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Monday, 9 January 2012

So much music

There are so many sources to obtain music these days that sometimes we feel spoilt for choice. When we started rootsandshoots we played from our own collections of CDs. Now we download music, get sent music from musicians and promoters, make use of websites like Youtube and Spotify and so on and mostly play from a laptop rather than discs. Each of us has different - overlapping - tastes and we individually plan our programmes. Very often one of us plays a piece of music that prompts the other to play something to compliment it and so the playlist develops organically.

More and more, we feature live music which is always a treat. See the blog entry below for information on the musicians coming on rootsandshoots soon.

We played...
Kal..Duj, Duj.. Kal
Owiny Sigoma Band ..Wires..Owiny Sigoma Band
Jackie Leven..The Long Hard Field..Oh What A Blow That Phantom Dealt Me!
Madison Violet..Cindy Cindy..The Good in Goodbye
Follow the link for details of a performance in Devon by Madison Violet
Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys ..Walls of Time..The Very Best Of Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys
Ola Belle Reed ..High On a Mountain..Classic Mountain Songs from Smithsonian Folkways
Ria Parfit..Naked Bones..Single
Dave Wood..Healing Tune..Into The Light
Follow the link for details of a performance in Devon by Dave Wood
Annie Ebrel, Gilles Le Bigot & Davy Spillane..Ar Galon Digorr..The Celtic Circle
Arvest..En Bonne Intelligence..Tri Diaoul
Kepa Junkera ..Kaixarranka..Maren
Cesaria Evora..Amdjer De Nos Terra..Voz D'Amor
Cesaria Evora..Flôr Di Nha Esperança (The Dream of My Hope)..Cafe Atlantico
Charlie Parr..Cold Iron..The Oak, Ash & Thorn
Olivia Chaney..The Brookland Road..The Oak, Ash & Thorn
Ilham al-Madfai..Baghdad..World Routes On the Road 
Misra Brothers..Bandishi Thumri in Raga Desh..World Routes On the Road 
Traktorkestar..Kalasnjikov alias Rocco Rocco.. Facciamo Balkano (Balkan Beats Gipsy Party)
Rabih Abou-Khalil ...After Dinner...Tarab
Matlubeh..Gayla Gach..From Samarkand to Bukhara: A Musical Journey Through Uzbekistan
Giua..Il Cibo Della Festa..Capo Verde, Terra D'Amore Vol. 1
Tommy Cooper..Don't Jump Off The Roof, Dad..British Sounds Of The 60's Vol. 2
Flight of the Conchords ..Foux Du Fafa..Flight of the Conchords 
All the Queens Ravens..Profundo..All the Queens Ravens

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