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Monday, 13 December 2010

Local legend Jerry Cahill...

...did a magnificent set for us on rootsandshoots this evening. Well done, Jerry. It was great too that Jerry stuck around for the rest of the show and gave us his input on some of the recordings we played. Jerry's live set consisted of The Enchanter, Levantines and Mermaid's Purse, all his own compositions. Towards the end of the show we squeezed one more out of him and he played the Scottish tune Jock O' Hazeldine.
More info on Jerry Cahill here.

Recordings played

Guichen Brothers..Dances Sauvages Sur L'Ile Tome..Dreams Of Brittany
Wig A Wag..Amnesia..Wig A Wag
Jerry Cahill..Sunset Over DB's / Transiberia..Armchair Traveller 
Phil Bird..Carry That Dream..Shape The Clay
Kamilya Jubran..Al Shatte Al Akhar..Listen To The Banned

Jackie Leven..The Long Hard Field..My Spanish Dad
Phillip Henry with Hannah Martin..The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn..Live In The Living Room

Budapest Cafe Orchestra..The Dragon Dance..Pocketful Of Rosin

Orchestre National De Barbes..Sidi Yahla-Bnet Paris..Rendez-vous Barbes
Count To Fire..In Another Life..In Another Life

Baba Zula..Cecom..Crossing The Bridge - The Sound Of Istanbul
The Balkanics..Syrtos..Penelope

Filska..Bethany's Waltz..The Authentic Sound Of Shetland

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