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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Many thanks to Jim Causley...

...who sang and played for us superbly and to all the merry wassailers: Lynn Walsh plus Gavin and Conrad Hodge. And, of course, to Martin Henning for his encouragement! Lynn got a bit more than she bargained for but will be eternally known as the woman who sang exquisitely with the world famous Jim Causley on the wireless.

Jim & Lynn pictured right. Click on pic for Jim's website

Jim sang (with his own accordian accompaniment and Lynn) The Sugar Wassail plus 1 other (Sorry, Jim, can't remember the name of it - let me know, if you see this!)

Martin Hodge

On the gramophone or whatever we played... Artist..Track..Album

Martin Henning's choices:
Cheb Mami..Harachi..Meli Meli
Waaberi..Rog Rogosho..New Dawn
EST..In My Garage..Ballad For The Unborn
Secret Oyster..Sreneme..Live In The USA
Nucleus..Torso..Solar Plexus
Karma..Ar Plach Libertin..Plantec
He intended to play Marcus Miller..Strum..Marcus but didn't!!
Dalla..Cold Turkey..More Salt
Dry Marrak..Bramble Briar..Dry Marrak

Gavin's choice:
Intuition featuring Kate Rusby & Kathryn Roberts..The Moon & St Christopher..Intuition

Lynn's choice:
The Dixie Chicks..

Martin Hodge's choices incl. the Wassailing songs:
Voices in Common..Wassail..The Voice that Lives Inside You
Shirley Collins..Ashen Faggot Wassail..Adieu To Old England
Wren Music..Robin Redbreast..Dead Maid's Land
Shirley & Dolly Collins..Gower Wassail..Anthems In Eden
Jim Causley..Whimple Wassail..Fruits Of The Earth
Peter Bellamy..A-Roving On A Winter's Night

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