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Monday, 2 May 2011

Mayday Mayday

The start of Spring and International Workers' Day. We played a number of relevant tracks.

Dick Gaughan..The Workers' Song..A Handful Of Earth
Jackie Oates..The Pleasant Month Of May..Hyperboreans
Robert Wyatt..The Red Flag..Nothing Can Stop Us
Wig A Wag..Vents Contraires..Wig A Wag
Brigada Victor Jara..Tia Baptista..Marcha Dos Folioes
Victor Jara..Conto Libre..Canto Libre
Afro Cubism..Guantanamera..Afro Cubism
Orchestra Baobab..Bon Bon I..Bamba
Owiny Sigoma Band..Wires..Owiny Sigoma Band
Dub Colossus..Yeh Shimbraw Tir Tir..Through The Looking Glass
Mory Kante..Yeke Yeke..The Best Of Mory Kante
Mzikayafani Buthalezi..Themba..Homeland: A Collection Of Black South African Music
Jim Causley..Little Ball Of Yarn..Dumnonium
Clive Gregson..Fred Astaire..Happy Hour
Mongol Band..4 Year Old Horse..Mongolian Music
Traditional Chinese..Whispering With Zheng Harp & Mongolian Gong..Chinese Traditional Music
Billy Brandt & Sarana VerLin..Knock On Wood..Live From Billy's Basement
Carolina Chocolate Drops..Cindy Gal..Genuine Negro Jig
Woody Guthrie..This Land Is Your Land..My Dusty Road
The Wailers..400 Years..Catch A Fire
Jeff Nhore..Afara Koa Tsy Atao..African Beats: Essential African Grooves
Gotan Project..La Gloria..Tango 3.0
Khaled..Kebou..N'Ssi N'Ssi
Mariem Hassan..Magat Milkitna Dulea..Arabesque Arba'a 4
Bea Palya..Hoppa..Adieu Les Complexes
Lara Conley pictured playing for Roots & Shoots..In Peace..Apple Tree
Selim Sesler & Brenna Macrimmon..Pencerisi Yola Karsi
Billy Bragg..Thatcherites..Bloke On Bloke

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