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Monday, 12 December 2011

Moor music

Yvonne (vocal), Lee (guitar, vocal) and Paul (double bass) from Moor Reason gave us some highly entertaining self-penned songs this evening.
From their EP Secret Love we played Secret Love and Searching For Something.
In Moor Reason's new line up, they are augmented by Dick on drums.
They performed I Would, You Are My Everything, Holding Pictures and Walking Away.
Find out more about their music and gigs and listen to more of their songs on the band's website.
Listen to the show again here.

Other recordings played to be completed
Banda De Gaitas Ledicia..Xiga Do Borbonesado..ARC Music 35th Anniversary 1976-2011
Juldeh Camara & Griselda Sanderson..Pijin Jelen..Traders Julaba Kunda
The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc..Polska From Delsbo..The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc
Valkyrien Allstars..Det er Ingen Hverdag Mer..Folke Larm
Lotte Mullen..Wicked Way..Plain Jane
Reg Meuross..Davey Johnson..The Dreamed & The Drowned
Gasandje..Je Suis Conne..Gasandje
Gecko..Guanabana Juice..Pigeon
Peachy Farmer..Clover
Ocho Macho..Congo Jamma..El Mundo Fantastico

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