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Monday, 31 March 2008


Yes! For some reason we can't get into our yahoo! email. So we now have a new one. Please contact us on rootsandshootsdevon@gmail.com

Monday, 24 March 2008

ROOTS AND SHOOTS today (Easter Monday)

We hope you enjoyed today's show as much as we did. Congratulations to our guest singer, composer, guitarist Tobias Ben Jacob (pictured right) for being so composed, so informative and so talented. Do check out his myspace page where you can listen to some of his music. Just click on his name.

Next rootsandshoots Monday 31st March 10am to 12 noon GMT

Here's the eclectic list of what we played:


3dB Ceilidh Band..Flaxey Green..promo (not commercially available)
Besh O Drom..Lazitó..Macsó Himzés
Marcus Millar..Blast..Free
Paul Smale Group..Manjuenta Café..The 2006 Collection
Oi Va Voi..A Csitari Hegyek Alatt..Laughter Through The Tears
Miranda Sykes..Shape of my Heart..Bliss
Jon Hassell..Baila..Earthquake Island
Pedro Brown..Africa Earth..Out Of The Storm
Stanley Clarke..Game..Toys of Men
Karma..Hanleys Reel + Snow Leopard..Liesliw
The School Of Trobar..Voices Of The Ages/Reverence..Love Songs & Trance Hymns
Ray Barretto..Acid..Acid
Apagya Show Band..Kwaku Ananse..Ghana Soundz
Johnny Ventura..La Protesta de los Feos..JV y su Combo
Daby Toure..Kelimanta..Diam
DJ Patife Remix featuring Fernanda Porto..Sambassim..Brasil EP
Manolito y su Trabuco..El Cantor..Hablando en Serio
King Sunny Ade..Ma Jaiye Oni..King of Juju
Storvan..Kas A Barh..An Deiziou Kaer
Poisson Rouge..5 Time Waltz..Made In Dawlish (not commercially available)

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Easter Monday Show

We've got a very special show for you on Easter Monday. As well as the usual wonderful CD mix of music from around the world, in the studio with all 3 presenters will be excellent local singer guitarist Tobias Ben Jacob (half of the duo The School of Trobar pictured here: Tobias on the left) talking about his music, his plans and more.

Well I don't mind putting my neck on the line and saying that these two are surely going to hit the big time.....Tobias Ben Jacob and Phillip Henry, two great guitarists, and what a voice Tobias has too..... Verity Sharp, Late Junction, Radio 3

rootsandshoots Monday 24th March with Martin Hodge, Martin Henning & Richard Cooke from 10am to 12 noon GMT.

And now....the picture you've all been waiting for....presenter Martin Henning on bass guitar...

Is there any end to this man's talents?.....Martin Henning.....famed base guitarist and mandolin player with Spinach for Norman, The Tango Band, Poisson Rouge etc and now ace Phonic FM DJ.....Where else can he go but up? Martin Hodge, Phonic FM

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

This week's playlist

What we played on Monday 17th March. Album details not available at present.


Anibal Velasquez..La Arana
Sharon Shannon..Reel Beatrice
Oliver Mtukudzi..Ndagarwa
NhakaJuan Luis Guerra..Quisiera
Henry Makoba..Likuta Bibi
Moussa Poussy..ToroSouad
Massi..BladiCaetano Veloso..
Nao EncheAmal Murkus..Hulum
Susana Baca..AfroBlue/Zum Zum
Issa Bagayogo..Tounga
Arcady..Toss the Feathers
Celia Cruz..Toro Mata
Radio Tarifa..Temporal
Denise Marie..Long and Loud
Youssou N'Dour..Sabar
Bert Jansch..The Gardener
Malouma..MremeideLa Sonora
Richard Bona..Te Dikolo
Kathryn Tickell..The Gathering
Rory Gallagher..They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore
Trio Matamoros..Lagrimas
Negras Mamborama..Mentiras
Dave Wood..Shebeg Shemore and Love Today

Monday, 10 March 2008

You were listening to....

Making allowances for slipped discs, this is what Martin Henning played today.

Stanley Unwin, All Sitting Comfortably?, Ogdens Nut Gone Flake
Spinach for Norman, Hopping Up Haytor, Ready To Start Again
Electric Flag, Wine, A Long Time Comin
So Long Angel, Cell Phone Blues, Falling
Bus Hookers, Left to Ruin, Life in the Bus Lane
Red Ingle & Natural 7, Pagan Ninny, Tim Tayshun
Dalla, Begone, More Salt (Cornish band Dalla are pictured here)
Scoot, Sumach Set, A Certain Shade of Folk
Green Grass Band, Morpeth Set, At Lanagan’s Ball
Mick Holditch, Horizons, Horizons
Pendel, Krivo Horo, Edno
Tango Band, Snosti / Ludo, Wind In The City
Jean Luc Ponty, Orbital Encounters, Open Mind
No Tskuna Tsha, Dance, Alama Za Vidole
Suuf , Gido, Debbo Hande
Nahawa Doumbia, Sogodounou, Diby
Lulo Rheinhart, Manoir De Mes Reves, Projet No.2
Django Rheinhart, In A Sentimental Mood, Djangology
Project Bresson, Je Me Suis Fait Tout Petet, Project Bresson
Cosmic Drone, St. Denis en Valse, Cosmic Drone
Vach’inton:g, Bigoudi, La Melodie de la Vache Folk
Aires, Barrio De Tango, Otros Aires
Afro Cortex, Raising The Titanic, Jazzmonk
Yazid Fentazi, River Path, Fantazia
Cosmic Drone, Drive Left, Cosmic Drone
Frank Zappa, Blessed Relief, Grand Wazoo
No Tshuna Tsha, Kweni Ni Kweni Tu, fRoots N0.15

Next show next Monday 17 March 10am to 12 noon with presenter Richard Cooke (taking a break from his gardening). Don't miss out: listen in!

Friday, 7 March 2008

More ROOTS AND SHOOTS am shows

Sorry if you're working and can't hear us live yet!! There will be at least 3 more Monday morning 10am to midday progs - on 10th, 17th and 24th March. The best music from Devon and around the world! Full info on local folk/roots events!

Martin, Martin & Rich

(presenters, not solicitors)

What we played on 3rd March

After the theme tune, we played (Artist/Track/Album)....

Oi Va Voi, Od Yashoma, Laughter Through Tears
Rabik Abon-Khalil, Ugo In Love, Between Dusk & Dawn
Gilad Atzmon + The Orient House Ensemble, Lust For Sale, Nostalgico
La Famila Valera, Miranda Llora Mi Nena, Cuba
Arthurs Born, Fred Combo, Obsession
Gotan Project, Arrabel, Lunatico
Tango Band, Fandango, Last Tango In Powys
Jean Luc Ponty, How Would You Like To Have A Head Like That?, King Kong***
Alain Genty, Castellar De La Frontera, Une Petite Lanterne
Kepajunkera, Napoli, Hiri
Carre Manchot, Neglacho, December
Dalla, Tane an Gove, Rooz
Hoover The Dog, Meltdown, Between
Wistman’s Wood, Mormond Braes, Wistman’s Wood
Spyka, Late Night etc, Spyka
Misericordia, Sancta Mater Gracie/Dou Way Robin, Robin’s M’Aime
Jose Albereto, Baila Que Baile, De Pueblo Y Con Clase
Bonga, Banga Fukula, Maiorais
Plantec, Ya d’ar Brezhonneg, Reverzhi
Karma, Ridees + Digoradur, Liesliw
Stanley Clarke, Game, The Toys Of Men
Salif Keita, Calculer , M’Bamba

***Sorry: CD slipped. Will try to play it again some time!

Saturday, 1 March 2008

And now Martin....

Martin Henning will be presenting an eclectic selection of global roots music on Monday 3rd March between 10 am and 12 noon. Listen in!

Martin and his bass guitar are pictured here with Spinach For Norman