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Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Goonies are here!

28 March 2011

This evening the show was honoured with The Goonies live in the studio.
Jodie Ford and Holly Gilbert-West - The Goonies - came into the studio to sing and play for us live.
The duo from Hatherleigh sang and played 4 songs beautifully for us:
1 Details Of The Fabric
2 Follow You In The Dark
3 The Show
4 Birds
The Goonies will be performing at the next open mic at The George, Hatherleigh on the 21st. April and again at Chagstock Music Festival 22nd - 24th July 2011

Other tracks played were as follows:
Alacran..Reflejo De Luna..Tango Club Night Vol 2
Daughters Of Elvin..Onlasa Do Mar De Vigo

M'Bilia Bel..Nadina..Bel Canto
Amestoy Trio..Matinette..Le Fil
Municipale Balcanica..Contessa..Road To Damascus
Amir Beso..Balkan Nights..Fantamorgaena
Oi Va VoiWorry-Lines..Oi Va Voi
Arvest..Une Sombre Histoire..Tri Diaoul
Budapest Cafe Orchestra..Moldavie..Pocketful Of Rosin
Aymur Dogan..Kece Kurdan..Rough Guide To Turkish Cafe Music
Joe Le Taxi..Scorpio Woman..Live At The Zydeco
Monkey Gland Blues Band..Maggie McGill..Demo
J.J.Clarke..One More For The Road..Man Overboard
Tango Band..Kandahar..Berlin Nights
Osawa Kitajima..Benzaiten..Benzaitan
Peat Bog Faeries..Angus MacKinnon..Melloecity
Munoz..Ate O Fim..Nova Musica Do Brasil
E.S.T...7 Days Of Falling..7 Days Of Falling

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