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Monday, 18 August 2008

Michel, Marcela, Rich and more...

We hope you enjoyed tonight's show. It was a pleasure to be able to bring you live music from our Columbian friends, Michel and Marcela, accompanied by our own Rich. Martin and I thought they were wonderful. The instruments Michel and Marcela played are all hand made by members of the Grammy award winning band Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto.
Martin Hodge

The CD tracks played were... Artist..Track..Album..

Davell Crawford..Gather By the River..Our New Orleans 2005
Mary Gauthier..Our Lady Of The Shooting Stars..That's Proper Folk
Teddy Thompson..Shine So Bright..Separate Ways
Christine Collister..Hallelujah..Love
Oi Va Voi..D'Ror Yikra..Laughter Through tears
Fred Combo..Pensée..Obsession
Gadjologie..Blessad Relief..Gadjologie
Dedale..Circus Confetti..Face Cachée
Melingo..En Un Bondi Color Humo..Maldito Tango
Les Boukakes..L'Alawi..Awards For World Music 07
Les Negresses Vertes..Zobi La Mouche..Routes
Gogol Bordello..Not A Crime..Awards For World Music 07
Les Vagabonds De Gibolescu..Hocas..Tsiganes A Et Konus
Otros..Sin Rumbo..Aires
Catriona McDonald..The Tiddal Troll..fRoots?
The Eel Grinders..The Hill Changes Colour..Voyage
Kris Drever..Braw Sailin' On The Sea..Black Water
June Tabor..Heather down The Moor..Anthology
Rosa Paeda..Facee..Facee
Stephan Delieq..Manette/Vivre..Accordion Diatonique
Zydecom Party..Dopsie's Cajun Stomp..Rocking Dopsi

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