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Monday, 1 September 2008

The boys done good

The Boys From Melbourne Street - Colin, Dave and Keith - did a great live set for us this evening with great repartie as well as tip-top songs. Here's what they played...
A Walk In The Park
Flamenco Red
If I Loved My Mobile
Chinese Whispers 

On CD:
Goliards..Jovano Jovanke..The Beasts Are Rising
Gabriel Yacoub..La Chasse..Trad Arr.
The Boys From Melbourne Street..Dance For Jo And Anni..Songs from the Heart
Matt Norman..3/2 Hornpipe/Oldham Rowling Hornpipe..Eight Days Late
Cosmic Grone..Orakman..Cosmic Grone
Matt Molloy & Friends..The Humors Of Lisadell Set..Up Mayo
The Boys From Melbourne Street..Ride With Me not yet available
Vach In Tong..Les Petits Passions Verts..La Melodie De La Vache Folk
Compagnie Giulia..Branle Double & Simple..Compagnie Giulia
Daughters Of Elvin..Su La Rivera..Galdrbok
Rosa Rebecka..Om Alla Berg Och Bachar..Untold pictured right
Obsession..Triptyque..Bulgaroide Tribu
Carre Manchot..Andro/Neg La Cho..December
EST..7 Days Falling..7 Days Falling
Bonzo Dog Band..You’ve Done My Brain In.. Some of the Best of the Bonzo Dog Band
The Boys From Melbourne Street..Wealthy Man not yet available
Martins 4 featuring Juan Martin..Rumba Nostalgica/La Feria..Martins 4
Richard Bono..Bisso Baba..Reverence
Randy Newman & The Louisiana Philharmonic..Louisiana..Our New Orleans 2005
Rev Hammer..Down By The River O..A Festival Of Folk
L’Ouragon..Beausoleil.. Our New Orleans 2005 just a snatch played!

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