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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Pipes and strong bass...

...featured on yesterday's show - and lots more too!

Playlist for Monday 10 May
The Tango Band..Tarantella..Berlin Nights
Peatbog Faeries..Maids Of Mount Cisco..Mellowcity
Kangaroo Moon..Astral..Between Two Worlds
Blue Murder..No One Stands Alone..Three Score And Ten (a featured compilation celebrating 70 years of Topic Records)
The Battlefield Band..Miss Drummond Of Perth / Fiddler's Joy / The Shetland Reel..Three Score And Ten
Hoover The Dog..Stripping Pollocks..Scratch 'n'n Sniff
De Trampa..Rigitalcoya..Tango Fusion Club
Paul Robeson..Joe Hill..Three Score And Ten
The Ian Campbell Folk Group..The Peat Bog Soldiers..Three Score And Ten
Karma..Mouvements 1 Mouvements
Joscho Stephan..All Together..Django Forever
Vlado & Nikola Robanovski..Baranca..Three Score And Ten
The Jauharah Orchestra..Nna Hamu..Three Score And Ten
Wistman's Wood..Being On Chagford Allotments On A May Morning..Wistman's Wood
Edward II..Wild Mountain Thyme..Zest
Billy Brandt & Sarana VerLin..Sally Hitched A Ride..Live From Billy's Basement
Jill Jack..Tumbleweed..Songwriter Sessions
Evan Christopher..I Know That You Know..Django A La Creole
Amsterdam Klezmer Band..Ludacris..Remixed
The Chieftains with The Chinese Ensemble..Full Of Joy..The Essential Chieftains
Cengiz Ozkan..Deny Dalgasiz Olimaz..Rough Guide To Turkish Music
East Texas Serenaders..Mineola Rag..R.Crumb's Hero's Of Blues And Jazz
Marilyn Tucker & Paul Wilson..Henry Martin..On The Tide
Rough Music..Carval Ny Drogh Vranne..Midwinter
On The Tide and Midwinter albums available from Wren Music
Edwardo Catemario..Cisco Acentuado Piezas..Coplete Works
La Lionetta..Prinzi Raimond..Balate

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