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Monday, 4 June 2012

Studio Party

Listen to the full three hour show in 3 parts here.

There was a great party atmosphere in the studio today for an extended rootsandshoots with our photographers Dot and Cecil, fellow presenter Keri Ross plus, of course, our amazing musicians: Eric Ness and band and Sam Green.

Eric Ness from Norway and Devon's Sam Green have been on a highly successful tour together recently in Norway and the UK and you can catch them at the Exmouth Festival for a daytime spot on Tuesday 5 June and on Thursday 7 June in the evening at Mama Stones, Exeter.

Eric Ness sings and plays his own inventive songs (improved in collaboration with others in the band, he informed us!) and is a fantastic entertainer. Sam Green plays a mean laptop guitar and sings bluesy soulful songs.

Eric and band performed You Might Meet Somebody, Blah Blah Blah, Sleep Walk and All The Things You Are.
From his forthcoming album Blah Blah Blah, we heard All These Problems.
Check out Eric Ness's website here.

Sam Green's songs were Penny For A Song and Miles Away From Home.
Find out more about Sam and listen to his music here.

No sooner had the throng of people left than we saw the arrival of our final guest
Franco Pirrami pictured below to talk to us about and play music from Italy, Spain and Portugal.
The music Franco played was from two albums: Eurofolk '08: Volumes 1 and 4.
Many, many thanks to all our guests.

Other recordings played
De Dannan..The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba To Galway..How The West Was Won
Staff Benda Bilili..Staff Benda Bilili..Tres Tres Fort
Buena Vista Social Club..Dos Gardenias..Buena Vista Social Club
Modou N'Diaye..Saliya..Sabou
Moor Reason..Little Girl
The Monkey Gland Blues Band..Witch Doctor..The Monkey Gland Blues Band
The Imagined Village feat. Billy Bragg..England Half English Meets John Barleycorn..Folk Against Fascism Vol.1
Chris Wood..Spitfires..Handmade Life
Le Vent Du Nord..Toujours Amants..Tromper Le Temps
Kouatchou..Groove It..Change
Mariachi El Bronx..Fallen..Mariachi El Bronx II
Eric Ness..All The Things You Are..Eric Ness
Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin..Queen Gwendoline..Singing The Bones
Sondorgo..Cororo..Tamburising: Lost Music Of The Balkans
The Dartmoor Pixie Band..Shetland Two-Step..The Pixies Strike Again
Matt Norman..Young Collins..Eight Days Late
Roy Bailey..Anna Mae..Folk Against Fascism Vol.1
The Four Brothers..Vabereki..Brothers
The Chieftains with Ry Cooder..Persecución De Villa..San Patricio
Malicanti..Pizzica di San Vito..Eurofolk '08: Vol. 1
A Voce Stesa..Fronn' Limon' E Canto 'Ncopp' 'O Tammurr..Eurofolk '08: Vol. 4
Fandango Basco..Korrontzi.. Eurofolk '08: Vol. 1
Various Musicians..Maria Faia..Eurofolk '08: Vol. 4
Lu Sole Allavate..Salterello Mundanare E Fore Di Coccia
Eel Grinders..Droneless..Aquamarine
Besh O Drom..Space Maudi..Macho Embroidery


  1. What a great collection of music and performers. Well done that was a great show

    Gerard from Brdninch