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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Thank you, Alice...

...for entertaining us yesterday in the studio. We were starstruck by your performance and impressed by your self confidence. You write some good songs too. Well done.

Alice's songs were For A While, Something Clichė and On My Mind.

If you missed Alice Jemima's singing and guitar playing, that's a shame. But you can hear more on these links: Alice on myspace and Alice on reverbnation

Recordings played... Artist..Track..Album
The Watersons..Here We Come A-Wassailing..Frost & Fire
Griselda Sanderson with James Dumbleton..Alpha..Harpaphonics
Jolie Holland..Mad Tom Of Bedland..Escondida
Teddy Thompson..The Things I Do..Piece Of What you Need
Fairport Convention..Farewell, Farewell..Liege & Lief TeddyThompson & Fairport Convention are amongst artists performing in January at Exeter Phoenix
Jackie Oates..Lark In the Morning..The Violet Hour
Davy Spillane..Moyasta Junction..Shadow Hunter
Kroke..River Of Shadows..Seventh Trip
Gadologie..Blessed Relief..Gadologie
The Tango Band..Escatila..Berlin Nights
Arvest..Ma Flanedenn..Fantazi
Wig A Wag..Serjeant Major..Sarah Ha Safar
Hamon Martin Quintet..La Fontaine Des Amants..L'Habit De Plume
Sitan.. Pennou Skoulm..Trinhai
Alice Jemima..1234..Alice Jemima
Karma.La Classe Armoricaine...Mouvements
EST..Elevation Of Love..EST
Mahmoud Ahmed..Bèlomi Bènna..Ethiopiques – Erè Mèla Mèla
Maria Buza with Tanaful Ciuleandra..Anicuta Neichii Draga..The Gypsies Of Wallachia
Taksim Trio..Biҫare..
Lila Downs..La Cantina – Entre Copa Y Copa
Lau..Gallowhill..Lau Live

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