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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Home Alone

Roots And Shoots on Phonic FM 21 December 2009

It was just me, Martin Henning, in the studio this week.
Tracks I played were as follows:
Angel Brothers..Stepping On Shadows..Angel Brothers
Rabih Abou-Khalil..Dawn..Between Dusk And Dawn
Les Orientales..Wayak..Music-Hall D'Algerie
Ahmet Kusgoz Ye Arkandaslari..Tulum Roman Havasi..Gypsies Of Turkey
Abyssinia Infinite..Aba Alem Lemenea..Ethiopian Soul Music
Zambula..Neyaziza..Massive Respect
Tinariwen..Tenere Dafed Nikchen..Tinariwen
Sierra Maestra..Dundunbanza..Froots #4
Les Desterrados..Buenos Aires..Les Desterrados
Astor Piazzola + New Tando Sex-tet..Luna
Yo Yo Ma..Tango Suite,Andante..Spirit Of The Tango
The Tango Band.. The Habenera..Berlin Nights
Hoover The Dog..Dead Dogs..Distempo
Dalla..Awel Vase..More Salt
Jim Causley..Prickleye Bush..Jim Causley..demo
Celtech..Faery Dance..Celtech
Guichen..Human Psyk..Freres
Alain Genty..Kanevedenn..Une Petite Lanterne
Fred Combo..Pensee..Fred Combo
E.S.T...Well Wisher..E.S.T.
Sandy Lopicic Orkestrar..Usti Usti Babo..Border Confusion
Fatima Spar And The Freedom Fries pictured..Uc Atli..Trust

Next week it's the 2 Martins again. Bye for now!

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