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Monday, 25 July 2011

"Yer tiz again - zongs music and danzin' from dear ole Dart-i-moor!"

Listen again to the show here

That's a quote from the legendary Bob Cann (1916-90) who founded Dartmoor Folk Festival 34 years ago. He was the grandfather of Mark Bazeley, melodeon and concertina player. Accordionist Jason Rice comes from the famous Chagford-based Rice family. Alan Quick is the press and grants officer for Dartmoor Folk Festival.
All three guested on rootsandshoots today. Fantastic music, guys! We thank them all for coming in and hope that they had as much of a ball as we did! All who attend the festival can be sure of a fantastic and memorable time.

Dartmoor Folk Festival follows Sidmouth Folk Week and many of the artists featured today are appearing at one or both events. The dates for the respective festivals this year are 5 - 7 August (Dartmoor) and 29 July - 5 August (Sidmouth).

Live music by Jason and Mark:
Crooked Stove Pike / Jumping Cactus
The Jolly Plough Boy / The Barren Rocks Of Aden
Christmas Morning (Waltz)

Hub City Stompers..Tocatto And Droog..Blood, Sweat & Beers
Ras Nas..Sina Makosa..Dar-Es-Selaam
Dartmoor Pixie Band..Sussex Bonny Breast Knot / Deveron Reel / In The Toyshop..The Pixies Strike Again!
Belshazzar's Feast..Reels
Steve Tyler and Andy Clark..Wedding Schottische / Dark & Light..Limbo
Jackie Oates..Hyperboreans..Hyperboreans
Genticorum..Les Menteries..Nagez Rameurs
Rosapaeda..Gioco Con Te..Mater Heart Folk
Les Orientales..Djebel Iweibdeh..Les Orientales
Sondorgo..Opa Cupa..Tamburising: Lost Music Of The Balkans
Blue Murder..No One Stands Alone..Three Score & Ten
Hanggai Band..Those Who Flee
Ahilea Band..Kalabalak..Cafe Svetlana
Nidi D'Arac..Ahi Tamburieddhu..Taranta Container
Minyeshu..Selam Lehtsanat..Dutch Delta Sounds
Esquina..A Evaristo Carriego..Musiques Du Rio de la Plata
Stuart Hamm..Adagio..Just Outside of Normal
Jim Causley..The Tamar Valley Requiem..Dumnonorium
Matt Norman..Imperial Quickstep / Roots..Eight Days Late

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