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Monday, 10 October 2011

The lull before the storm

A quiet time in the studio at present with just the two Martins. But this will not last. Very soon we welcome a host of amazing musicians into the studio to perform on rootsandshoots. Scroll down for details.

The music we played this evening
Helena Torpy & Steve Turner..Beam Me Up..Magnify
Mateus Alelulia & Thalma De Freiras..Cordeiro de Nana..Brazilian Sampler From Bahia
Lais..La Grand Vent..Dorothea
Roland Becker..Bortifaouen..Immrama
John Escreet..As The Moon Disappears..The Age We Live In
Pentangle..Lord Franklin..Cruel Sister
Bert Jansch..Blackwaterside..Jack Orion
Bert Jansch 1943-2011 An innovative musician - sadly missed
Xalis..Lay Suma Lay..Etoile De Dakar
Mohamed Seddiq & Ranjit Kaur..Chad Suuf Da..Mein Sharlat De Bake
Ilhan Ersahin..Fly..Sahara Lounge
Sondorgo..Igran Cocec..Tamburising: Lost Music Of The Balkans
Amestoy Trio..Karaba..La Filles
Swing Gadje..Luka
Poisson Rouge..Du Regret / Annick's Earworm..Cinq
Cole Stacey..A Long Road To Find..A Long Road To Find
Jaime Leigh..Change..Finding My Ground
Daughters Of Elvin..Lucente Stella..Garden Of Earthly Delights
Susie Hodder-Williams & Chris Caldwell..Beardown..Mariners Way
David Harbottle & The Friendly Cats..Wolf
Chris Wood..Our Captain Calls..The Lark Descending
Spinach For Norman..Rocky Road Set..Ready To Start Again
Pietra Montecorvino..Guaglione..Froots 22
Sharif..Shraz..Sahara Lounge
Marcia Castro..Frevo Pecadinho..Brazilian Sampler From Bahia
Jason McNiff..Seaside Song..April Cruel
Belshazzar's Feast..Circle Of Biscuits..Find The Lady

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