanica..Libano..Road To Damascus
Tango Band..Blues On A Berlin Night..Berlin Nights
The Jazz Mandolin Project..Proust..Jungle Tango
Lau..Gallowhill..Lightweights & Gentlemen
Dick Gaughan..Workers' Song..Handful Of Earth
The Roots Union..The Straight And Narrow..promo
Check The Roots Union on Myspace for details of gigs in Devon
The Paperboys..Merengue Polkas..Callithump
Amestoy Trio..Fantomas..Sport & Couture.
Wig A Wag..Liviou Lou..Wig A Wag
Karma..La Classe Armoricaine..Mouvements
Cosmic Drone..La Belle EtoileEsma Redzepova..Odzacar..Mon Histoire
Oz'begim..Sherali Saraev..Rough Gude To The Music Of Cental Asia
Oumou Sangare..Seya..Seya
Four Brothers..Rumbidzai..Cooking Vinyl Sampler 1995

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