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Monday, 31 January 2011

Junction Roots and Shoots / Poland

It was great to welcome DJ Tomek Adamski to rootsandshoots this evening to play us some "folkish" music from his native Poland. Read about his Phonic FM show here.
Tomek played: 
Artist..Song Title Follow links to websites (provided by Tomek), some in English, some in Polish:
Studio As One Vs Orkiestra Świętego Mikołaja..Kołomyja Jarocińska
Pchnąć W Te Lódź Jeża..Za Górami, Za Lasami
Otako..Ej Zagrajcie
Psio Krew..Hajduk
Ryczące Shannon Project..Tri Martolod
Trebunie Tutki..Twój Czas (Ni Ma Casu)
Yerba Mater..Sebkha
Grzegorz Z Ciechowa..Piejo Kury, Piejo

Other music played...
...by Martin Henning:
John Barry 7..Walk Don't Run..Rockabilly Boogie
remembering John Barry who died recently
So Long Angel..Would It Matter..Would It Matter
David Pasquet..Bouree..Maximus Textorius 006
Kroke..Returns..Klezmer Acoustic Music
Romica Puceanu + Gore Brothers..Unde O Fi Puiul De Aseara..Sounds From A Bygone Age
Ahmed Zahir..Leiti-Jan..Music Of Afghanistan
Anir Beso..Restless Rumba..Illumination
Dudu Pakwana..Diamond Express..Ubagile
MBilia Bel..Liasanga Bambanda..Bel Canto
Fadal Dey..Non Au Racisme..Listen To The Banned
Alain Caron..Soleil Rouge..Septantrion
Pham Duc Thanh..Mua Lua Chin..Vietnamese Traditional Music
...by Martin Hodge: 
Spiro..Captain Says Catastrophe..Lightbox
Lara Conley..Through The Fair..Apple Tree

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