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Monday, 21 July 2008

Thank you, AmaVoché

What a superb sound AmaVoché made this evening. Alise and Celia's harmony singing was a joy to hear. Here's what they sang:
Nanile, a Georgian lullaby
Son Mi Dojde, a Bulgarian love song
My Word, Alise's wedding song
May The Road from Ireland.
If you want to get in touch with them, you can do so using the email for another project of Alise's: orders@singingforsnorers.com You don't have to be a snorer to book them!

CDs played:
Sweet Honey In The Rock..Now That The Buffalo are Gone
Silly Sisters..What Will we Do?..No More To The Dance
Vujiciscs..Dere..Serb & Croat Folk Music
Rua Port'Alba..Adriana..Italian Musical Odyssey

Oliver Mtukudzi..Kunze Kwadoka..PaipevoMiriam Makeba..A Luta Continua..WelelaRadio Tarifa..El Mandil De Carolina..TemporalTipica 73..Chanchullo..CharangueandoLura..Vazulina..Di Korpu Ku Alma
The Sabri Brothers..Ya Sahib-Uj-Jamar..Real World Sampler 1995

Denise Marie..Who Would Jesus Bomb..Message From Aphrodite
Johnny Dickinson..Into The Deep..Folk Awards 2006
Robert Randolph and the Family Band..Soul Refreshing..Unclassified
Lonnie Johnson..Mr Johnson's Swing..Classic Blues
Dave Wood..Healing Tune..Into the Light
Os Originais Do Samba..Tenha Fe Pois Amanha..Brasil Mix
Johnny Ventura..Un Poquito Para Atras..JV y Su ComboMamborama..Senorita Pajarita..Directamento Al Mambo
Gnawa Collectif..Bangoro..FRoots 29 Shirley Collins & The Albion Country Band..Just As The Tide Was Flowing..No Roses
Kate & Anna McGarrigle..Complainte Pour Ste. Catherine..Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Kevrenn Alre..La-Ri-Dongé..La-Ri-Dongé
Riccardo Tesi..Il Battagliero..Italian Musical Odyssey
Félix Lajkó..Play 1..Best Of Fono Records

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