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Monday, 27 July 2009

Nick & Becki in the studio

We heard a delightful live set from Nick Wyke and Becki Driscoll today: The Robber, Coronation Day and Birdette/Family Jig. From their CD Beneath The Black Tree we played Edward and George Watson's Hornpipe. The couple are busy doing the round of festivals now, starting with Sidmouth. Find out more on Nick and Becki's website. They are featured too on the new Angel Brothers album.
Several of the artists featured on the show are at Sidmouth Folk Week between 31 July and 7 August.

Other recordings played: Artist..Track..Album
Dalla..Three Knights/An Vug E'n Loor..More Salt
Edward II..La Russe..Zest
Peatbog Faeries..Lexy Macaskill..Mellowcity
Gadjologie..Clown Sous Bong..Gadjologie
Oi Va Voi..Know What You Are..Travelling The Face Of The Globe
Matt Norman..
Jim Moray..Nightvisiting..Jim Moray
Little Devils..Washing All The Blues Away From This Town..This Is How It Starts
Zig A Zag!..Madame Sosthene..Bayou Tapestry
Poisson Rouge..Tricots..demo
Rail Band..Armee Malienne..Soundiata
Ainote-San..Ping Pong Marimba..Live In Toyama
Martin Simpson..Pretty Crowing Chicken..Prodigal Son
Taksim Trio..Gitti De Gitti..Taksim Trio
Besh O Drom..Kamienes Ket..Once I Catch The Devil
Cock And Bull Band..Panique Couscous..Pumped Up & Loaded
Martin Simpson..Mother Love..Prodigal Son
Lost track of the order we played them in!!

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