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Monday, 8 June 2009

We get around

Yep. We got around within the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa and America tonight. Here's the list.

Fatima Spar and The Freedom Fries..Tuekebold..Rust
Cauld Blast Orchestra..The Last Gift..Durga’s Feast
Amestoy Trio.. Le Barbu..Sport And Couture

Municipale Balcanica..Libano..Road To Damascus
Baka Beyond..Nahwia's Dream..Baka Beyond The Forest
Kante Manfila..Agne Anko..The Rough Guide To West African Music
Martin Carthy..The Dominion Of The Sword..Right Of Passage
Jim Causley..Polly Vaughn..Lost Love Found pictured
Winaj’h.. An Rogn..Winaj’h
Lau..Hinba..Lightweights and Gentlemen

Guichen Brothers..La Porte Rouge..Freres
The Jazz Mandolin Project..Proust..Jungle Tango

Beata Palya..Hoppa..Adieu Les Complexes
Besh O Drom..Rumelaj..Once I Catch The Devil
The Terem Quartet..Fantasy..Terem
Gris Sanderson & Harpaphonics..In Thunder..Harpaphonics
Lulo Reinhardt..Lela..Project No. 2
Manteca..Muchacha..Manteca..Tremendo Boogaloo

Marcus Miller..Blast..Marcus
Omara Portuando..Juramento..Flor De Amor
Ojos De Brujo..Ley De Gravidad..Bari
Wilber..Vestapol..Folk Awards 2007

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