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Monday, 25 January 2010

Thanks to today's guests...

Sonny from Celtech and Alice Jemima. Great music from both of them. Click on their names and you'll be whisked away to their respective Facebook pages where you can listen to more of their music and read all about them.

We hope all Scots had a happy Burns Night.



Alice's photo taken by Jo (her mum) in the studio. Celtech's from their website.

Recordings played:
E.S.T...Evening In Atlantis..Seven Days Of Falling
Fred Combo with Katell Kloareg..Feunteun Ar Goasaleg..Obsession
Celtech..Maniac Suite..Celtech
Celtech..Black Isle..Celtech
Cauld Blast Orchestra..Reels Within Wheels..Savage Dance
Angel Brothers..Django's Caravan..Angel Brothers
Alice Jemima..Crazy Little Thing..Alice Jemima
Karine Polwart..Mirk Mirk Is This Midnight Hour..Fairest Floo'er
John Martyn..Eibhli Ghail Chiun Ni Chearbhail..Inside Out
Kate McGarrigle..Blues In D..Kate & Anna McGarrigle
RIP Kate McGarrigle
Amadou & Mariam..Sabali..Welcome To Mali
Martin Simpson..Horn Island..Righteousness & Humidity
Kalman Balogh..Listen!..Hungary & The Gypsies
Fulgerica..Briu De La Craiova..Princes Amongst Men
Roy Bailey..Tom Paine's Bones..Coda
Tom Paxton..Harper..Ramblin' Boy
Martin Simpson..The Last Shot Got Him..Righteousness & Humidity

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