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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

You, our listeners...

...are obviously vital to us...and it's great when we hear from you or meet you in person. We were delighted when Peter Vance got in touch to say how much his partner Karen Mander enjoyed listening to rootsandshoots and Phonic FM and that he would like to bring Karen into the studio on the eve of her birthday. They came in and evidently enjoyed their time with us. We wish Karen a very Happy Birthday.
Other listeners...get in touch (email at top of page) and maybe we will get to meet you too!


  1. Thanks Martin - we had a great time. Good to see you and the show whilst on air. A perfect birthday surprise - I love Phonic FM. As they say - no playlists, no commercials - and plenty of diversity. I've discovered some great music. Just wishing we had reception at home - we live out-of-town so happy listening is limited to the car... at present. Now where did I put those coathangers?............