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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Every Style Imaginable

That was Rich's comment on what we played yesterday. Hope you enjoyed the mix!

Mr Scruff..Stockport Carnival..Ninja Tuna
Pedro Brown..On The Horizon..Out Of The Storm
Renaud Garcia-Fons..Sereban..Entro Mundo
Daughters Of Elvin..Su La Rivera..Goldrbok
Eel Grinders..The Microwave..Voyage
Jackie Oates..The Bonny Labouring Boy..The Violet Hour
Jim Causley..Rolling Of The Stones..Lost Love Found
La Bibournoise..Pinson Et Cendrouille..Genticorum
Arling & Cameron..Shiva's Daughters..World Lounge
Los Van Van..Por Que No Te Enamoras..Chapeaude
Khadja Nin..Sina Mali, Sina Deni..Women Of Africa
Pape & Cheikh..Soni..Marianna
Gianmaria Testa..Un Aeroplano A Vela..Mediterranean Café Songs
Wig A Wag..Livio Lou..Sarah Ha Sofar
Alain Genty..Ma Var..Le Grand Erchrier
Tal Witherfeld..Table For One..Transformation
Henry Cow..Teen Heat..Leg End
Ayrilik Günü..Göksel..Turkish Groove
..Teraj Kume..Oj Javore
Andy Montanez & Herman Olivera..Fruto Que Da..El Godfather De Salsa

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