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Monday, 26 October 2009

We started in Bristol...

...with Spiro and ended in Devon with Panacea. In between we reached as far away as Australia.

Here's the full list. Artist..Track..Album
Spiro..The White Hart..Lightbox
Sam Car
ter..Next Of Kin..Folk Rising 2
Les Negress
es Vertes..La Faim Des Haricots..Mlah
Bernard Loffet..Droneless / Les Marjolaines (Cercle Circassien)..Moteur!
The Fureys..The Curragh Of Kildare..The Spanish Cloak
Sherburn, Bartley & Scott..Do With What You've Got..Live at The Wharf
ff Benda Bilili..Moziki..Tres Tres Fort
Think Of One..Feira
De Mangaio..Awards For World Music 07Fanfare Ciocarlia..Kan Marau La..Queens & Kings
Marta Sebestyen..Sz
eress Egyet..The Best Of Marta Sebestyen
17 Hippies..Son Mystere..Sound Of The World 2007

La Bibournoise..Les Culottes De V'Lour..Genticorum

Goliards..Stroking Bees / Muiniera De Chao..Slipperty Stomp

Goliards are playing at the Ceilidh For Amnesty at St James' Church
Hall, Mt Pleasant, Exeter on Saturday 7th November from 8pm
The Waifs..Sunflower M
an..A Brief History Of The Waifs (Live)
Habib Koite..Barra..Bamada
Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll pictured belowThe Robber + The Burd
ette / Family Jig
recorded live for
rootsandshoots in July 09
Olivia Chaney..Some
Rival..Looking For A New England
The Incredible String Band..Empty Pocket Blues..The Incredible String Band
Ojos De Brujo..Sultanas De Merkaillo..Awards For World Music 07
Ska Cubano..Bobine..
Awards For World Music 07
Fanfare Ciocarlia..Born To Be Wild..Queens & Kings
Staff Benda Bilili..Marguerite..Tres Tres Fort
Mary Epworth..The Saddle Song..Looking For A New England

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