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Friday, 7 March 2008

What we played on 3rd March

After the theme tune, we played (Artist/Track/Album)....

Oi Va Voi, Od Yashoma, Laughter Through Tears
Rabik Abon-Khalil, Ugo In Love, Between Dusk & Dawn
Gilad Atzmon + The Orient House Ensemble, Lust For Sale, Nostalgico
La Famila Valera, Miranda Llora Mi Nena, Cuba
Arthurs Born, Fred Combo, Obsession
Gotan Project, Arrabel, Lunatico
Tango Band, Fandango, Last Tango In Powys
Jean Luc Ponty, How Would You Like To Have A Head Like That?, King Kong***
Alain Genty, Castellar De La Frontera, Une Petite Lanterne
Kepajunkera, Napoli, Hiri
Carre Manchot, Neglacho, December
Dalla, Tane an Gove, Rooz
Hoover The Dog, Meltdown, Between
Wistman’s Wood, Mormond Braes, Wistman’s Wood
Spyka, Late Night etc, Spyka
Misericordia, Sancta Mater Gracie/Dou Way Robin, Robin’s M’Aime
Jose Albereto, Baila Que Baile, De Pueblo Y Con Clase
Bonga, Banga Fukula, Maiorais
Plantec, Ya d’ar Brezhonneg, Reverzhi
Karma, Ridees + Digoradur, Liesliw
Stanley Clarke, Game, The Toys Of Men
Salif Keita, Calculer , M’Bamba

***Sorry: CD slipped. Will try to play it again some time!

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